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I didn’t have to dig too deeply to uncover today’s Outfit Archive. There was only a fine settling of virtual dust over this look I wore for a wedding back in September:

From the archives – worn on the blog 8th September 2010

H&M dress, Accessorize bag and ring, Oasis shoes

This is one of of my favourite blog outfits – I love this soft pink dress paired with tough accessories, and really wanted to recreate the look for the daily grind.

From today

Photobucket Photobucket

Dress as before, Steve Madden leather jacket, Primark long sleeved tee, tights and ring, very.co.uk boots, Zara Taylor necklace, 

I knew the pale pink would work well with a dove grey shade, so I dug out this faithful long sleeved tee and added my leather jacket and black ankle boots to rock it up a bit. A very different look to the original, and for a much less exciting event (sitting at my desk eating chocolate Digestives), but a new favourite of mine all the same.

Which do you prefer – old or new? And can you even believe I was flitting about with bare legs only two months ago? *shivers*



I loved this dress the first time round. The colour and cut is gorgeous. I must admit I love it just as much here, the dove grey shade looks gorgeous against the pale pink; this proves to be a very versatile piece xx


The first outfit is so chic, you look like a fairy 🙂
yet I like the second one too, you managed to make the dress look rock, showing once again your great skills at putting outfits together!
so well done for both, definitely 😀

xx Iris


i love pink and grey so i think it goes lovely.. and somtimes i think its a real shame we cant wear our summer stuff in the colder months but this look just shows we can..
the harder look with the tights and boots make the dress look a bit less floaty so completely changes the outfit..well done kid!!


It looks completly different! Love the colouring against your hair even more now.
I love a toughened up outfit so this works brilliantly, goes to show it doesn’t have to be saved for a special occasion…even though eating biscuits is that. 🙂


Miss Lucy

I prefer the first but only because it is my absolute fave outfit post you’ve ever done! Loving the grey tights with the pink though in the newer one – you’ve inspired me to try the same with my very similar pink dress to make it wearable in these freezing temperatures xx


I think I prefer this one, although that’s probably just becausee I’m wincing at the thought of bare legs and preferring lots of layers at the moment.

I do love how you toughen up pretty things like this dress. It works so well with the greys and blacks of the rest of the outfit.


What a gorgeous way to turn an occaision dress into smething you can wear everyday! I lvoe the way you’ve styled it in both outfits!


I love both outfits – I think the second one is a fantastic rock twist on the first. I don’t know about you, but I tend to find pulling together outfits so much easier in winter when it’s all about layering, so I’m impressed that you do both so well!


I really love how this dress works with two completely different looks 🙂 Haha and cant believe that was only two months ago… how the weather has taken a massive change for the worse since then! 🙁 I am really enjoying the pink and grey together! xx


Definitely…both! You look very feminine in the original look, but today’s one is a bit tougher, so suited to the weather though. I *so* want a leather jacket like that, I’ve never been able to find one that goes over my boobs!! x


Loved the dress then, and love it now! Looks really cute with that leather jacket…I love really feminine pieces mixed with tough leather. I also love those tights! And I can’t even believe how warm it was a few months back compared to now…it makes me sad to remember 🙁


I love both but I think that the dress looks great with those boots. I really like the boots and how you have worn them in a few outfit posts with very different clothes,very versatile boots!


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