Tattoo Number Two

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I got my first tattoo last year and since then, I’ve become obsessed. There’s something very addictive about ‘collecting’ permanent pieces of art on your body, and good tattoo work is just that – art.

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I got my second tattoo while in Paris last month. The artist who did my first tattoo, Rebecca Vincent, was doing a guest spot at Chez Mémé studio in the city, so Rob and I stopped by. The studio is absolutely beautiful, with Scandi-style mismatched vintage furniture and dark wood. It had a really homely feel and was far less intimidating than other studios I’ve been in, which makes a huge difference when you’re slightly nervous! We were welcomed inside, asked to remove our shoes (all the artists wore adorable slippers in the studio) then taken upstairs for tattoo time!

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My design is based on the buttonholes Rob and his groomsmen wore at our wedding. I love Rebecca’s floral work and knew I wanted a posy of flowers, and the connection to our wedding just gives it a little more meaning. I love tattoos with stories behind them but more and more I appreciate them as beautiful creations in their own right. If something looks delightful and brings you endless joy, why shoehorn a story around it? That’ll be my approach for the next one, anyway…!

Tattoo number two hurt quite a bit but it was all over in about 20 minutes and I just love it. It’s delicate and pretty and the placement is perfect for showing off in a scoop back top or off-the-shoulder dress. It healed like a dream and I’ve been getting it out at every opportunity. J’adore!

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Stunning! I love the placement and really love Rebecca’s work. I’m hoping to get her to do my next tattoo 🙂


It looks so beautiful! And I love the positioning of it.
It looks like a really nice studio too. 🙂

Meg Siobhan

It’s so gorgeous! I agree with tattoos not always needing a story. Mine kinda has a story, but I just got it because it will somewhat make me smile and think positively if I’m feeling a bit of a Debbie Downer.

I got my first tattoo done a couple of weeks ago and I love it!


Ahhh another beautiful tattoo by Rebecca! I would be covered in her art if I could afford it! And that studio has to be the nicest tattoo studio I’ve ever seen! It’s a Pinterest dream! x


I’ve been stalking Rebecca for ages and have finally got an appt with her in Manchester a week Friday. Soooooooo excited!


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