On Being a Fashion Victim

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ASOS midi knitted dress, Steve Madden leather jacket, Topshop tights, Zara Taylor owl pendant, Primark ring, Zara scarf, M&S shearling ankle boots

I’m very conscious of being labelled a ‘victim’. No, not a victim of crime or terrible hair, but a fashion victim. You know – that girl, with the Alexa bag and the feathered skirt, tottering round Camden on YSL Tributes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that girl – she’ll probably be captured in all her perfectly polished glory for Grazia’s Style Hunter.

I like to think I’m a bit more down to Earth, however. I’m happy to tote a £2 car boot sale bag. I love jeans over all other items of clothing. When winter comes round, I wear chunky knits almost exclusively. And as much as I love my floral dresses (sooooo 2008, right?), there are some current trends that I simply cannot resist.

I saw these M&S shearling ankle boots in Red Magazine about two months ago, and I’ve been obsessively checking the website for their arrival ever since. With no sign of the boots of my dreams, I tweeted M&S in desperation and begged for information. They responded with a link and mere minutes later, a pair of size 8s were racing towards my outstretched arms.

I think these boots and I were made for each other. Like Romeo and Juliet, without all the death. Or Olivia Palermo and a quirky accessory. Sure they’re shearling, the fabric finish of the moment. They’re also camel, the colour du jour. And I’m wearing them with a camel coloured, knitted, slightly body con, midi-length dress which is basically an amalgamation of every single AW10 trend in existence. This outfit makes me feel like I’ve taken a tumble over at style.com and fallen into their archives. But you know what? I love it. When I wore this outfit last week, I got so many compliments. It made me feel current yet comfortable, and not at all like a fashion victim.

What does it take for ‘well dressed’ to become ‘fashion victim’? Is it a love of labels, a fondness for trends or a designer dependency?


E is for Eleanor

Oh Jen, that dress is amazing! I haven’t seen anything like it before but I love the length! I too sometimes feel a bit of a victim, but most of the time I just wear what makes me happy! 🙂


Love this outfit! Fashion forward yet relatable. Also spied those boots in Red a couple of months ago, M&S always come up trumps!


Vintage Vixen

You look fabulous, love the length of the dress and I did admire thse boots when I cut through M&S last week.
“Fashion Victim” is someone who slavishly follows trends regardless of whether they suit or if they become bankcrupt in the process. I really don’t think that describes you in the slightest. xxx

Pearl Westwood

The thing is this is how to do fashion without the victim part! Looks great and I really, really love that dress, the colour and the skirt part are so perfect!


I love the dress, I saw it on another blog recently and thought it might be a difficult length to wear but might give it a go!


It’s the right side of ‘victim’ 🙂
Love the colouring with black, and those boots are lovely.
I think you look styled but not overly so, you’ve just taken trends and worked them on you in a way that of course people give you compliments.



i always think it’s being a bit too “showy” or “flashy” but not being humble about the way you handle yourself, you know, thinking your IT!

does that make sense? i think you think you’re it, you pass!


Gorgeous boots! And the cut of that dress suits you so well.
I don’t think you look like a fashion victim. It doesn’t look like the “buy now or regret later” rail of Topshop was thrown at you, and you manage to always make an outfit your own 🙂



I like to think there is a big difference between having style and being a victim of fashion – these boots are on trend but your style makes them unique. Me likey! x


Ohhh I often get that fear! But my major worry is more “can I carry this look off” But since I started blogging this fear is subsiding… i guess what i’m trying to say is that seeing real people wearing trends and putting together their own styles is much more inspirational and affirming than reading any magazine and the near perfect models that publishers and brands are making us aspire too. You look fab – so keep doing what you do! x


It’s only fashion victimy if you buy it solely because it’s “on trend” (really not keen on that phrase!) I hope that most people buy things because they like them and if they happen to be whatever is considered fashionable that season, well that’s just a side benefit. And that dress is gorgeous, classic and very versatile so I think the fact that it happens to tick a few current style boxes comes at the bottom of the list of reasons why it’s awesome!


I love the dress and boots.
I think being a victim is about forgetting what you like and what you know suits you and replacing it with what you see in magazines and on celebrities because you want to look “cool”.
You, Jen, are the perfect example of being far from that. X


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