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ASOS dress (worn as skirt), thrifted jumper, H&M tights, ASOS pixie boots, Primark belt, thrifted ring

Yesterday, one of my work friends was wearing a hot pink floral shirt dress with a sheer black jumper over the top. It looked fab – such a great alternative to my usual dress+cardigan combinations. So today I thought I’d give it a try, and it worked out pretty well!

The dress is a 50s halterneck style from ASOS, bought in the sale last summer. The jumper I picked up at a carboot. I rolled the bottom of the jumper up so it sat on my waist and belted it to emphasise that 50s hourglass shape. I think it would’ve worked better with navy tights and patent pumps (both of which I have), but it was rainy and cold and I needed something more substantial.

I get most of my inspiration from real people, rather than fashion mags or celebrities. A colleague/friend/random person’s style will always be easier to recreate than a celeb’s because they make it work for the everyday. And you can usually ask them where they got a certain piece from and go grab your own in your lunch break – not so easy to do with celebs!

I usually write down the looks I like (along with words/phrases I love that I could sneak into my work) in a little notepad I carry in my handbag. It’s packed full of scribbles, most of which make no sense whatsoever (what did I mean when I wrote ‘red. shoe on leg. bold’ ??) but are there, just waiting to inspire me when I’m feeling less than convinced by my own style prowess.

What inspires you? Do you take note of surrounding style, clip from magazines, collect fabric swatches?



Vintage Vixen

What a great look, I love it!
Street fashion is far more inspiring than catwalk stuff (which, let’s face it, is usually a rehash of what a “cool hunter” spotted someone wearing a year ago). I can spend hours watching people and admiring their way of dressing.
Keep up the good work! xx


I get far more inspired by real people/street style than I ever will by magazines and catwalks. Something about the looks there feel so artificial.

You look great!


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