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If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you’ll know I’m a jeans-and-t-shirt girl through and through. I love a good pair of jeans – I’ve bought so many over the years I think ‘High Street Denim’ could be my specialist subject on Mastermind. Remember the Topshop Kristens? Sigh.

Despite owning practically every pair of jeans the high street has to offer, there’s one style I’ve never quite mastered – the loose fit. I wear denim almost every day and would love a more casual (read: comfortable) alternative to the spray-on skinnies I’ve become accustomed to, but ‘boyfriend’ jeans are really hard to pull off when you’re not extremely slim. The baggy shape and extra fabric adds pounds in places I don’t care for, namely the hips. I’ve had quite a few pairs of boyfriend jeans over the years and have tried on even more, but I’ve never found the one for me.

Until now, obviously. You knew that’s where this was going, right?

how to wear baggy jeanshow to style boyfriend jeans Girlfriend jeans, M&S | Top, c/o Petit Bateau | Bag, Longchamp | Sandals, ASOS | Hat, Topshop | Necklace, c/o Jane Koenig | Sunglasses, Miu Miu

Only, they’re not actually boyfriend jeans. These are yours and yours alone, sister!

‘Girlfriend’ is apparently the new cut on the denim block – like their boyfriend counterparts, the girlfriend jean is designed to be worn loose and easy, but with a key difference – they’re narrower. There’s none of that excess fabric in the hips and legs to create the ‘baggy’ look, and they’re cut closer to the body for a slimmer silhouette without losing that relaxed fit. They’re also narrow all the way to the ankle (extremely important for me, I hate jeans that flap about at the ankles) and this particular style has a cute turn-up to boot. 

how to wear breton stripe top
casual outfit ideashow to wear girlfriend jeansThe pair I’m wearing here is from Marks and Spencer – after reading Poppy’s excellent post on their jeans, I snapped up a few pairs with 20% off. The Sculpt & Lift style Poppy wrote about is similarly brilliant, but after years of searching for the perfect ~relaxed skinny jeans~ I’m totally enamoured with these.

I wore my girlfriend jeans with a new breton stripe from Petit Bateau, a straw hat, leather sandals and my trusty Longchamp bag to create a perfect weekend outfit – stylish without being fussy and practical for any casual outdoor pursuits you might be undertaking. It goes without saying that they’re super comfortable too, with a mid-rise waist that won’t cut off circulation to your lower half (like Topshop Jamies in the same size undoubtably will).

Huge thanks to Poppy for alerting me to M&S denim – I’ll be adding to my collection with a few more pairs of the Sculpt & Lift style and keeping my fingers crossed that the white version of the Girlfriend jeans comes back in stock soon.

styling girlfriend jeanscasual outfit ideas

EDIT: A few people have asked about the sizing of these jeans – I sized up as I wanted to ensure a loose fit. These are a UK 14. 



While it’s true that looser fit denim are not always constructed to suit every body type, once I found my pair, it was hard for me to go back to skinny leg jeans.
I love Madewell’s perfect summer jean — it’s got the perfect high waist and the slightest taper that looks amazing with a rolled cuff at the ankle.
Love how you styled your M&S pair, here. A classic look made extra special by the footwear and unique sunglasses!


Firstly I love that they are named the Girlfriend Jean. 2ndly I’m just like you. I could never master the boyfriend jeans. I’m a little thicker in the hips and thighs so boyfriend jeans always look odd on me. the only paid that I found flattering are from LOFT and it’s because they just like these M&S jeans are slimmer fit.

PS love your whole look…and your sunglasses



I love the fit or girlfriend jeans too! I hate flaired jeans but I love things a bit more casual and I must say- you are rockin those jeans Jen!

SL Marsh

I have recently discovered the Uniqlo Slim Boyfriend fit, which are also good for relaxed but not too baggy jeans. I’ve worn their skinny ultra stretch jeans for a while & sized down for the slim boyf. fit. It’s especially nice in warmer weather to have looser fitting jeans!


It’s got the perfect high waist and the smallest amount taper that looks unbelievable with a rolled cuff at the ankle.


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