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Primark tea dress, Primark tee, thrifted cardigan, H&M tights, Chockers boots, Primark ring, handmade corsage

And the details…


This outfit really reminds me of wartime glamour – functional yet fashionable clothing that expressed the femininity of the women left behind, waiting for their husbands to return.
I really want to talk about trends today. There’s a little touch of trend in my outfit – workman’s boots, lilac shades, peachy tones – a barely-detected nod to spring’s hottest fashions. Only visible if you know what you’re looking for.
If I’m honest, I’m very slow when it comes to picking up trends. I find fashion magazines like Vogue really inaccessible (InStyle is about as in depth as I want to go) and I don’t keep up with the newest collections. I wait ’til trends filter down to the high street, then I buy the things I like. More often than not, it’s just a touch of this, a slice of that. I don’t think I could do head-to-toe trend if I tried!
What’s your approach to buying and wearing the latest trends? Are you a dedicated follower of fashion, with one eye trained on the catwalk and the other on netaporter? Or are you a bit indifferent, like me? I’d love to know.
PS – More new shoes (boots, really) here. I am more than impressed with these Β£35 boots from Chockers Shoes. And they came in a pink package – perfect!



I do like this out fit, the dress is nice.
Think those boots looks better left open though, but that’s only my opinion.


Hi Anon! Aw, I wish you’d left your name. This is the first time I’ve worn this style of boot and I think you’re totally right – better with laces open! I’ll give it a try next time and see how it looks. Thanks for your comment! πŸ™‚

Cafe Fashionista

Jen you’re so right! It reminds you of the forties, when women would get all glammed up for the pending arrival of their husbands back from months, sometimes years, at war! You have pulled off this look so well darling; and I adore the fact that you’ve paid tribute to such a stunning era in fashion!! πŸ™‚

β™₯Music Fashion Clutter β™₯

LOVE the dress ive seen this on another blog im so gutted not to have a primark nearer to me!

like the boots too, been thinking of getting a pair but unsure what to wear them with? open or laced up?? i think undone but would they feel like they were gonan fall off?



Cute outfit! Is the flower as orange as it looks in the photo? I actually like it like that!

Trends… I don’t really follow trends. I’m bad at knowing what is going on. I just buy whatever I like. I am noticing though that things that I become obsessed with turn out to be trends a few months later without my knowing it. I started buying my husband owls a couple of years ago, before the madness started. Right now I’m craving tweed and polka dots. Maybe I’m onto something? LOL


I don’t follow trends… I don’t even buy fashion magazines anymore. I stick with what I know looks good on me… I’m just too boring.

Your look truly reminds me of those women I watch in war epics. I love your shoes!!!

E is for Eleanor

JEN! you outfits get better every day, i swear it! This is totally my style, comfy boots (i have some really similar and yours are lovely!) and little tea dresses and warm cardigans. this dress is so pretty and a really different colour to most things out there right now, gonna have to hunt this one down! x


Ahhh I love that dress! & handmade corsarge what more could a girl want!
Have you seen a film called The Edge Of Love? Sienna Miller and Kiera Knightly πŸ™‚ It’s all wartime and omg the fashion in that is to die for !!x


Lovely outfit, 40’s glamour and hints of Spring ’10 trends all in one! Great find with those boots!

Re trends I find I get inspiration from magazines/media etc and only really buy high street trend pieces if I know they will work for me! Can’t really imagine doing a top to toe trend, but on some it looks fab.


Really chic, especially keeping in mind that materials war so sparse during the war that skirts became rather short and sexy. I’m trying to keep up-to-date but often it’s just too quick. I’ve just started looking at spring collections and they are showing autumn already…


If you ar ever thinking aboutgettin rid of some of your clothes please let me know of do a blog sale, I love how your look is different in a really good way.



ANA – It’s the light playing tricks with the corsage! It’s actually a real bubblegum pink as shown on the full length shots.

Alice – I have seen The Edge of Love and I LOVED the outfits in it! Such great style.

Thank you all for your comments! πŸ™‚


Jen I really really want a pair of those boots now. Can I get some…damn you!!!

Really really lovely outfit, can’t believe that tea dress is Primark.

I’m like you, I tend to pick up on a trend and work it my own way, I know certain trends won’t suit me so see if I can change it to suit me and my life.

God I love those boots.

Vintage Vixen

What a pretty outfit – those boots are lovely. Have you a new blusher ‘cos your cheeks are such a beautiful colour.
Trends? Nah! I know what I like and all the hype in the world wouldn’t persuade me otherwise.
I’m more into street style than magazines.

