Preggo Updates – 27 Weeks

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Hello, third trimester! It’s very nice to, errr, be in you.

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I know there are conflicting reports on when the third trimester starts – my preggo app says 27 weeks, What To Expect When You’re Expecting says 28 – but I’m 28 weeks tomorrow anyway so let’s just agree I’m in it now. YEAH!

It does feel quite weird to be this visibly pregnant. Like, it’s a proper, real thing. A baby is coming, you guys! Amazing. Baby A has become a real wriggler in the last week – her movements are more like prods, pokes and rolls rather than hard kicks now, which is apparently because she has less room to back up for a drop kick. She also does a lot of weird ‘shuddering’ type stuff which feels like sneezing but is probably not, because y’know – there’s no dust in my uterus. Right?!

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For me, things have been getting a bit harder. My main form of exercise throughout pregnancy has been walking – I aim for 5,000 steps per day Mon-Fri and more at the weekend when we can get out properly. I walk all over the place and really enjoy it, but this week I’ve been feeling much more breathless and tired after a short (albeit hilly – thanks for that, Leeds) stroll. I’m hoping the warm weather is a factor and I’ll get some of my energy back as we move into autumn, but I’m also realistic that it’s only gonna get harder from now on!

We’ve been decorating the nursery this week and I am SO EXCITED to get it finished. I’m also horrendously impatient, so literally waiting for paint to dry is the worst. We’ve painted the walls and most of the woodwork, and hopefully we can get the mural done (yes! A mural!) before the weekend so it’s all ready for our furniture arriving next week. I’ve been stockpiling bits and pieces and have so many ideas for displaying everything… it sounds pretty superficial, but preparing the nursery is one of the things I’ve looked forward to the most and I just can’t wait to see it all finished and ready for Baby A’s arrival.

I’ve got my 28 week midwife appointment and whooping cough jab tomorrow – fingers crossed it’s top marks for us both!



Hey Jen,
Good to hear you’re getting there with the nursery, can’t wait to see what you guys do with it.
27+2 for me and am just the same – so, so tired again & the breathlessness is very frustrating when am used to zooming about. Also seem to be WAY more clumsy than usual – or maybe it’s just because picking things up is more of an effort that I notice it more?! Had my whooping cough jab about a month ago & it was fine, flu jab lined up for Sept too which I guess you may have too?
Hope your check up goes well and take care.
Hels x


YES to the clumsiness! I am forever dropping stuff, stumbling about and knocking things off with my bump. Something about the changed centre of gravity, I guess! Hope the breathlessness eases for you too x


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