Getting Older – How Has Your Style Changed?

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At the end of 2011 (30th December, to be exact!) I turned 26. I’ve always been ‘an old head on young shoulders’ (as my mum would say), and over the last few months I’ve noticed my taste in clothing is maturing, too.

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zatchels metallic leather satchel gold
French Connection coat, H&M silk shirt, Whistles jumper via charity shop, Uniqlo jeans, Zatchels metallic satchel, F21 necklace, Ara flats c/o Sarenza

The girly, vintage look is popular in fashion blogging and was a real favourite of mine – nothing could come between me and my floral tea dresses. But recently, I find myself favouring clean lines, classic colours and graphic prints over anything cutesy. I’m visiting French Connection (where I got this amazing coat reduced from £200 to £80 – thanks to Laura from WIT for the heads up!), Uniqlo, Cos and Zara much more, and making a beeline for the basics.

There’s a notion that as we get older, we should be dressing more conservatively. Once we’re ticking that 26-35 box (or the one after it), should we be swapping the flirty florals for sombre suits and sensible shoes? Well, no. Of course not. But as I move further away from my early twenties, I can see the definite shift in my style. It’s not about becoming boring or safe or ‘classic’, but about being a bit more comfortable in your clothing. It’s about knowing what suits you and what doesn’t (hello midi skirts!). And it’s about experimenting less, (hopefully) avoiding those mistakes, and really understanding your wardrobe.

How has your style changed as you’ve gotten older? Have you noticed a sartorial shift, or do you dress the same way now as you did at 18? (And if you’re still 18… I’m jealous!)



My style has completely changed over the last year I’d say.
I used to think I needed to fit in with what was expected of girls my age – and more so my friends, thing is now I dress differently and more for me what I feel looks good I get so many more compliments. I think as you grow up you grow into your style.
That coat is sheer perfection. Love the colour, material and shape. Perfect.


We share a birthday! Even though im only 20, I do feel somtimes that my attitude towards clothes has changed dramatically since I was 18. The only thing which has really stayed the same is a bad taste for music and a love for embrassing celebrity perfumes!:)


I turned 22 in November and definitely feel as though I’m in the process of a style over-haul (of sorts). I’m definitely not the H&M-clad 17/18 year old I was in my years at college, but as I near the end of my degree at Uni, I’m not sure how to describe what my ‘look’ now is..

Love you satchel.

Rosie x


I was 26 last year & I’ve definitely changed recently. One thing is that I’ve started wearing less short skirts but I don’t know if that’s more to do with fattening up for winter! 😉


p.s. My Mum always called me that too!

Peacock's Hat

I am a fan of all things glittery and cartoony but am recently feeling the need to dress a little less like a 5 year old… probably something to do with the fact I was mistaken for a 15 year old, when I am in fact 21 *the shame* My boyfriend also tells me that I do not need to wear make up but that is another thing that I feel makes me look older… a bit of lipstick always helps me to look a little more sophisticated!

MrsB @ crankymonkeys in london

I’m 35 and dress a lot better than I did when I was 18. I’m definitely also leaning towards “clean lines, classic colours and graphic prints over anything cutesy”… If I could have everything Comptoir des Cottoniers shops, I would 🙂


I’m still only a baby at 18 but I definitely think my style has changed even just over the past two years, I wouldnt say it has matured just yet but its definitely changed a lot as I’ve learnt, like you said, what does and doesnt suit me.


I’m now 34 & my style has definitely changed from the grunge chick I was at 18! However my style seems to have just kept evolving.. my friendships, where I work, who I date all seem to have an effect on the way I dress & of course, the confidence that comes with age!


I’m with you on this one – I’m pretty much starting to wear basics with a smart blazer, trousers and ballets flats, modest skirts which are simple but with an interesting detail (case in point, basic black skirt from Topshop sale with silky pink hem).

I think as you get older you know what suits you, you don’t dress for others but yourself and you get more confident to move away from ‘fashion’ and more towards your own style.


I’m 23, and my style has definitely changed a fair bit over the past six years or so! When I was 16, I was entering a bit of a ‘grunge/goth’ stage – although not in the stylish way. Some of my fashion faux pas highlights include a punk PVC dress for my 19th birthday…I shall say no more there.

