Lightweight Knitwear – A British Summer Staple

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I have no idea how to dress for this (frankly ridiculous) weather we’re having. This morning, I stood in front of my wardrobe for 20 minutes before finally deciding to give up and wear my dressing gown all day… luckily that was the moment the doorbell rang and a nice delivery man placed a package of ASOS sale bargains into my hands. I felt like kissing him (but refrained).

I am determined to leave my winter wardrobe in storage under the bed – its rightful place on the SECOND of JULY. No matter how much I want to wear my faux fur gilet, I refuse to. So I’ve been looking for seasonally-appropriate alternatives to add warmth to my summer outfits, and I think I’ve found the Holy Grail of British Summer Clothing – the lightweight knit.
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Whistles Greta jumper, ASOS | Essie polish in Lapiz of Luxury | Vera Meat heart ring, ASOS

I bought this Whistles jumper in the ASOS sale during an ill-advised late night shopping session over the weekend. It was still £75, but I’ve come to accept this from Whistles. It’s a beautiful sky blue (not representative of today’s sky, mind) with a wide, loose knit in cotton, not wool.

Even though it may feel like October, I think wearing clothes made for winter in the height of summer looks very odd. So a lightweight knit is perfect for this mental, end-of-days weather we’re experiencing at the moment. It’ll keep you warm when the wind blows but won’t be too hot if the sun does decide to make an appearance. What a trooper.

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Whistles Greta jumper, ASOS | Skinny jeans, H&M | Leopard print loafers, c/o | Emma Fox bag, TK Maxx | Necklace, ASOS | Vera Meat heart ring, ASOS | Straw trilby, Urban Outfitters

I wore my lightweight knit with a white cotton vest underneath, then paired it with simple skinny jeans, a statement necklace and a hat to keep the rain off my face. Happy summer, everyone!

When it comes to clothing, what’s your British Summer Staple? Are you a fan of the lightweight knit?



The British ‘summer time’ really is terrible! Most days I end up layering up and then if it does actually get warm I can ditch the jumper. I do love a good light-knitwear, the colour of your jumper is gorgeous. And matches so well with the nail polish!

Molly ♥

I never put my jumpers away. I love this jumper the colour really does go well with the nail polish.
My favourite light weight knit is one I own in grey from H&M, the back is longer than the front which really makes it special to me.


That jumper is gorgeous! I rather optimistically packed all mine away at the weekend, something I rather regret now. It’s too depressing to think that it’s actually July! Xoxo


Such a gorgeous jumper, I usually just make sure I have a cardigan on me so if I get cold I can pop that on and be a bit warmer! I’ve packed my winter clothes away too, I refuse to delve into them to find warmer clothes! x
Sirens and Bells

floral and feather

I’m also refusing to wear any of my winter wardrobe, so am definitely a fan of the lightweight jumper especially in a pretty pastel. May have to invest in a hat to keep the rain off too!


I got a gorgeous fawn coloured knit in Topshop that is perfect for this inbetween-am-I-raining-am-I-sunny weather. 🙂
Gorgeous colour on you Jen, love the style of knit.


Gorgeous jumper, love how you’ve styled it. I have a growing number if light weight cardigans, it’s the only way forward for me this summer, that and a handy scarf (light weight and pretty) ever present in my bag.


I just bought a neon-y orange lightweight knit from the Topshop sale and I’m very much looking forward to wearing it tomorrow! The colour of this jumper is just too beautiful, worth the money I think! xoxo


oh, the jumper is ever so beautiful. what a pretty colour! it may have been on the pricey side, but it really looks ever so worth it. i recently spent nearly £70 on a pair of jeans, but they are worth it for perfect fit and the fact they make me feel so confident in them! xx


I keep seeing lots of lightweight knits in primark I think I need to get my hands on!
I love the colour of your jumper, it looks so nice with the leopard print flats!


I wish I had known lightweight knitwear was a British summer staple before I moved here. If my summer wardrobe’s perfect for the French Riviera, I don’t think I can look as chic as you here, in England.

-Elodie x


I throw a light-weight cardigan over my summer dresses and wear over tights. I can’t handle this packing/unpacking of seasonal clothes any more!


your summer sounds much like our winter! I love a good lightweight knit though, and the colour of this one is lovely!


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