It’s just puppy fat…

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Primark dress, H&M tights and tee, Oasis cardigan (? years old!), thrifted belt, Primark ring, Polished Sense shoes

Well… you lot are a bunch of nosy parkers, aren’t you? 🙂

Yesterday I got lots of lovely compliments and queries from people, via comment and email. There was one thing in particular many of you were dying to know – have I lost weight?

And the simple answer is – no! I’m not one for dieting, exercising or bothering about my weight in general. I don’t own a pair of scales – if my zips are struggling and my buttons straining, I know it’s time to cut out those midnight Nutella fingers. I’ve never been super slim but nor am I overweight – just a happy in between. I think the difference yesterday was what I wore. Long line vests, skinny jeans, heels and something loose over the top is a silhouette that really works for me. I reach for this tried and tested fashion favourite whenever I’m having a fat day, feeling uninspired or down in the dumps.

There were two other questions that cropped up yesterday too… one was what blusher do I use (Bourjois little pots in Rose D’or) and the other I’m avoiding. I’m shifting my eyes and shuffling my feet. Let’s talk about something else! The state of the economy? The weather? No?! Okay…

“I don’t recognise that waistcoat… have you fallen off the wagon?”

Yeah, thanks very much Vix – busted!

Last week, I slammed my wardrobe shut in despair and wailed to the Mr ‘I have absolutely nothing to wear!’. I was going out with some old work colleagues and wanted to look a little bit edgy and cool. Honestly, dear followers – nothing fitted the bill. Floral teadress with tough boots? Done to death. Jeans and tee with blazer? Bored of it. I stropped about a bit and eventually made the decision to spend £10 of my PayPal balance in Primark (where else could I get an outfit for less than a tenner?) to solve my fashion quandary.

In the end, I bought the lace waistcoat you saw yesterday, along with a peach and polka dot tee and a pinky flower ring. I wore them with black skinny jeans and my black brogues and felt fantastic! And such a small spend means that I class my indulgence as nothing more than puppy fat, a temporary bulge in the overall Fashion Diet challenge.

So, do you forgive me?



Only £10 Jen – hardly worth counting is it? 😉

Is the ring in today’s pics the new one you bought? Tis lovely!

Vintage Vixen

Mmmmmm! Very naughty, but it did look so sweet and there’s no way on earth I could ever go on a fashion diet so hats off for you to even consider it, let alone stick at it for as long as you did.
Lovely look, as ever!


Not naughty at all in my books. That waistcoat was a good buy – and a bargain, so it totally doesn’t count hehe.

By the by, I am very envious of your slim legs! You look lovely. xoxo


Ha ha – You are so busted!
Love this outfit today, as always. I’d been wondering about your blusher too, it’s now on my “list of pretty things I want”.
Vicki xx

LadyBugSays ...

A slip up can be excused, especially for something that is pretty and a bargain! Loving the outfit today, think I have a cardigan similar to that grey animal print one, think I might dig it out 🙂


I love the cardigan you’re wearing today 🙂
And a £10 diet slip is definitely allowed! A small occasional treat should prevent big fashion binges and that lace waistcoat is gorgeous! x


Now everyone is watching your spending, Jen. That should definitely help to keep you under control. BTW, I’ve passed on a little award to you today, to show how much I love your blog!

E is for Eleanor

Aw, I hope I didnt make you feel awkward for asking! You look fantastic though 🙂

And £10? Gah, you’re really putting me to shame. I just spent £27 on lush 🙁 x

Roo Paprika

£With all due respect to the mighty Primarni, your outfits never ‘look’ like they are from there – I mean it as a compliment. £10 is like a sneaky chocolate on a fashion diet – well done you!


You are so lucky… so the nutella fingers are the only culprit? Good for you girl!

You look fab in this dress and tee ensemble… love this outfit. And the vest in the previous post is so pretty. xoxo


love the outfit today, black dress with brown belt plus leopard print, what could be better 🙂

I’m glad to hear the waistcoat was a recent purchase, it’s fab, i’llbe looking in primark tomoz now xx


Just think of it this way – If you hadn’t allowed yourself the sneaky shop, you would probably have spent £10 extra on your night out drowning your sorrows because you were fed up you had nothing to wear. Genius!


ahhaa i would say everyone needs a break once in a while!! i think the£10 was well spent if you ask you some toss and turn and night!! hehee and you look lovely!



You do look tiny! Lovely as always miss. Thank you for the comment on my last post, youve made me feel so much more human! Good to know you think/feel quite similar 🙂

Aw man, youve been doing so well! Just count it as a little treat eh? Its not exactly a massive splurge! Haha but would you have told us if someone hadnt noticed it 😉 xx


Haha!! Love that you were busted! 🙂

Great post, I agree with the weight issue, I sometimes get ‘haven’t you lost weight’ I know I haven’t (the 25 empty bags of wotsits prove that) but it’s just down to clever dressing.

X xx


Hehe, wow you have a bunch of very attentive readers lol! You should be scared, very very scared:P

I’ve always loved your rosy cheeks, it looked so natural that it never occured to me you were using blusher!



You are such a great sylist, Jen, that’s why you can appear thin anyday you wish!

I know that feeling very well … “I’ve nothing to wear!”

Em x

You look so cute, i love that dress on you. I thought you’d lost some weight too! Don’t feel bad about your little spend, you didn’t spend as much as i did!!! xx

Noelle Chantal

aha! looks like we have the same addiction, i LOVE Nutella too! and you look perfectly fine to me!! and i think your previous outfit is a bit fitted compared to the other clothes you wore before that. so that’s why some thought you really are dieting! 🙂

anyway, you look fab no matter what! and i love the layering here and the color choice in this outfit. plus your polished sense shoes are amazing!!

Cafe Fashionista

Forgiven a thousand times over, Jen! We all need to splurge every now and then – it’s what keeps us sane. And I’m sorry to say, when something is as fabulous as that waistcoat, splurging is a necesity!! 🙂

joelle van dyne

i’m glad you posted what blush you wear, because your cheeks are always the perfect shade of pink!

you look fabulous today- i love the layering with the wide belt topping it all off.

and i for one am happy to forgive your slip-up in the fashion diet because that new waistcoat is so pretty 🙂 ~joelle


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