Good little housewife

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I very, very rarely bake. I’m a pretty good cook and can knock together an evening meal without much fuss. But baking? Hhmmm.
Well, when I woke up to torrential rain, no water due to a burst pipe and a horribly debilitating head cold, I felt a strong desire to bake super sweet cupcakes. So that’s what I did!
Check out my cute vintage kitchen stuff…

After much faffing and a wobbly moment when I realised I needed the bowl again but had no water to wash it with (solution – an antibacterial wipe and vigorous drying), they came out like this…

Result! Then for the fun part, and what better colour for cupcakes than pink?

I had no piping bag, so settled for spreading with a spoon. And yes, I did lick the beaters! 🙂


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