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Topshop skirt, leggings and pumps, Max C top, Primark cardigan and ring, Eclectic Eccentricity bracelet

If you follow me on Twitter you might’ve seen me tweeting about the gig I was at last night. The Mr is a drummer and has been in bands since we got together 8 whole years ago. I’ve been to (pretty much) every gig, from dingy basements to huge arenas, with three people to three hundred. I’ve carried cymbals, driven tour vans and drank lots of beer from plastic cups. I’ve warded off groupies, sold CDs and moshed ’til the wee hours. Hell, I’ve even been on stage a few times!

In the early days, we’d go to at least two gigs a week. A big group of us would travel by any means necessary, rocking up at random pubs with guitars slung over our shoulders. We’d commandeer a corner, drink beer, eat crisps and take photos. We were the inner circle, we got shout outs during sets and we knew all the words. We were at college or uni with no jobs to worry about, blasting Brand New from our cars and eating McDonald’s. As cliché as it sounds, it was a golden age.

My ‘girlfriend of the band’ uniform was always the same – skinny jeans, vintage band tees, Converse boots, stacks of bangles and plenty of black eyeliner. Last night, as I looked around at young girls wearing Urban Outfitters and channelling Alexa Chung, it got me thinking about how much has changed in the relatively short time the band has been… well, disbanded.

Last night’s gig was their first in over a year, and before that they were playing one offs as favours for friends. I wore a cute skirt, cream suede pumps and carried my bag at all times. I drank Diet Coke, sat on a proper chair rather than perching on the bar, and left at 10.30pm. And if I’m really honest, I didn’t mind. I am older now. Touring the country isn’t part of life any more. It was brilliant fun to catch up with friends and enjoy live music from the sidelines. I still got that feeling of immense pride when the Mr picked up his sticks and went crazy. But I was more than happy to jump in my car afterwards, drive home and put on my PJs.

Is there anything you do differently now to when you were younger? Has your style matured, your attitude towards things changed, the way you interact with people developed? Or are you still exactly the same person, just a few years older? I’d love to know.


pip a la chic

I love this post Jen! I can totally relate to this. A gig/festival vetetran since I was 15 years (wow that’s a good 16 years) I dress differently then I used to. I would normally wear skinny jeans, converse, a cute singlet and accessories to a gig/festival. But as I got older I started to wear heels, then dresses to gigs..even hip hop gigs. But I now look around when I go a gig some girls glam it up big time but hey everyone is different.
Your outfit lookd great!


I think as you get older you have more confidence to just do what you feel like rather than what you (or other people) think you should do. People respect you a lot more for it! Diet coke, PJs and being hangover free sounds great!


That skirt is gorgeous 🙂
I definitely think I’ve matured a lot since I started uni…I agree with swiftreverie – it’s great to gain the confidence to do what you enjoy rather than what you think you should enjoy as a “typical student”. I’m glad I no longer have to go on terrible student nights out – Diet Coke and early nights are far more enjoyable (for me, at least!) x


Wow: going on tour with the band sounds like it was a lot of fun. It definitely must have been an experience. And I totally get it about growing up. Unfortunately, I’m going to gigs and partying way more now than I did when I was younger…But I guess I was a lot let confident when I was younger and wouldn’t have enjoyed myself.

I love the skirt you’re wearing here: it’s so gorgeous.


That skirt is amazing!! I want one. Is it new Topshop or car booted/thrifted?

I used to hang out with a band, we knew the words, and got shout outs. Such fun, drinking archers and lemonade, and always bagging the best table in the pub. Amazing days, as you say you grow up and things change.

X xx

E is for Eleanor

Love this post Jen, made me so nostalgic. I’ve been going to gigs since I was 15 and similarly used to wear tees and jeans and get rip-roaring drunk and dance alot. haha.

I thought I was past all of that but when I went to see the YYY’s last year I threw myself down the front and jumped and danced like I was 16 again. It was brilliant. Festival’s are my time to act like a teenager again so this weekend should be interesting!

LadyBugSays ...

That skirt is gorgeous, reminds me of something a ballerina would wear 🙂

Whenever I have a big get together with my friends we always reminisce about the old carefree days. Now we all have different responsibilities(mortgages/children/careers) and can’t be quite as reckless!

Amy Marie

I love this outfit, it’s so pretty. I wanted that skirt when it was in Topshop so much but I was just too broke.

I know what you mean about gigs. Between 14 and 19, I went to so many gigs. Traveled around the country, met bands, got drunk and danced like a loon. I loved getting to the front, getting sweaty and just generally being reckless. Nowadays the very thought of a mosh pit and getting sweaty just makes me shiver. I guess I’ve grown up already.. it works the same way with getting drunk and going to a club. From 18-20 my life was lived until the next time I went out. I’d bar hop, dance in clubs and spend most of my time drunk and doing stupid things, being on the pull ect, now all my flatmates and I do is sit around the house watching Gossip Girl!

I hope you remember me, I have a new blog 🙂

Amy Marie //

Em x

I love that skirt, very jealous that you have it! I am definately more grown up now, being pregnant has totally changed me, i can’t last until 6am anymore, i’m normally asleep by about half 10!! xx


I think I’ve always been old before my time. But I think with the benefit of a few more years under my belt I don’t care as much about fitting in any more. Still gets to me every now and then but on the whole I’m happier with myself now than I ever was when I was trying and failing to fit in with the cool kids.


