I Wish I Knew How to Quit You, Colour Matching

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I have a ‘thing’ for colour matching.

I like to give my outfits a bit of cohesion. I’ve never been one for clashing prints or rainbow colours and still fully subscribe to rules about never wearing red and pink together. I know it’s ‘fashion’, but it hurts my eyes.

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Sweater, American Apparel | Jeans, Topshop Leighs | Shirt, c/o NextJacket, Michael Kors via TK Maxx | Trainers, Ash c/o Sarenza | Bag, Mulberry | Ring, H&M | Sunglasses, Orla Kiely at Boots Opticians | Lipstick, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Honey

I’ve resisted these Ash Bowie trainers for MONTHS, but finally caved when I realised I could pair them with my similarly pastel pink AA sweater. They arrived on my doorstep last week and a perfect sartorial partnership was born.

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I’m pretty sure I get my love of colour coordination from my grandma, who isn’t fully dressed without matching her bag to her shoes. She wore a gold lamΓ© two-piece with coordinating bag and shoes for my graduation and I’ve even seen her work top-to-toe tartan. She’s a Colour Matching Maven and taught me everything I know.

Do you like to coordinate your outfit, or do you prefer your clothes to clash?

PS Apologies for all the pigeon-toed nonsense in this post. My mum will tell me off when she sees these photos!



Definitely partial to colour matching, it just feels so neat & put together. I’ll pattern mix too but sometimes the most satisfactory outfits are the matchy matchy ones!


Cheap Kicks

I love outfits which clash but it takes me a lot of effort not to make my outfit match, I think I get it from my mum, I’ve never seen her not coordinated xxx


love the trainers, i’m after a pair of isabel marant ones but those bad boys are so hard to come by. must say i don’t subscribe to the whole colour coordinating thing, i love pink and red together haha


I’m a matchy matchy kinda girl. My pet hate is back and brown ugh just ugh! You can never go wrong matching your handbag to your shoes!

Claire Tyler

I like to clash! too much matchy – matchy seems boring to me with too much planning involved! however, saying that you look fabulous xx


Panty Buns

I sympathize with the desire to colour match to a certain extent: To me it’s very important that colours coordinate with each other even if they contrast. In fact I love contrasting coordinating colours as oxymoronic as that might sound. I do try to avoid colours that clash, which to my eye are usually orange or orangy reds combined with certain colours in the purplish red rage. I have seen some dark reds that go well with pinks but one has to be careful. I always lay all the outfit pieces and accessories out first to see how they look together first. I think the eye for colour and coordinating is a little like having an ear for music. Some people are tone deaf and some aren’t. Many of us with an eye for colour like to mix and match colours more the way nature does. Flowers generally seem to get it right. Isn’t Spring wonderful? I’m loving the flowers. Your pastel pink American Apparel sweater looks lovely with your colour matched shirt and jeans.



THIS, times ten lord THIS! I think I play things quite safe anyway, I like a classic cut with only delicate prints but you can guarantee I am 82% matchy matchy at any one point. I love the dusky pink, really really pretty x


Laura Jayne

I’m so matchy matchy it’s unreal. I know there’s all kinds of “fashion” rules about not matching your belt or bag to your shoes, but I feel so mismatches and awkward if things clash even a little bit!


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