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Blogging about a different outfit every day can be exhausting, both for my wardrobe and my bank account.  Before I started my blog I would often repeat favourite combinations again and again because I loved them so, but knowing that each outfit will live on forever in blog post form makes me strive for something new each day.

Sadly, my life is not a constant cycle of fabulous new clothes and killer new heels. Which actually makes me rather sad, so I won’t dwell on it. No, the reality is I often repeat those ‘OMG-I-can’t-drag-myself-away-from-the-mirror outfits, so I’m kicking off another series of posts where I use the hash symbol and a number (yay!) – Outfit Archives.

From the archives – worn on the blog February 11th 2010 Photobucket
Pinafore dress: H&M
Striped tee: Gap
Scarf: ASOS
Tights: Accessorize
Bag: Matalan
Flats and belt: Primark
Brooch: Charity shop

From today


Dress and scarf as before

Striped top: Miss Guided
Cardigan, belt and brogues: Primark
Tights: Accessorize
Rings: Assorted

I bought this simple black dress many years ago and it’s one of the few older items in my wardrobe that I haven’t pilfered on eBay. I love to wear it with smack-you-round-the-face bright tights, a striped tee and nautical scarf. Rotating the various elements adds something fresh and new each time – the brown brogues, for example, give today’s look a more vintage, indie feel compared to the more polished, patent pumps I wore in February.

Are you bringing back any outfits from your archives?



I repeat outfits all the time, purely just because I love them (also the purse strings don’t stretch too far!)
But I think it is important to recycle items, it shows how much they mean to you, and that you have the imagination and creativity to make it look different each time.

Love the dress by the way.
Heather-Lou x

Tabitha Bluebell

I love that outfit! I’ve got a similar scarf and was stuck on how to wear it. Well, I can now say that thanks to you I know exactly how I’ll style it!

T x


I didn’t even realise that was the same dress!

I’m not sure whether I could bring an outfit back from the archives, I tend to figure out a good way of wearing something and stick to it. I can’t think of a time when I’ve put together two radically different outfits using the same item of clothing.


I know what you mean! Having a blog now makes me think more about what I wear out if I know I’m going to blog about it later!
It actually looks like two completely different outfits to me, like not one item is the same?! Very clever indeed x



I absolutely love the red tights with this outfit! And honestly I don’t know if I would of realised that was the same dress – that’s either because I’m a little dim or your fabulous outfit-putting-together skills! xx


great outfits! How did you get such a lovely template? I like your blog, what do you think of following each other? xx


i need to do a primark shop .. i have no bright tights for the winter..need some mustard ones and red..
thanks for the reminder!!!


That really doesn’t look like the same dress! I tend to wear the same outfits quite often, I just don’t blog them because, well, there’s no point is there? If they’ve been tweaked a bit, as you’ve rather superbly demonstrated here, then they definitely get blogged. I’m all about reusing things!


Recycling clothes and reviving old pieces is my new favourite fash thing to do. I recently (ish) moved house and had left a few bags of clothes at my mum’s for a couple of months. On opening them it felt like I’d been on a huge shopping spree and found lots of new ways to wear old things.

And hurrah for bright tights, definitely one of the best things about winter!

Vintage Vixen

Hi Jen!
Two beautiful outfits, the accessories totally change the overall look of the dress.
it’s amazing how much difference a belt, coloured tights or a well-positioned scarf will transform something.
Although it’s fun as a fashion blogger to have a multitude of different clothes, constantly buying new stuff sets a bad example in our current economic climate.
As you are the accessorising queen I’d like to challenge you to choose five items of clothing you already own (dress, skirt,trousers, top and one other of your choice) and wear the same garments throughout the week varying them by the clever use of accessories. What do you think?
Have a great weekend. xxx


Becoming a fashion blogger has definitley made me more creative, so that I don’t wear exactly the same outfits…but don’t have to buy loads either.

I love the black dress. It looks so versatile. I love the bold tights you’ve worn with them!


You have managed to make the two outfits look like two different ones.
I do have a shocking amount of clothes, and I have always tended to change things around a bit, rather than wear them with the same things..that doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t wear vaguely the same outfit over again, just with different coloured shoes and accessories maybe…
Love the sound of Vix’s challenge for you – take it up!!:)


That pinafore dress is lovely. I have one and its so versatile.
I have far too many clothes but often repeat favourite outfits, especially when I’m in a rush and don’t want to think about what goes with what! x


I used to wear the same combinations over & over again with no let up, not even different colour tights, shoes, etc. because I knew they worked but I think, being inspired by this, I can make little tweaks here & there to make it seem not so samey. There are certain dresses, combinations, & boots that just go for me everytime, especially if I’m having a “crappy” day (I’m working & tired all the time at the moment, so it happens alot) – it’s just nice to have these go-to outfits. Having said that, I actually have a DRAWER full of different colour/pattern/types of tights that could probably be so easily interchangeable with outfits if I just pushed it a bit more. What a ramble! But thank you, this is inspiring me to switch things up a bit :] can’t wait to see your next installment!

vint junky

Yay! Brilliant post idea.
Yes, i definitely re-cycle my looks.
Apart from a recent splurge (hey, it was my birthday!) i don’t buy that much new stuff. I tend to re-use stuff for years. Perhaps i’m getting miserly in my old age 😉


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