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Hello! My name is Lillian. 

Way back in January (actually not that long ago, but… poetic licence) Rob and I decided Travis – our 18 month old kitty – needed a pal. Particularly during the winter, when he’s inside away from the cold but also without his neighbourhood cat buddies, he was getting lonely and feeling bored.

So we started searching for a feline friend for our boy. We looked on Gumtree, but buying a kitten online felt a bit weird. After some searching I came across Yorkshire Cat Rescue – a rescue centre for stray and abandoned kitties, based in Yorkshire. Obviously.

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After a few emails back and forth, we found out about ‘Sprout’ – a kitten staying with a foster family until she was old enough to leave her mum. As soon as I clapped eyes on the photo of her – sitting in a bowl on top of some kitchen scales – I was smitten. Then came a long 4-week wait as she grew old enough to go off on her own.

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Lillian (Lily or Lil for short) has been with us for a few weeks now and has made herself right at home. She’s such a diva – she knows exactly how cute she is and gets away with anything because of it. Despite being the New Girl and her diminutive stature, she is absolutely the boss of the house. Travis was initially terrified of her, but now they’re pretty comfortable with each other.

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It’s lovely to see them cuddle together, and their regular ‘mad half hours’ mean Travis has plenty to keep him busy… although he does give Rob the odd exasperated look when Lily’s eating his food/stealing his sofa spot/biting his tail. Well, the boys have to stick together now there are two divas in the house!

(If you’re in Yorkshire and thinking about getting a cat, I really recommend chatting to Yorkshire Cat Rescue. They were fantastic with us, so helpful and friendly. Their Facebook page is regularly updated with cats looking for new homes and the centre will cover neutering and any treatment your kitty needs, including future medical bills for those felines who aren’t at their fittest.)



Oh my goodness she is absolutely stunning and so so so so cute! I want a kitten so badly but I have to wait until we live with somewhere with a garden πŸ™
Love Holly x


Oh Jen, she is absolutely gorgeous! I do have a penchant for Tabbies but she is just to die for. I remember that kitchen scales photo you instagrammed, and I think I fell in love then!

– Tabitha at x

Michelle / Daisybutter

Oh Jen, Lillian is beautiful! She sounds like such a little character already. So pleased to hear she’s settling in so well too. I remember when we rescued Archie and were worried that he’d be super timid, but he quickly became the clown kitty of the clan. x

Donna Speight

You write so well, I’m not surprised you do it for a living.

Your cats are adorable. I’m from Yorkshire so would love to use your recommendation to get a cat. Unfortunately my boyfriend isn’t as fond of cats as I am. I will work on him.



Aw, she’s adorable! We’ve been looking after a friend’s cat for a few weeks now and she’s due to go back to them on Tuesday. The thought of a now-catless flat is a little depressing, I would love one of my own! Will definitely check out Yorkshire Cat Rescue if we decide to take the plunge, thanks for the recommendation! πŸ™‚


how gorgeous she is! we have also two cats who we adopted as kitties πŸ™‚ i also love your blog! greetings from Helsinki! πŸ™‚

Mel Chillag

I think I might shed a tear over how cute she is! I’ve got a Lily cat too and yours looks just like mine did when she was a kitten except my Lily is ginger. She’s such a spoilt princess she absolutely hates other cats so I don’t think I’ll be adding to my fur baby family anytime soon unfortunately πŸ™ Seeing Lillian makes me pine so bad though.


She is so cute, absolutely adorable!! I would love to have a cat to look after one day, they’re so beautiful and elegant, you’re very luckyxx

Amoureux d'Amour

She’s absolutely beautiful πŸ™‚ I found out about Yorkshire Cat Rescue the other week and have been thinking about adopting from them when I’m settled into my new place. It’s great to read about what a great bunch they are πŸ™‚


My parents got two of their dogs from a rescue place in Yorkshire. One of them was left in a box outside a shop! I don’t know how people can do that to animals. Glad your cat now has a little pal! x

Juicy Satsuma

She is absolutely adorable! I work in an animal rescue centre so I am really glad to hear you decided to adopt rather than buy a little pal for Travis.

I adopted a little friend for my cat last year & there’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing them cuddled up together x


What a cutie!! All my kitty cats have been rescued so I’ve never had the delight if a kitten, but my girl was really little when we got her (compared to the fat cat she has become lol) so we think she may have been younger than the rescue though she was. She always been the boss in our house!

Jenni x

Bows Bangles & Bakes


I have Lilys brother, the ginger boy. He is now called Simba. I struggled which one to pick and was thinking of having them both at one point! She is gorgeous πŸ™‚

Katie Sidlow

I still think carot and sprout were perfect names for these 2 lol (my 7 year old names our foster cats) They were found on a road with their mum and 4 other brothers and sisters. Unfortunately due to the cold 3 froze and their sister lulu died shortly after at my home. Im so happy they have found such Lovely homes to live their lives out in.


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