Cellardoor Magazine

This is so pretty, I’m gonna have to have a search through Primarni for this looker.
Thanks for your comment too, we’re glad you think we’ve got great taste ha. Bobby’s voice makes me melt. Same goes for Jesse and Sat was no exception. I was worried about it being such a big venue, but the atmosphere was amazing. The set was perfect, with a few oldies thrown in towards the end. Sorry I’ll shut up now, but yes, Amazing

Em x

Its my dress! I didn’t see it in grey! I love how you’ve worn it. I like knowing what the trends are and showing a little of them but i’m not someone who could wear everything bang on trend, i’d look strange! x

Pink Flower

Trends normally fly over my head, i’m really not on the ball. Saying that I love a good flick through the style in say Sunday newspaper magazines – most often from The Sunday Times – but after that I know nothing. My “fashion” and “trend” has got very lazy these days, with a uniform for work, I tend to just be super lazy and laze in joggers all evening!


I love the combination of the grey dress and bright corsage πŸ™‚
Such a cute daytime look.

Re trends – I like to take up some trends and work them into my everyday look but tend not to follow trends full on – I can’t afford to and I’m really short so most trends would look ridiculous on me! x


Vix – I DO have a new blusher! So nice of you to notice. I’m a bit blusher mad and always put way too much on, but oh well! It’s one of the Bourjois pots, rose-something. A little lighter than my last shade (also a Bourjois pot – I love them!).


Loving the vintage inspired softness and femininity. Gorgeous as ever. Who needs trends when you look that good, doll? x

The Owl Diary

I’m a bit indifferent when it comes to trends. I just buy what I like and what I can afford. Love the flower btw. Hope you’re week is lovely so far. xx

Second Skin

WOW! Very nicely done! Trends are strange. I feel affected by them, but I just pay attention to things I love. They may not even be trendy. I have been loving your looks so much! You are such a cutie!


That’s a great outfit. I rarely go into Primark as I have to travel to get to one, and I’m a bit lazy! I should make the effort.


I think I’m a bit indifferent, like you, on following fashion trends. But I do read fashion mags and if I see something I like, I go out and get it:)

You look really lovely in this outfit, so girlie with that flower corsage!

I’ve seen the Edge of Love too and I’m so in love with both girls’ outfits!

Oh and I was so in love with Primark during my visit to London! Bf was quite amused with me really:P



love love LOVE the polka!
i could never get enough of them…

anyway, i read magazines..and sometimes back issue ones and find my inspiration..i’ve been mostly lucky in choosing not to follow trends which i feel won’t last…i like more classic pieces with personality…

and notice how even when the boho trend died down, my mom and i are still true to it..it’s just how we are! πŸ˜€


Polished Sense

Jen. This is perfection on you. The polka dot dress? You dare-devil you. Loving how you played it with pink. Flower pin is awesome! I love this one πŸ˜€



I feel a bit too old and big to follow the trends too heavily, I used to though. I was a slave to fashion in my late teens/ early 20s. Now I tend to look for the colours that are about and try to pick out pieces I think will look ok on me and not like a granny recapturing her youth in topshop…. I do love your blog and seeing what you’ve been wearing each day, working in a boring office I tend to look the same all the time, but I jazz up with accessories! x


I think this is one of your best outfits Jen- so cute! Absolutley love it.
I like looking in the magazines (InStyle, Look etc) I can just about afford to buy Vouge never mind any of the stuff in it! I like to look at the clothes featured, just because Im a bit of a rubbish shopper and miss stuff! I used to but would not wear anything now just because its ‘bang on trend’!

Vinda Sonata

i really enjoy reading your views on trends. i’m much the same as you– i don’t really follow trends, instead, i just pick whatever i like and leave what i think i can never pull off right.

hey, great idea of wearing combat boots too. i love the tough-chic feel!


Beautiful dress. I think I do both when it comes to dressing. Sometimes I follow trends, but some of my best outfits happen because I just threw them together with no regard to trend. It’s just what I wanted to wear! haha.



I’m totally in love with this dress with the cardigan. The colours look amazing together.
I love love love your blog

un petit lapin

I’ve never been much of a trend follower, I like what I like. It both saddens me and excites me when something I like becomes trendy; more people wearing the same thing but it also means more pieces are available to me. Saying that, the blogosphere has got me into trends a bit.


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