My Sartorial Guilty Pleasures

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There are lots of things that make me feel guilty. Buying Ben & Jerry’s ice cream when it’s not on offer, for example. Using the last of the milk and not mentioning it. Genuinely enjoying Snog, Marry Avoid. But in a sartorial sense, there are a few items in my wardrobe I class as my guilty pleasures. When I wear them, I feel a mixture of shame, guilt and pure, unadulterated joy. Take a look…

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Vintage Pringle jumper via jumble sale

I bought this Pringle wool jumper at a jumble sale earlier this year. It was £1 and the condition reflects the price – it’s bobbly, faded and misshapen with a few pulls in the knit. I wear it over the faded jersey dress (see below) when I’m rattling around the house, trying to pull writing inspiration from mid-air. It reminds me of granddads and Scotland and I love it.

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Zara striped dress

I snapped this up for £10 in the Zara sale a few summers ago and initially I wore it in properly – with bare legs and sandals in the summer, then with tights, cardigans and boots the following winter. But the loose, tunic shape and fast fading meant it soon became my ‘wear-over-swimming-costume-on-way-to-gym’ dress.

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Sheepskin boots c/o Whooga

I know, I know. Uggs. But they’re so warm, I don’t even care. I had a pair of Uggs a few years ago but sold them in a fit of ‘I’m-too-fashionable-for-these’ madness. Yes, they’re ugly. Yes, I could just wear some nice leather boots. No, they’re not suitable for wet weather. But I still don’t care.

And yes, I do wear them out of the house.

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Topshop Andie jeans

I have never been able to pull off boyfriend jeans. If I wear them with Converse and a cotton tee, I look like a (male) member of a 90s pop punk band. With heels and a blouse they look like emergency trousers I had to buy on my lunch break after splitting the skinny jeans I was originally wearing. These Andie jeans were £25 in the Topshop sale and are the softest, most comfortable jeans in the world. They never see the light of day, but j’adore them.

What are your sartorial guilty pleasures?


Loving the stripy top!
I’m doing a similar thing with all my old summer clothes – rewearing, rewearing, rewearing! 🙂 but as long as I’m warm, I don’t care.

Great post!

Sam x


My satorial guilty pleasures are actually not that far removed from yours….uggs definitely feature on the list and I always feel a bit like I should know better….but they’re soooo comfy!

I tend to wear one pair of boyfriend jeans that are just plain shapeless but again, incredibly comfortable…I know as a pear-shape I should be wearing jeans with a bit more of a fit and flare to them, but I cant help it!

I also have a collection of slightly fade t-shirts and very bobbled jumpers that I wear….I’ve probably far, far too many clothes that I just chuck on! Baaad me!


Love the pringle jumper!
I also have some similar boots, not the biggest fan of how they look but when it’s freezing and icy they’re totally necessary! x


I got a pair of Andies in the Topshop sale for a tenner and i adore them! So comfy and styled with soft jersey, knitwear and pumps they look nonchalantly laid back in an LA, Rachel Bilson kind of way. That’s what i’m going for anyway 😉 xx


haha, my boyfriend jeans are possibly my top guilty pleasure, and likewise my comfiest jeans also!
they were purchased deliberately distressed looking, but i think the ‘distressed’ look has been enhanced a considerable amount by me wearing them so often!
you can’t beat them when you’re in need of something loose fitting, comfortable, and scruffy don’t you think? xxx


I’m with you on the comfy jumpers as a guilty pleasure. About 15 years ago a friend brought me back a Ralph Lauren navy cable knit jumper and I wear it around the house whenever I’m ill/pissed off/feeling sorry for myself!
Can’t agree with the Uggs though.
Great post <3


I wish my guitly pleasures were so stylish- mine include: thick snuggly pjs (worn at any time of day…) fading yoga pants and a huge old woollen cardigan that used to be my mums. I absolutely cannot leave the house wearing any of them (and I find it hard to answer the door in them…) but they are all so comfy and cosy! 🙂

I too am a huge fan of Snog Marry Avoid…


Samantha Manzella

Moccasins are my guilty pleasure…they’re totally unfashionable but are so, so comfy. I’m also prone to wear huge, woolly jumpers, too, especially ones that are too big to be worn unabashedly in public. But, what can I say? I wear what I wear, haha. 🙂


Jen! Ugg boots? Outside? You disappoint me 😉

I don’t know if I have a guilty pleasure as such, it’s more just that I tend not to bother getting dressed if I’m at home all day and loaf round in pj’s instead.


Ooh you brave lady! 🙂
I agree with the majority of these items, apart from the sheepskin boots, the more I see them, the more I hate them. I know they are comfy but just no….I can’t.
My guilty pleasure is a Amplified tee, you know the one with the glitzy Rolling Stone mouth logo on it, totally 2003 but it’s so comfy and sparkly.


Definitely also into my UGGs. I actually have EMUs but wear them most weekends in the winter and even wear them to “walk” to work sometimes – and sometimes “forget” to take them off once I’m there…!!

Woolly jumpers are definitely a not-so-guilty pleasure. I adore them!!! Again, I’d wear them ALL the time if I could.

Great post 🙂


My guilty pleasures are boyf jeans with over size hoodies! (Also just having “pyjama days!”) I have to admit I have a cheap pair of Uggs for Asda trips (it’s a mere minute from my house) and for wandering to yoga in! Also Uggs make good slippers for around the house 🙂


i have ugg slipper boots that I put on every night I come form work.. they have toggles down the side which have fallen off leaving them gappy and falling off. and yes i wear them outside in the rain and now they are a grey sludge colour so pretty gross but I dont care! 🙂 X

ellie B

Oh, I am all for Uggs. I wear them without shame… and this is really bad for a fashion blogger to say, but I am what I am. Same with the mushappen wooly jumpers, I’ve just stolen my sisters. I love this post!

e x


I’m so glad you wrote this.

I still wear my ugly boots too! They are so cosy and they have been the only boots that have kept me upright with the icy winters we’ve had in the UK over the past few years.

Wellies and even my old DM boots didn’t cut it.


I would love to see another post where you where you can pull of the boots and to see how you can wear the jumper over the dress. prettyplease.x


UGGS are totally a guilty pleasure for me too.

I also have a very tatty Motel cardigan that keeps me warm at work. Everyday. It’s now too big for me, rarely gets a proper wash and makes me look huge! But I love it.

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I just love the colour of that jumper…wearing that with jeans is really a good idea to enhance the looks and feel better…and that boots for me are not that much ugly, although I also do not like that much.. 🙂

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