Left My Heart In… The Yorkshire Dales

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I’ve never considered myself much of a countryside person. I love the city – bright lights, blaring sirens and all. I grew up in a fairly urban part of Yorkshire and as soon as I was old enough, I was on the bus to York or Leeds every weekend. I’ve lived in the city (and now 5 minutes outside it) since I was 19.

But I have a theory that every Yorkshireman/woman has a soft spot for rolling hills, herds of sheep and not having a phone signal. Yes, New York has the Empire State Building, but when I spent the weekend in the Yorkshire Dales, I had an Aga. Here are some photos from my trip…

Front of the house – my brother Patrick and his girlfriend Hattie trying to get their wellies off!

We stayed in Raydale House, an amazing country pile a few miles outside Bainbridge in the Yorkshire Dales. There’s nothing here but the house, the hills and the sheep – no phone signal, no wifi, no shops or people. It. Was. Blissful.

Wood burner in the kitchen.

No country house is complete without a creepy portrait to stare at you while you watch X Factor.

View across the valley from one sitting room.

The house is stunning – a huge stone cottage first built in the 15th Century then rebuilt in the 19th Century but with many of the original features retained. There’s an open fireplace in almost every room, a claw-foot bath in one of the (many) bedrooms, cosy armchairs, walls and walls of books and nooks and crannies everywhere you look. There’s even a hidden toilet, which my grandma used once then couldn’t find again.

The Aga – think my mum’s making room for one in her own house after using this beauty!

The wardrobe in mine and Rob’s bedroom – exposed stone is my new house ‘thing’.

Amazing Ruby Brown slippers c/o Sarenza – these beauties were perfect for padding over the stone tiles. 


Sausages and bacon for breakfast

Rob and I arrived on Saturday afternoon – the whole family gathered at the house to celebrate my grandma’s 75th birthday. The entire weekend consisted of eating, drinking, sitting, talking, sleeping and a small amount of walking and exploring.

Amazing view, presented to you by me!


Bram, worn out after the day’s adventures. Well, she is 13!

Rob and I took so many pictures of stone walls. Obsessed. 

None of the sheep were even remotely scared of us. They all regarded us with a look of utter contempt.   


The views are beyond stunning – the house sits in a valley and has panoramic views of the countryside from all angles. You can sit and watch the sun slowly rise over the hill, then later see the sky turn pink as it sets again.

Bram and Harry were particularly pleased to see so many sheep loitering around. Naughty dogs!

Rather clean looking wellies…

IMG_8777 IMG_8731

Harry looking very pleased with himself after a muddy walk!

The family with a few exceptions – two cousins who left the night before and my sister Rachel, who’s currently in Indonesia. We miss you, Rach! 

It was such a wonderful place to spend the weekend and I didn’t miss the city a single bit. In fact, I’m a bit annoyed that the city delivered me hundreds of emails when we finally rejoined civilisation. The only downside to visiting the middle of nowhere is leaving it again!



*sigh* It looks perfect! I don’t think it’s just Yorkshire folk, I am a city girl but still find the countryside so appealing and peaceful. There’s nothing quite like stomping through hill and glen, and yellow wellies definitely look like the most stylish way to enjoy it! I love the autumn for spending time in the countryside too, when you get all chilly and come home and make a stew!

dolly mixtures

‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ poem springs to mind (wrong part of the country and season, I know) but it does mention vales and hills. Looks like you had a great time – love the two dogs too xo


I grew up in a very rural part of the North Pennines (further North than Yorkshire though: Weardale in County Durham) and you have me pining for it so badly right now! This is like a mirror of the place I grew up in: the views, the house. Sigh! Glad you had a good getaway though.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to hunt down one of those cow milk jugs. My Mum has the plates to match it…


My family (parents, siblings, nieces, nephews) and I just had a week away in Cornwall in a massive cottage like this and it was wonderful! Your weekend looks ace, good wells action! All we did on our trip was walk, eat and drink too, so relaxing!


Beautiful photos. I’m from Yorkshire too and spend my life driving into York and Leeds but like you said I definitely have a soft spot for rolling hills and herds of sheep, not sure about the lack of phone signal though 🙂 X


Oh this makes me feel a little homesick! I grew up around Harrogate (and my parents still live there) and I really do miss the fields and trees – there are certain things that London just doesn’t do as well. I think I need a trip back home….x


that looks absolutely stunning! after moving to the city this year i’ve realised i’m really a country bumpkin at heart



Such lovely pictures, it looks so warm and cosy. I love the country (being a west country lady!) and miss green fields and scenic views so much. And I LOVE that wardrobe, it’s amazing!!
Great wellies Jen!!

Laura Convery

I love the yorkshire countryside.. that and the lake district have to two of my favourite places! The house looks so idyllic! Looks like you had an amazing time.. very jealous 🙂


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