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(I know, I know – I’m very late to jump on this particular bandwagon.)

On Friday night I asked Twitter for an invite to Pinterest and within five minutes of signing up, I was hooked. Which is exactly why I didn’t join earlier – I really don’t need another social sharing website addiction *ahem Facebook Foursquare Twitter Instagram*.

But alas, I have already added 348 pins to my assortment of online inspiration boards and I could spend hours just browsing all the amazing imagery that’s out there, pretending I have the space for a bathroom like that, the money for a wedding like that, the body for an outfit like that etc etc.

It is actually extremely useful if you’re planning anything that requires a bit of creative thinking – one of my close friends is getting married this year and there are lots of brilliant ideas for hen dos, wedding favours, table settings and so on. Similarly, I’m getting some excellent outfit inspiration for Fashion Week, using the stylish images as springboards for ensembles from my own wardrobe.

You can find my Pinterest inspiration boards here – take a look at my current favourite pins…

pinterest online inspiration board

Shirt tails, jumper and skirt
Suitcase stack
Pointy heels and tailored trousers
Bright bedroom
Chicago in winter
Grey oversized jumper dress
Clutch, nails and watch

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I’ve just joined Pinterest, my pinboards are thus far empty but I’m looking forward to filling them up – I’m at


I find it amazing that you pinned so much in your first 24 hours of joining! What have I created???! I definitely love using it to organise all of the things I love, without worrying what people are necessarily thinking such as with Tumblr. Off to like some of these pins now!


i suggested this a little while ago on another “comment” box. it is AMAZING – i have lost too many hours searching. some great inspiration though! x


Thamks fo rthis post, I’ve just had a look. I kept seeing stuff about pintrest on twitter etc… but wasn’t too sure what it was. Looks AWESOME! Am waiting for my invite 🙂


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