I think in my 20s, I’ve headed more towards the girly, vintage, prints and kitsch look – it suits me, although I still love to experiment with new styles. I used to wear skinny jeans a lot, but recently I’ve completely pulled away from trousers of any kind, I much prefer dresses, skirts, shorts and playsuits now!



Yes definitely so! At 18 I was in band tees, skinny jeans and studded belts. Now at 22, I’ve still not found ‘it’ but I’m a lot less angst and more feminine! xxx


I turned 26 in August and wrote a similar post about how my stye has changed. I’ve actually gone from a major tomboy to finding feminine touches in my wardrobe. Never thought I’d owned anything pink but now I have lots of neons or blush pinks.

The Style Box

Unfortunately I still dress like a 12 year old despite turning 24 next week! So my style definitely needs to go in the direction yours has gone in!
I absolutely LOVE that coat!


Interestingly I think I am more experimental now than I ever was as a teenager! I think when I was younger I was just desperate to fit in, and it’s only since I’ve got older that I’m ok standing out from the crowd, so I am much more willing to take a risk now, even if I look mad!

I have learnt the art of paring down my colour palette though – so everything at least goes together!


I turned 25 last year and in the past 3/4 years my style has definitely evolved. I have always been quite a plain dresser (not into massively bright colours) but I wear alot of cream/muddy pink/grey/black sort of colours and rarely buy anything printed (bar stripes) I like to keep my clothes interesting with massive jewellery (although I only ever wear necklace OR ring OR bravelet as I hate overkill.

I think my turning point came when I was 20 and my local H&m got a Trend section which is alot more like Cos and is basic shapes / better quality fabrics (I.e love it- although that section has gone downhill a bit recently)


Sparkly Flamingo

Lovely outfit! I am going to turn 27 in July (eek!) and my style has definitely changed. I used to love rocky tshirts, denim skirts etc but am now more of a classic dresser xx


Great topic! I’d say my style changes every year and has done pretty much since I graduated. I’m definitely more likely to be found wearing a structured shift dress or a pussy bow blouse and a blazer than I would have been three years ago. I find that I’ve also got a distinct line between ‘work clothes’ and ‘play clothes’, although the work clothes are by no means boring. Style evolution is a good thing!

Gem xx


I was quite the scene kid as a teenager. Over the last couple of years, my style has grown-up with me. I’ve switched my bright denim from Criminal Damage to some well-cut, classy red jeans from Zara. Like you, I’m going for more clean lines and classics. I also find I’ve suddenly become a dress girl. I was never a dress girl.


While my style definitley has evolved, I would say that you can see a natural progression. I’m not one for florals, soft colours or peter pan/scalloped collars. I’ve learned this. I do like skirts and dresses and unusual details…but I like a masculine edge. I like leopord print and good tailoring. I just feel like I’ve got a more mature version of my style. x


i would agree to this, i know what works for me and my style without thinking too much about fashion these days. i’m 26 too so we sound like we’re in a similar place


So jealous of your coat. I’ve been eyeing those kind of classic sleek coats up for a while 🙂

I don’t think it’s changed as much as I now realise that a summer dress in winter is actually quite chilly and I feel the cold a lot more now than I did for some reason. I like having the feeling in my toes!



Ha, yes, my style has definitely changed. I used to try and fit in with all the indie kids at sixth form. Not sure I succeeded though. I think I dress in a more ‘grown up’ way now and I follow mainstream fashion a bit more. And I’m now sensible enough to wear tights on a winter night out rather than freezing by bum off like my 18 year old self would have done. x

China In Your hands

Im the opposite…. Im turning 30 this week and Im the most confident and crazy (for me) that Ive ever been. A sudden change in style, new piercing, dramatic hair. bring it on. Total rebellion and Im loving it lol.


What an interesting thought… I am also 26 and I still like boho chic like I did when I was 18, I still have a couple of maxi skirts that I wore when I was 19. The vintage thing is newish for me about 2 years now I have liked that. I used to wear tube dresses and more tarty stuff for a night out that I would not be seen dead in now x

Porcelain complexion

I’ve been following you for the past couple of years, I don’t comment very often but today I thought I should.
I turned 26 late last year too and I too have started to re-assess the way I dress. Whenever I go to buy something I stop and think will I really want to wear this in 4 years time?
It’s important for style to mature with the wearer I think but that doesn’t mean we have to be boring!!


