The Six Piece Wardrobe Style Challenge – Day Four

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Day Four, my friends. Day Four! I feel a great sense of accomplishment, having reached this late stage in the week with only six pieces of clothing to play with. Although, before you heap praise on me in the comments, take a look at today’s rework and see what you think…


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eBay leather skirt, Zara blouse, Primark polo neck, Topshop tights, eBay brogues, Primark and Topshop rings, leather bag via car boot sale 

I’ve been searching for the perfect leather pencil skirt for years. Seriously – I’ve tried so many styles, brands, vintage shops, eBay auctions and thrifty finds but they’ve never fitted properly (or at all, in many cases – leather is very unforgiving on the hips) and I’ve always returned or sold them.

This skirt was the result of two glasses of wine on a week night and some very competitive eBay bidding. When I won for £15.76 I didn’t hold out much hope, but as soon as I slipped it on (over the hips! Hooray!) I was in love. It fits like a dream. The leather is soft as butter. It’s deceptively comfortable. The perfect length, with the perfect slit at the back. My most-cherished skirt ever. Sigh.

I think it looks wonderful with the camel colour of the blouse too, and this may just be one of my favourite outfits I’ve worn on the blog. What do you think?

PS – I know the black polo neck could be considered cheating. Technically it’s another item, not an accessory. But I need it for body temperature purposes and hope you’ll be too distracted by the beauty of the skirt to notice.



Okay I need a blouse like that in my life! I never thought that style could suit any bust larger than an A cup but you’ve proved otherwise, looks gorgeous on you and you’ve inspired me to go hunt down some similar pieces! Well done on your success with this challenge so far 🙂 x


Love the skirt! I would would love to have more leather items other than a jacket and some shoes but alas I am fearful that my size + leather will not work!

Well done for almost doing it! I might do the same next week as well! (throat infection depending!)

Pearl Westwood

I think this is my favourite look all week! And I am so glad it is just not me with this odd leather pencil skirt obsession!! Having scoured the lad for the perfect on too I found it on ebay, alas pulling it out the other day the waist has mysteriously shrunk by a good few inches ;-( so I am once again on this mission. Just this morning a £4 ebay offering turned up bit its too big, I am thinking of just getting it tailored as it really is so hard to find the perfect one!


Cheat! Haha, only joking. I actually really love the blouse layered over the black top and the pencil skirt is amazing, as is the bag. I want the bag.


This is the ITEM I’ve been waiting for! When I spied it on the line up of clothes I was intrigued to see how you would wear it. For some reason I had the idea etched in my head that leather skirts were ‘tarty’ but my oh Jen you have proved me wrong once and for all!
You look stunning, this whole outfit is perfect. The blouse, the skirt, the bag! You look amazing xx


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