Thrift Find of the Month – November

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Wearing: Primark long sleeve top, cardigan, tights, ring and brogues, Laura Ashley skirt via charity shop, Gap snood
On: Monday 22nd November
For: A slow and chilly day at my desk

I’m just gonna come out and say it – I love this outfit. The tulip print Laura Ashley skirt was a wonderful way to brighten up a grey Monday morning (outfit and weather-wise). I snagged it on a visit to some new charity shops – it was a little pricey at £5 but the quality is unmistakable. I couldn’t leave such a ray of sunshine behind now, could I?

Have you uncovered any thrifty treasures this month?



Ooooh I really like it….thrifty bargains are always more exciting than full price blowouts I reckon…leastways I think they are 🙂 x


My eyes almost popped when I scrolled down and saw your skirt, it is so nice – defo a wee ray of sunshine! it makes me want to smile and be happy! 🙂 haha how strange. such a gorgeous print and teamed up with they greys and blacks really makes it stand out. lovely jubbly ♥

Little Scribbler

The skirt’s super cute and I firmly approve of the wearing of something you might consider to be so summery now that winter’s kicking in. It adds a lovely cheer in all the grey! x


I don’t think £5 is expensive! I think it’s a bargain!! Btw I love your blog! you seem like one of those people that would be my friend in real life! haha 🙂 xx


Oh I LOVE that skirt! Just think how much it would have been new – they barely ever sell stuff for under £20 even in the sale so I reckon it would easily have been £40+. I’ve been on a bit of a chazza shop roll this week. Oh it’s been fun, I’ve found loads of goodies.

The snood is gorgeous too!

Vintage Vixen

A lovely bright and sunny skirt, Jen! How can £5 not be a bargain? Superior quality to most high street tat plus you’re doing your bit for charity. Any bargains recently? Me? Of course! Everything I own is a second, third or forth hand item. xxx


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