Preggo Updates – 29 Weeks

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Hello to you, 29 weeks! I’m just a few days away from 30 and shit is most definitely getting real. So what’s been going on this week?

M&S maternity jeans

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Well, first things first – I’ve found the perfect maternity jeans. If you read my maternity clothing rant, you’ll remember jeans were a particular point of contention. But! While idly browsing M&S for nursing bras (so glam) I came across these and thought I’d give them a go. Turns out, they’re perfect! I think the fact they’re leggings rather than proper jeans makes them more comfortable, plus the higher, super-soft waistband means they don’t fall down. A triumph, I’d say.

I don’t want to say a pair of jeans has been the pregnancy highlight of my week, but really things are just ticking along nicely. Baby A is really active now – she feels like a bag of snakes in my belly. Which is good, of course! But also quite weird. We seem to be very in-sync, too – whenever I think I haven’t felt her move in a little while, she gives me a gentle nudge to let me know she’s still there, just chilling out. So lovely.

She also kicked Rob in the face this week, so that was fun!

Other items from the week: I went back to the midwife on Monday and she successfully extracted some blood from my pathetic veins, so I can tick that off my to do list. I’ve noticed a real shift in my centre of gravity so I’m getting clumsier by the day, and I definitely have a pronounced waddle now. Walking is still a slow process, especially in the heat, but I’m keeping active and feel much better for it. Slumping on the sofa seems to really hurt my groin (?!) so I’m finding it much more comfortable to sit more upright and go for regular walks.

In a final bit of news from 29 weeks, we have finally, almost, nearly, finished the nursery. Hurrah! It has taken us AGES, mostly because we’ve been super busy and haven’t really had the time, but also because we’re not very good at decorating.

I’ll do a full post when it’s all done but needless to say, completely repainting the room (including woodwork and ceiling) AND doing a mountain scene mural has been a massive task. But I’m so glad we persevered because it looks AMAZING. There’s a little sneaky peek on my Instagram Story if you’re interested.

And that was 29 weeks! 30 is fast-approaching – bring it on.

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jeans are a nightmare! even when I wasn’t pregnant I have always hated jeans shopping and really struggle to find ones that fit.
I like a flare or boyfriend cut and have really struggled to find anything apart from skinny or jegging. I felt squeezed into them but have put up with them as I thought I wouldn’t get anything better.
BUT….yesterday the husband and I were in mothercare and he spotted a pair of flairs. I went to try them on and was so happy to have finally found some jeans I like, that hormones got the better of me and I burst into tears in the middle of mothercare!! wearing them to day I am one happy pregnant woman!


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