Preggo Updates – 30 Weeks

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30 weeks, you guys! We’re on the home, errr, stretch! Literally.

30 weeks pregnant blog post

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I don’t really have a lot to say this week – I’ve spent all of my waking hours working my little butt off, which hasn’t really left much time for anything else. I know Baby A can now see (whhaaaaat!!) and that her brain is developing rapidly, so I guess we’ve both been super busy this week.

Having a jam-packed work schedule has made me realise how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by things that, pre-pregnancy, would not have phased me at all. Taking on big projects and totally bossing them has been a feature of my career and usually I’d relish the challenge, but I’ve found it a pretty difficult feat at 7.5 months pregnant.

It all comes back to slowing things down a little, not taking on too much and looking after myself. Luckily I’ve only got three more days of work and then I’m on my HOLIDAYS! We booked this break to Croatia waaaaay back in June and I can’t quite believe it’s finally (almost) here. We’re going to an all-inclusive hotel, which is something I’ve never done before, but I am beyond excited to just lounge about in the sun and eat, basically. Hooray for holidays!

I’m having a private ‘wellbeing’ scan tomorrow morning and a midwife check-up on Tuesday, so (hopefully) I’ll have a double dose of reassurance that all is well before we head off. And I’ll have a fit to fly note from the midwife, my maternity notes packed and the hospital (20 mins away!) saved in my Google Maps, just in case.

I’ll be almost 33 weeks when we come back, which means there’ll be only 7 WEEKS to go! And let me tell you, I am beyond excited to meet this little lady. Every day that passes brings us closer to our daughter and that is the best feeling, ever.

Happy times!



Wow Jen, you’re looking great and so jealous of your upcoming trip. Am impressed you’re being intrepid enough to head off at this stage (I have a fear of flying so it’s not been an option for me really – sober take offs not really my thing!) but have every confidence you will be OK.
Totally hear you on the having to slow down part btw… my ‘thing’ has been sciatica and restless legs waking me up so with limited sleep (and that’s now!), my reserves have been pretty low. V frustrating but have powered through my to do list this weekend and hopefully can afford to take it easier this coming weekend instead! 30+2 and counting…. eek!
Have a fab break and enjoy the sunshine,
Hels x


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