Jeans, T-shirt, Lipstick.

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This is my current ‘off duty’ look. I say off duty – these photos were taken yesterday, a regular working Tuesday when I was very much ‘on duty’, but actually just couldn’t be bothered to think about what I was wearing. So maybe this should be renamed my ‘couldn’t be bothered’ look. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, though…

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All you really need for a more laidback look is a great pair of jeans. Once you’ve got the jeans, everything just slots into place – a grey marl tee, a slouchy cardigan, some cute kicks, done.

These ripped denims are my favourite fit – Topshop Leighs – and I’ve worn them so much, the rips are starting to merge together. It’s true love. Paired with other much-loved basics and a swipe of my beloved Rio Rio lipstick (also by Topshop – they just know), it’s a super easy, no-fuss-no-muss look that I’ll be rocking every Tuesday (and Wednesday and Thursday) for the foreseeable future.

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Nice jeans! I bought my first ever pair of ripped jeans the other day and am still trying to master the art of not putting my foot through the hole in the knee instead of the hole in the ankle…


Me too! That’s why the holes in these are merging together – I keep sticking my foot through them and making them bigger! 😀


You can’t beat good basics! Love this look on you it’s gorgeous x
Can I ask what lens you use for your pics, they’re amazing. I’m slowly learning about photography and my kit one just isn’t cutting it any more but I’m a little unsure of what ones are best for outfit posts )


So, I had to immediately order these jeans and I will be shamelessly copying this outfit when they arrive. Sorrynotsorry.


Love this, Jen.
Question for the floor though everyone please….In no way intending to demystify the fashion element, can anyone recommend good trainer socks for a look like this that a) don’t show or b) scrunch up after 4 steps ?!
It’s my summer pet peeve!


I’m wearing some here from H&M – they show a teeny bit but don’t scrunch and stop the blisters! 🙂


Relatively current – I got it about a month ago. It was on the website when I first wrote the post but seems to be out of stock now – you might have more luck in store? 🙂


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