Sit back and relax

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This is my chill out chair. When I get home from work after a stressful hour-long drive up the M1, (people cannot drive in winter – why is this?!) I like to throw on leggings, a cotton t-shirt and a huge knitted cardigan, curl up with a magazine (or a book, if I’m feeling intellectual) and forget the hassles of the day.

I always have the phone close by too – well, anyone could call!

What’s your evening ritual?



Cool phone!

I get home, walk the dogs, feed the dogs, boyfriend gets home, we eat, and then we relaxxx to the max! 🙂 I usually get the duvet out coz I’m super lazy.


Cafe Fashionista

I love this post. I usually curl up on my bed. I have a stack of magazines next to me – at the moment Seventeen and Cosmopolitan – a book or two, and my cell phone. I can never be far from my cellie as I’m constantly texting! Love your phone – it’s very vintage! 🙂


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