Gorgeous skirt!

I don’t know what’s changed from when I was younger… I don’t think I do anything *very* differently… but it’s definitely food for thought! 🙂

Leia’s Delights


I’m more mellow and tolerant but I still enjoy books, TV and my own space. Haven’t changed a lot in 54 years.


Interesting post. I can relate to this, I remember the years I would go watch gigs and get all dressed up in my ’emo’ attire. I think there will always be this phase for the young generations to go through.

It was so cool back then, but these days it’s very different.

I love your skirt- very girly and ballerina esque but oh so sophisticated x


First off all, cute outfit I love the skirt, very pretty! When I was at uni I did the whole gig thing and loved it, week nights were spent in dodgy venues drinking cheap cider and dancing to many a random pop punk band. I had my style back then, it was pretty random, messy and rock(ish) with a girly edge (I like to think so anyway) since the years have gone by I go to less of these gigs (mainly because new friends aren’t that interested) and my style still remains the same but in a much more pulled together, less mismatched and mature manner without being boring or dowdy I think. I went to a pop punk gig night a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the fact that I was the only person NOT wearing skinny jeans and converse.

Vintage Vixen

Yes, I’ve changed! I have even more fun now than I ever did in my youth. No debts, no mortgage, a new hip and bags of confidence plus I used to care about what people thought of me and now I couldn’t give a damn.
Still dress “like a hooker from Starsky and Hutch”, tho’!

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥

I loved this post so much! I love nothing more than good gig and always have done from the age of 17 going to T in the park etc. Then when i was 23 I bought my first house so all that got put on hold for a while.. BUT then as I started to work my way up and earn more money I started going back to gigs and stuff…weekend away and still do it. I think it’s because i had a 5 years break from it all and missed it now Im a mature women with no ties (apart from my mortgage) I just GO GO GO for it beer… gin.. and good music but I now one thing the mosh pit aint no longer me

(sorry for the long comment- but you did ask ) haha


I love that skirt, and I love this post! I’m not very long out of uni, but still things have changed.

I think it’s having a job which really makes all the difference, and dammit I like it! Yes, I go home at 10.30, but I also sleep in hotels, not people’s sofas, and I wear smart clothes, not whatever’s clean, and most importantly I can shop without feeling guilty!


That’s a gorgeous skirt.

When I was 20 (still a student) I worked in France for a year. I lived in leggings, T-shirts, Doc Martins and a denim jacket and no-one could convine me to venture out of this studenty uniform.

I wish I’d been more open to learning about French style as I adore it now.


Danni and Maria

I have only been to one gig in my entire life- the shame! I think I am growing to be more confident and realising what I am capable of. I can do anything I want to and I am glad that I have the opportunity to 🙂

Maria xxxx

P.S. You do look lovely, that skirt is to die for!


I have that skirt! And I’ve worn it to one of my Mr’s gigs, with a dark grey T-shirt and light grey marl cardi.

I’m similar to you in that during the uni years, while I wasn’t with the boy, I used to go see Brand New in jeans and Cons. And now I go see his band in skirts and hang out on the sidelines, going home after helping to carry guitars and hopping straight into my PJs. And loving it! I’m proud of every good review, but it’s not the same as having him all to myself, singing Marvin Gaye to me and dancing around my room.

Cherry Pullinger

My boyfriend is in a band and I’m currently following them around the dingy basement type places at the moment. What is your boyfriend’s band called?!


Ah, I wish I was as wild as I used to be… These days I need my sleep and too much alcohol upsets my stomach (pathetic). On the other hand I think I enjoy life much more – so, it’s good.
Your outfit is lovely, Jen, even better than skinnies and converses! xo

Tete en l'Air

YES! Exactly the same! When I first started going out to gigs and indie nights, I wouldn’t have dreamt of wearing anything other than jeans, trainers and t-shirt but now on the rare occasion I go out dancing, I relish the opportunity to get dressed up in a frock and heels, and LIPSTICK! 😀


I love your skirt! It’s so pretty.

It’s funny to me to look back on how I used to dress. I went to a lot of shows to see local bands play when I was in high school. I usually went to two shows every weekend. Always the same people in the same few venues and the same bands. I always dressed in Dickies pants, band t-shirts, and my Converse. I wore lots of black and lots of studded accessories. It’s far from where I am today! Lol.

Roo Paprika

Gorgeous outfit! I dunno, I’m getting older but I’ve done the career, the getting married and the settling down and since I’ve turned 30 I’ve run off with an australian with plans of getting out of the ratrace and living by the sea. Maybe I’m making up for lost time…

Wonderful post, really though provoking

Disco Goth

That is a completely beautiful outfit!
I still go about things the way I always did, still go to as many gigs etc but now I’m in my 40s I don’t mind admitting I prefer sitting at the back, drink in hand, observing rather than joining in – it’s not really the done thing to do that when you’re a teenager but I wish I’d had the confidence to just do that.
Great post =)



Oh, you look like a pretty ballerina in this outfit, Jen! Love the nudish pastel colours!

And how cool is it that your husband is a drummer! I adore musicians hehe:)


Such a good point. Sometimes I feel like an old lady when I go home before the club. But then again you must just always do what makes you happy. Cute outfit, btw!


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