Preggo Updates – 17 weeks

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Hello 17 weeks! In the grand scheme of pregnancy, 17 weeks is no time at all (there are 40+ in total so yeah… not even half way there yet) but in actuality, I feel like I’ve been pregnant for at least a decade. Everyone tells me the first 20 weeks really drag, then after the 20 week scan everything moves at warp speed. I’m looking forward to the warp speed stage because even though I love being pregnant, I’m very impatient and would quite like to meet my baby now, thanks very much.

Week 17 has been pretty kind to me – we had a scan on Tuesday and found out the sex, which I might ~reveal~ at some point (although probably not by shooting a box with a rifle, tbh). Baby Allison is happy and healthy, kicking about and waving his/her arms like a mini cheerleader – it’s very odd that I can’t feel all that activity because the little bean really was going for it in there. Although in the last few days I have felt some odd flutters… someone described it as a ‘snooker ball swooshing about in your lower stomach’ which is spot on. So I think that could be it!

gender neutral baby clothes

This week I also got sent some beautiful baby clothes from my client, La Redoute. I’ve been a bit cautious about buying any baby stuff until after the 20 week scan, but I’ll happily accept gorgeous gifts and the bundle from Laura (La Redoute’s social media manager) almost made me weep with joy. All the clothes are so beautiful – really soft and well-made in neutral whites and greys, which is perfect for us despite now knowing the sex. No ‘Mummy’s Little Prince’ or ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ sleep suits over here!

Over the last few days, my bump has really shrunk – it had really popped out and was very prominent, especially after food, but it seems to have settled down a lot. I think the big bump was mostly bloating, which does subside as you move through your pregnancy. Weirdly I miss it a bit – I really loved having a proper, protruding bump… sure it’ll come back soon, though!

maternity wedding guest dress

My final pregnancy challenge of the week was finding a dress for a wedding I’m going to in July. And what a challenge it was… seriously, maternity clothing is generally hideous. ESPECIALLY occasionwear. Does any pregnant woman want to look like a lace beachball tied up with a ribbon? I think not.

I’ve been checking ASOS Maternity daily and have ordered approximately ten thousand pounds worth of polyester ‘wiggle’ dresses… all of which have been returned. Then I spotted this beauty and snapped it right up, along with the shoes it was styled with. It’s a comfy jersey fabric but still looks ‘dressy’, the print is feminine without being cutesy and there’s no lace or ribbon in sight. I am slightly concerned about wearing the shoes at 22 weeks pregnant, but we’ll see how we go!

So, 17 weeks is almost done. I’ll be 18 weeks on Tuesday, drawing ever closer to that 20 week milestone. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at once but I can’t wait for the next stage. 18 weeks – let’s do this!

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