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Accessorize slipper boots, Primark knee high socks, Topshop leggings

Ah, Sunday. You grace us again with your calming presence and give us a chance to catch up with ourselves after a week of hard work and wine. How I love you.

Sundays should only ever be about two things – shopping and lounging. Physical exertion (like the gym, walking anywhere other than between shops, cleaning) is utterly inappropriate. Not brushing your hair, eating cupcakes for breakfast and keeping the curtains closed all day are Sunday necessities.

The title of this post is a bit of an oxymoron – Sundays don’t have schedules! But I love a little alliteration, so there you go. My plan for today is to loll about on the sofa, watching SATC repeats whilst wearing leggings (what would Carrie think?!). I’m also gonna sneak over to ASOS and buy something pretty to go with my new boots.

Happy Sunday blogworld! Don’t overdo it… 🙂

PS – I have a VERY exciting giveaway lined up for when I hit 200 followers – more details to come, but if you’re lurking away in the background there, come out into the light where I can see your pretty face!


Anna Jane

Haha I can’t believe we made a “nude” post at practically the same time! I love your nudeish outfit from the other day, and that blouse is cuter than cute.
I totally agree about Sundays – my mum wants to go out for a nice walk later (seriously?!) but I’m just feeling far too lazy for all that. I think a string of SATC repeats one after the other is far more appealing!
ADORE your slipper boots :):):)

– Anna Jane xxx


how I love Sundays too, I am having a very lazy one today. I may have a Lush bath but thats pretty much it for my day 🙂
love ur slipper socks

E is for Eleanor

Ah yes sundays are my favourite. I’ve just made cornflake tart and will be taking it round to my friend’s for lunch and a gossip!

Have a lovely cosy day! x


you’re sunday looks pretty good to me! and how funny i just finished watching all 2 seasons of TrueBlood 2 days ago! loved it can’t til the 3th season comes out!


Claire xx

Hey! Love SATC Sundays! I have been swimming and to pilates this morning, rest of the day is chillin with dinner at Mum’s!
Claire xx


Jealous, my Sundays are never that quiet! I have a bunch of errands to run. Love your slipper booties! And yes, I have a half moon tattoo on my finger :o)


I love the sound of your Sunday. I’m so jealous because my plans include working AND going to the gym. Bah. But my Monday will be a lot more like your Sunday.

Oh – and I don’t know if I have any of the 90s items you listed! But you are so right on with them. I’m sad because I totally had the floppy hats and I don’t know what I’ve done with them!


InStyle magazine and SATC repeats- sounds like a perfect Sunday!

I love those slippers, they look so comfy! x

claire eloise

i love sundays too! they should never be filled with activities or plans, but spontaneous lazy plans, and obscene amounts of comfort food like yorkshire puddings and casserole.
oooh & is dead until dark any good? i love true blood so am tempted to buy the books as well. xxx


I love lazy Sundays! I always like visiting the shops as they’re quieter, and then coming home to slob in front of the tv. Perfect!x


Oh how I wish I could have a lazy Sunday instead of going to work!
Although coming home to a roast dinner and then having a long nap suits me just fine 🙂 haha


Your slipper boots look sooo cosy! And I have much envy over your macbook 🙂 Your covers and cushion are very ikea-esque, oui? Youve made me feel soooo less guilty for not getting on with 1,500 words remaining in my dissartation. Ive got a month to go, so I suppose its not that bad. I just dont want it ruining my sunday! 🙂 Lovely post as usual missus. Hope you had a good one today xx


Ps. And thank you for the last comment you left on my blog. I completely agree! I was beginning to think I sounded dead old 🙁 Thanks for restoring my faith xx


Sounds like such a blissful day – those slipper socks are so cute too! I usually spend my Sundays catching up on all my uni work from the week…cannot wait until after graduation when Sundays will definitely be a lazy day! x

The Owl Diary

love, love your slipper boots. & sundays for me are about catching up on the homework that i procrastinated on (i must get better at this) & watching football. but your sunday sounds so peaceful. i’m thinking nothing can beat cupcakes for breakfast. have a wonderful, happy week. xx


Love those slipper boots!

Agree Sunday is a day to rest and relax, I’ve had to go out…but only to get chocolate!! And I have tomorrow off so long weekend for me!!


Hi Jen! This is the kind of Sunday I’d like to have; not the one that I just had! Let us know what you got at ASOS!

ana b.

Hurray for your Sunday. Every day is a day where there’s no excuse for physical exertion 😉 And I have slipper boots like that too!


Your slipper boots look soooo comfy; perfect Sunday look. Combined with Sookie Stackhouse, Eric and Co. nothing can possibly go wrong! Sabine x


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