It’s been three months and now I’m pregnant…

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Oh hi!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, I have a good excuse. I’ve been busy growing a baby!

pregnancy maternity style

Dress, Topshop | Jacket, Primark | Flats, Jane Shilton | Sunglasses, Miu Miu

Tomorrow I will be 15 weeks pregnant, and that just seems crazy. I mean, I know how it happened and everything (looks to camera) but most of the time I still feel like I’m 23 and not yet a fully functioning adult, despite actually being quite responsible and level-headed. Yet here I am, 6 months away from bringing home a tiny human that’s totally and utterly dependent on me to keep it alive. Fuck.

I’m not thinking about that bit now, though. For the past three months I’ve been in hibernation, battling constant nausea and bone-crushing tiredness, eating things that are mostly beige and hiding from my friends in fear they would sniff out my secret. Then 12 weeks rolled around, my scan showed that all was well and I measured six days ahead. And so the jig was up, the secret was out and I could finally stop pretending to be on antibiotics to explain my sudden love of sparkling water. Apparently me not having a G&T with dinner is VERY unusual…

topshop maternity dress stripes

The first trimester wasn’t so bad, to be honest. The tiredness kicked my ass and I had to have a constant supply of Mini Cheddars to get me through the day, but I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home so most days were spent sitting on the sofa in a stupor, watching the same few episodes of Friends over and over.

Those dark days (lol) are behind me now, though. The glorious second trimester is here and I’m feeling pretty great… I may even have the ‘pregnancy glow’. The biggest change is my energy which is back with abundance, meaning I can get through a whole day of work without a three-hour power nap and stay up past 8pm. Literally, every night is party night in the Allison House. I’m still pretty picky about food – I have a very definite idea of what I fancy eating and anything different just simply won’t do, which is why I had a highly embarrassing mini-tantrum when I was given the wrong order at the Chinese takeaway last week – but at least I don’t feel sick, right? And my hair is shiny, my skin is clear and my nails are strong. So generally, I’m loving life and it’s all very new and exciting.

I’m hoping to start regular blogging again now I’ve rejoined civilisation… not always about pregnancy because I imagine that’s quite dull for someone who’s not (also I have Mumsnet for that and I’m not ashamed), but I’ll document my journey, show you my preggo style – thankfully no longer restricted to leggings and pyjama vests – and share little milestones along the way. There’s so much to think about, one of the biggest being what I’ll do with my business when there’s a baby to look after, and I’d love to hear from other mums and mums-to-be in similar situations.

So, that’s all from me for now – thank you, truly, to everyone who’s liked and commented on our various social media announcements. Rob and I were really touched by the response, and getting the news out there really made it all feel real. Exciting stuff, eh?



Hi Jen,
Big congratulations to you and Rob and safe to say I know just where you’re at as I am currently 14+2 but alas without the glow yet…. How on earth did you manage NY & SF?!
I am only just coming out of hibernation mode myself so will eagerly await your installments with more than a vested interest (we also got hitched in Sept 13, you’re a week ahead in everything it seems!) That said, am just glad you will be blogging again at all as I love being reminded of home – a Chapel Allerton girl originally! – and I love your writing.
Looking fab, hope the glow continues.
Love & salt and vinegar Square crisps,
Hels x


Amazing news, Hels! Huuuuge congrats to you. Isn’t it exciting?!

NY and SF was surprisingly ok, you know… we’ve been to NYC many times before so just took it really easy there, lots of sitting in bars (lemonade for me!) and afternoon napping. Then in SF I think I did a bit of a ‘mind over matter’ and just willed my symptoms into non-existence! I REALLY felt it when we got back though – took me 2 full weeks to recover!

Looking forward to sharing this next chapter with you <3 xx


Congratulations to you both (again!) Really looking forward to bump styling and update posts. A way off motherhood myself but find it SO interesting to read about now that so many of the bloggers I’ve been following for years are pregnant or have had babies recently. Fell into a deep Pinterest hole when said bloggers were all getting married a while back – let’s see how long I can resist making secret baby boards.. I feel like your cool mama style will really test me in that respect. In any case, really looking forward to following your expanding family! Hooray for you and Rob!

Louise Williams

You look fab and so so happy!
I’m so excited to see pregnancy styling, little baby things and seeing your little family grow!


Linda Allison

You look wonderful, Jen, indeed you ARE glowing (nearly as much as ME!! the very happy expectant Grandma).


Congratulations, this is so exciting! I’ve been reading your blog for years and this announcement makes me feel…well…super old. But also excited! But also, seriously, where is the time going?!

Liz x
Distract Me Now Please

Sue Wallace

Congrats to you and Rob! So excited for you and the extended Allison Family. Glad to hear you are feeling well..and love the glow!


Yaaaay congratulations! What an exciting time. So happy to hear that you are out of the dark stage and starting to feel like a somewhat normal human sans G&T. Hope the next trimester goes super smooth for you 🙂

Denton & Lou 


Such wonderful news Jen! So happy for you and Rob 😀 It feels like we are all becoming proper grown ups now, eh? Excited to hear more baby updates! xx


Oh wow, what news! You’ve put a massive smile on my face this morning! Huge congratulations – wishing you all the best for your pregnancy.


Sending you and Rob all of the congratulations! I’m so excited for you Jen, so special to see you guys fall pregnant after knowing you for so long! xx


I can relate so much to this ‘I feel like 23 but have to behave like grown up’. My boyfriend started throwing hints about having a baby and I am absolutely scared because I fear losing my freedom and being responsible for a baby…
I know when you see your baby all these stupid fears go away but I hope it will happen sooner than later for my case.
Congratulations on your pregnancy and I really wish you all the best


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