Leeds Fashion Blogger Challenge – High Street vs. Market

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I’m not usually one for competition, probably because I’m a hideously competitive person and hate to lose. Seriously – I have been known to throw the small dog from Monopoly at a sibling. And don’t even try playing Charades with me – I will scream every film in the history of cinema at you with increasing volume until you finally break and shout ‘it’s bloody Titanic, alright? GOD!’.

So, when lovely Elly contacted me about the Leeds Fashion Blogger Challenge, I was a little wary. Were my fellow bloggers ready to see my competitive side? Maybe not, but when I realised the challenge involved shopping I decided to take the risk. After all, shopping is my relaxation technique.

The challenge is simple. Four Leeds-based fashion bloggers – me, Lucy, Lauren and Elly – are split into two teams and given £100 per team to spend on an A/W outfit. The twist? Lucy and I are tackling the high street, while Lauren and Elly are heading to Leeds Market. It’s a sartorial showdown!

Photo of Victoria Quarter by Ariaski

Photo of Leeds Markets by Nicolas Smale

As part of team high street, Lucy and I have free reign to shop across the city, including independent stores. Here are my ideas:

  • TK Maxx – great for high quality trend pieces at brilliant prices
  • H&M – plenty of basics to mix with statement items
  • Mighty Baby – fabulous vintage goodies, perfect for creating a unique outfit
  • Primark – a must for any budding barganista 
The two outfits we create will be displayed at an event next month when a winner will be declared. So, any tips for us? If you had £100 to create the ultimate AW outfit, what would you buy? And where would you go? 



hahah the first bit made me laugh, probably because i can relate to it. many monopoly injuries happened when i played with my brothers.
wow this is a great challenge! definitely stick to the places you’ve mentioned. Especially primark and H&M you can get some good things in there!
i say knits knits knits and more knits!


primark is brilliant at the moment for its accessories, shoes and bags particularly (and scarves/hats/etc.).. so you could save money there and spend more on a really nice statement piece. probably a gorgeous one-off charity shop gem in typical jen style!
cant wait to see the outfits from this challenge, good luck!

Funny Little Frog

haha I’m exactly the same….so competitive! Sounds like a brilliant challenge although I don’t reckon much to market pieces, will be good to see what they pick xxx


H&M, H&M, H&M!!! Go for it, i so envy you, i LOVE shooping of the high street. skinnie jeans. blouse and mega heels… leather bag?! HAVE FUN!


Deffo Primark for accessories, no better cheaper place! Plus they have some great knitwear at the moment!
Good Luck! “Go High Street!”
c x


Ooh this is exciting, can’t wait for the result.
It’ll be interesting to see what you can get for your money.


Oooh good luck with the competition, I know you’ll bag a bargain with your ways! I would probably head to Topshop, Office and a few vintage shops to cobble up something.


I’d definitely say hit New Look! Normally I hate hate hate their clothes but I went in with mummy over the weekend and came home with two pairs of loooooovely shoes! xo


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