Mother’s Day #1

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Almost a year ago to the day, Rob and I watched in total shock as the word ‘pregnant’ flashed up on the stick I’d just wee’d on. It was a totally surreal and completely joyous moment. 12 months later, Hazel is a proper bouncing baby and I’m celebrating my first Mother’s Day. Where did the time go?

It’s weird how quickly life with a baby becomes completely normal. Never getting a full night’s sleep is normal. Being puked on is normal. Humming nursery rhymes in the shower is normal. My days consist of nap schedules and baby sensory classes and the Jumperoo music on an endless loop. Sometimes 24 hours can seem like three weeks, and at 3.30pm every day I text Rob to ask when he’ll be home. Life is simultaneously mundane and exhausting.

But… it’s also amazing. Watching Hazel master new skills is magic – she changes so much each day, it’s hard to keep up! She’s my constant companion; the little buddy always by my side. As someone who loves spending time alone I was worried it’d be a bit stifling, but I just love having a tiny BFF to spend my days with. Although I do sometimes spend longer than is entirely necessary in the bathroom…

This Mother’s Day I’m celebrating all the amazing things about being a mum – the highs and the lows, the big milestones and the small, everyday achievements (hello, properly-applied lipstick). And in a bid to ensure I don’t lose myself among all the Mum Stuff, im wearing an underwire bra and carrying proper handbag that’s not full of nappies – the Arlington Street from Radley (c/o) is perfect.


Top, Cos | Jeans, Zara | Flats, Boden | Bag, c/o Radley



Congrats Jen, has been lovely to chart your journey here and on Insta as our due date was less than a week from yours and your ‘early’ arrival. Our little girl was 10 days late though & that gap makes all the difference in baby world, as well you know, so is exciting to see what is ahead.
Hazel is beautiful and you and Rob have a certain glow about you both now – tiredness maybe?! I’m just grey…. – and make a lovely family.
Take care and continue to enjoy your adventure x


I’m not sure what happened with that comment but happy mother’s day! Hazel and that bag are gorgeous!

Maria xxx


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