Looking back over ‘The Blogging Years’ I can see my style has definitely changed and become less grungy. I still wear my Doc Martens but not with a tartan shirt, preferring to contrast them with tailored shorts and a blouse. My Mum said the other day that she hopes for my sister to start wearing them after me to which I replied ‘Never!’ I like to think I’ll keep wearing these items forever, but I know this won’t always be the case. I think my thing is to do everything with a twist and to never keep things predictable. I always want to keep experimenting though, my Mum looks really young for her age so I think I will just pretend I’m in my twenties for a very long time!
Love your coat!


My style has totally changed from when I was 18; back then I was very much “surfer/hippie chic” and not really in to fashion or clothes at all…
I think even over the last year, maybe two years my style has changed quite a bit too, as I’ve grown more confident and more aware of what suits me and makes me feel good.

jimmi lou

Lovely outfit, I can certainly relate to this. I do often complain about not looking mature enough as I’m 23 and look alot younger at times! I don’t think I have a particular style as I dip in and out of different ones, hopefully by the time I’m 30 I’ll look and dress like a thirty year old, but what exactly do they look or dress like?! The confusion goes on!


I’ll be 30 next month but if anything I’m finding that my style and choice of clothes is becoming bolder as I grow in confidence personally. Back in uni I would hide under cord flares thinking they balanced my ‘massive’ bum (I was a 12-14 then, I’m a 10-12 now (and six foot!)), wehen really they were just making me look bigger.

And it’s only in the last few years I’ve felt ‘good enough’ to try out the lastest fashions, after years of being one of the unpopular kids. Money has a massive impact too! Interesting post, thanks 🙂


Definitely found my style changed after I graduated and got a “proper” job! Always love basics these days – and the older I get the more I seem to be prepared to invest in them 🙂

Love that necklace!!


I have found that I wonder more and more whether something is a little too short or too ‘young’ for me. I’m in my mid thirties (dreading when I have to type late thirties) but I’ve decided that if I feel comfortable in something I’m going to wear it. I tend to go for more texture and colour than I used to – oh yes, I had that ‘black phase’ that everyone has at some point, followed by a ‘grey phase’. I think I’m more confident with my style choices now, I’ve never been girlie, I’ve always liked and preferred classic shapes and clean lines but now I think I wear them better. I’d say my style has grown up with me.


I am 28 now and this past year I’ve definitely noticed how my style has been changing a fair bit. Like you I’m tending towards more classic, clean, tailored cothes and neutrals.
However I’ve always loved bold patterns and colours so I’m not sure if this change is really coming across as more “grown-up”.


I have to agree that my style has changed as I’ve gotten older, except for its actually getting bolder! I generally avoided fashion when I was younger, out of not wanting to draw attention to myself, but oh, how times have changed!

I do find though that I’m drawn to classic pieces alot more, and lust over that idea of a capsule wardrobe! I think fashion to me now is much more about having something that fits beautifully and works for me as a person, rather than being a slave to it…


Your style just keeps getting better! My style has definitely changed. I’ve grown out of my grungey scene kid phase I’d say and I’m far more kitsch these days. Maybe because at my “old” age, I’m beginning to miss the old or rather I dress to old for my age which also happens quite often. I never lived in the 50’s so I probably shouldn’t dress like I do =S

Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo

Surf Jewels

I’m 27 and have been thinking about this recently, I keep thinking is there a point when you’re 2 old to wear this or that, then I decide no and wear it anyway!! My style has def changed, but I think that’s more to do with the time that has passed than with getting any older. I still see kids or sixth formers in clothes I like and I wear it. I love little summer dresses and at the mo knitted hats, I just got one that has ears lol! Ur neva 2 old right?!!

Zainab Khaliq

Omg this is so strange. I was just thinking i’m going to blog about this and I came across this. My style has recently changed too. I’m sick of being uncomfortable and noticed i didn’t feel good in what I was wearing anymore so i’ve switched it up to comfy and chic and i feel great! Onwards and upwards


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