30 for 30 – The Remix Challenge

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On 1st February, I started my 30 for 30 remix challenge. I have a few reasons for taking part – I can no longer close my wardrobe door, my bank account is barren and (most of all) I feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing an outfit. I have too many things that don’t go together. I spent a good few years shopping with reckless abandon, picking up cheap things on impulse with no thought for how they’d fit into my already-bulging wardrobe.

I’m slowly getting a handle on my bad shopping habits, so I figured 30 for 30 was a great way to test myself. 30 days, 30 pieces, no new purchases. Want to see what I’ve chosen?

1. Scalloped edge pink vest, Topshop / 2. Cream lace sharp shouldered blouse, Clothing at Tesco / 3. Sheer polka dot blouse, Topshop via charity shop / 4. Cotton striped tee, MissGuided / 5. Grey marl tee, American Apparel / 6. Striped tee with lace collar, Max C / 7. Striped sweater, Next

8. Cream tailored trousers, Clothing at Tesco / 9. High waisted jeans, Topshop

10. Black bodycon mini skirt, Topshop / 11. Cranberry jersey pencil skirt, ASOS / 12. Grey pleated skirt, charity shop / 13. Leather skirt, eBay

14. Green fine knit cardigan, Next / 15. Camel fine knit cardigan, Topshop / 16. Navy aran cardigan, Topshop

17. Rust sheer blouse, Dorothy Perkins / 18. Black sheer blouse, Next / 19. Horseshoe print pussybow blouse, Primark

20. Navy and camel dress, Next / 21. Brown polka dot dress, Zara / 22. Striped dress, Ted Baker via charity shop

23. Leather jacket, Steve Madden / 24. Black tux blazer, Topshop via charity shop

25. Leather platform sandals, Zara / 26. Brown brogues, Primark / 27. Black patent brogues, Primark / 28. Black patent pumps, Primark

So that gives me 28 pieces… what about the last two?


29. Striped tee (underneath), H&M / 30. Pink laddered jumper, Clothing at Tesco

I am SO ready for this!

What do you think of my choices? Are you taking part in the 30 for 30 remix challenge too?



What a great challenge! I think you’ve chosen some wonderful pieces and your style always seems so effortless yet chic that I have no doubt that you’ll be able to pull the challenge off and look incredibly stylish in the process!

I’m looking forward to your outfit posts!


Great choices! Makes me think about what I’d choose hmmm. It’s kind of harder when I have to think about dressing for work and outside of work too. P.S. I love that crocheted throw in the background of the shoe photo.

Pearl Westwood

I like reading about these challenges but there is no way I could ever be organised enough to do it, I just like my clothes to throw themselves at me. I guess I do mini versions when I go away. Im interested to see if you get really bored wearing the same stuff, i know thats what would get to me. x


I think I nweed to take part. My closet doesn’t close and my bank account hates me. Looks like you picked up some great pieces. I can’t wait to see you mixa and match everything.


Gosh, I love the pieces you have picked. I’m already imagining all the outfits you are going to post! I’m glad to see a lot of stripes, it’s good to stick with what you love. Love all the colours you’ve picked too, very easy to slide with each other. Can’t wait! Wish I was taking part now.


I’m doing 30 for 30 in an attempt to weed out those items in my wardrobe I’m not wearing because I don’t actually like them! So far, I’m one skirt down! I love your pieces. Can’t wait to see how you remix them!

Fashion Junkie

I love the choices, loved the black mini skirt too, I know what you mean about rolling back the years.

I really admire everyone who’s doing this. My wardrobe isn’t that extensive because I spent 2 years living out of a suitcase, but I have no idea how I’d work out which thirty to go together and work together.

Have fun with this, and can’t wait to see what else you’re wearing over the 30 days!


I think you’ve chosen a fantastic collection of clothes, some thing of everything and lots of complimentary colours! Love today’s outfit, the stripes sticking out through the holes is a great touch

Bow Dream Nation xx

Vintage Vixen

I admire the participants but I could never be so committed. What would happen if I found a killer vintage frock and had to wait an entire month before I wore it?
Great choices but I’m worried in case it snows. What will you put on your feet? xxx


Love the selections…would really like to try this challenge and see how i do…does the 30 include accessories and bags?


This sounds really interesting and you’ve picked some great pieces to go into your 30. I look forward to seeing what outfits you create 🙂 x.


What a great selection – I’m really looking forward to following you doing this challenge. What a great way to see what you really need, or really don’t!


I think this is an interesting challenge, because this will bring together outfits that may not have necessarily been created. It’s so easy to buy a new top, skirt etc and discard ‘last weeks’ so this challenge may just be a lesson to us all!

I’m looking forward to seeing the Horseshoe pussybow blouse appear xx

Parfait Amour


Great selection! This is such an interesting challenge and whilst I don’t have a blog of my own I am trying to do something similar – no shopping until 15 March and trying to wear what I own in new and creative ways. I get so many ideas and inspiration for outfits reading blogs like yours.

You mentioned that you had cleared out alot of clothes and are attempting to build up a more capsule wardrobe in previous posts. I wondered if you could tell us how you decide to let certain items go and what items to keep?

Anyway Good luck with your challenge



i so love the layout of this post, and the challenge you are taking part in. my favourites of your pieces are both of the sheer blouses and your zara polka dot dress. xx

claire (jazzpad.)

This is a great idea and I think your choices are going to stand you in good stead over the next month! I’m surprised it’s not a 28 day challenge though being Feb? hehe. I love the way you’ve carefully picked out colour palettes, what’s the rule with accessories? jazzy ♥


Excellent picks Jen! I’m rubbish with the very idea of things like this – I get all flappy as soon as restrictions are imposed on my wardrobe.


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