Project Take 10 Challenge 12 – Stolen Thunder

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I’ve professed my love for Stolen Thunder jewellery many times before, so I’m delighted to introduce them as our brand of choice for Project Take 10 Challenge 11.

At first, I wondered how ten girls could make one necklace look radically different. I clearly underestimated the creativity of my fellow Take Tenners! The necklace was worn as a bracelet and a bag charm as well as in its original guise. Look – clever, right?

L-R: MJ, Sherin, Paula, Sabine, Harriet, me, Ellie, Susie, Sarah and Vicki

Here’s a closer look at my outfit…

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Vintage dress, Zara belt, Primark cuff, Stolen Thunder Heart Slogan necklace, H&M sandals

I went for a 70s luxe look with a deep blue maxi dress and gold and tan accessories. What do you think – a winner?

PS – Stolen Thunder are offering 15% off everything in their shop with the code TAKETEN. Let’s go shopping!


Funny Little Frog

Wow I wouldn’t have thought it could be styled that differently either. Love your dress very flattering!! Going to check out Stolen Thunder now xxx


love your 70’s look jen!! that dress is stunning on you and im loving your slightly longer hair!! fab! 🙂 xo


Hmmm…so you used the necklace as a necklace! No points for creativity.


Lol at above comment. I used the comment box to write this. No points for creativity.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re hair’s looking fab at the mo and the colour of that dress is beautiful on you. x


I have serious envy for that dress, it looks fantastic on you! The necklace is cute but is the chain really short? It looks a bit like it might throttle someone who’s a bit heavier round the neck.

BTW, I agree with Vix, your hair’s looking good. You are about a month ahead of me in the growing-out-pixie-crop stakes. I’m in the pure misery stage at the moment, but determined not to crack. Urgh.


Stolen Thunder have some great pieces, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the discount! I love that dress on you, it’s so dramatic


If the discount is still valid when I get paid I may well indulge – I love Stolen Thunder stuff.

Thirding what Vix has said. Your hair is looking so good at the moment. And that dress is lush!


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