Preggo Updates – 34 Weeks

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Less than six weeks to go! Can you believe it? No, me neither.

third trimester pregnancy outfit

Jumper, M&S | Jeans, New Look | Jacket, ASOS (similar) | Bag, Jem + Bea | Trainers, Stan Smith

I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant on Tuesday, and I can’t quite believe I’ve only got five weeks to go (give or take a week or two). Where did the time go? I’ve still go so much to do!

Week 34 has been pretty exhausting, tbh. My preggo app tells me Baby A has had a growth spurt this week, and my belly is certainly looking bigger. Everything makes me tired – walking, carrying stuff, sitting up, talking. I’m hoping for a burst of last-minute energy next week!

On Saturday Rob and I went to our first NCT class. I was a bit nervous before we got there – people say NCT classes are great for meeting potential parenting pals and I do love making new pals. Luckily everyone was super nice and the first class was really useful and interesting, so a winner all-round. We’ve got two more NCT classes (which are private antenatal classes you pay for, FYI) as well as two NHS antenatal classes, an active birthing session and a tour of the delivery suite at St. James’s Hospital to cram in before Baby A arrives. I’m nothing if not prepared!

I’m winding down my workload in preparation for going on maternity leave from 28th Oct (argh!) so next week will be spent redecorating the living room, finishing off the kitchen and cleaning as well as writing lots of blog posts and probably sitting down a bit. If you have any post requests, let me know in the comments…



How are you finding the height of your chest of drawers for changing? Looking to replace what we have as ours is a little low and starting to do my back in bending over


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