Vintage and Thrift Shops in New York City

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When I was in New York last week, one of the things I really wanted to do was check out the thrift stores. I’ve been following a few New York-based fashion bloggers for years and have often coveted their amazing thrift shop finds. So when we booked our trip to the city, I soon had a list of places I wanted to go to hunt down some finds of my own.

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Vintage skirt, Beacon’s Closet; I <3 NYC tee, JKF airport; vintage bag, Housing Works in Chelsea, NYC; Kelly & Katie sandals

I didn’t get chance to visit all the shops I wanted to – I was on holiday with my boyfriend, after all – but I did hit up my top two.

Beacon’s Closet –
charity shop fashion blog

This is the daddy of New York thrifting. So many of my favourite New York bloggers find beautiful vintage and second hand pieces here, from dresses to accessories. I visited the Brookyln store, which is the original and (I think) biggest, but there are also stores in Williamsburg and central Manhattan.

Inside there are racks and racks of clothing, sorted into category so you can browse dresses first, then skirts, then tops and save shoes for last. Beacon’s Closet is famous for its ‘buy, sell, trade’ policy where you take a bag of your old things and swap them for cash or store credit, although I didn’t get to try that out. I did take a huge pile of clothes to the (plentiful) changing rooms though, and came away with the vintage skirt I’m wearing here ($7.50) and the silk dress I wore here ($15). Well stocked, reasonably priced and a very enjoyable shopping experience right in the heart of stylish Park Slope, Brooklyn – a must-visit!

Housing Works –
uk thrift blogger

Housing Works was recommended to me by my lovely friend Lisa, who picked up a pair of Prada shoes at the Chelsea branch for $20! Housing Works is a community supporting those with HIV/AIDS and the company runs thrift shops across New York. The Chelsea branch is supposedly where the celebs take their unwanted items so that’s where I headed, but there are locations all over the city – see here for them all.

We stopped by on a rainy day and the shop was packed with eagle-eyed bargain hunters. If I lived in New York (or could afford international shipping), I’d have snapped up half the stuff in a second – this place is bursting with amazing vintage furniture, from sofas to record players and everything in between. But the reality of my overweight suitcase meant I left with just one thing – this vintage leather clutch bag ($8). It has a detachable mirror inside – perfect for 2am touch-ups!

There are so many other thrift shops in New York that I want to visit, but I think to see them all you really need a dedicated trip… and that’s what I’m planning next! I’m delighted with my finds but now I’ve caught the bug and know there’s so much more out there. I’ll be back!

Have you ever been thrift shopping in New York? Do you have any tips to add?



From watching YouTube videos, the thrift stores in the US seem so much better than our weird smelling British ones. Great post btw, Hannah x

Alice, Pretty Confused

I have this idea in my head that one day I will go to New York (or anywhere in the USA really) and find the most amazing stuff ever. Of course it doesn’t happen that way, but you know. I really like your I <3 NY t-shirt, and that skirt is fantastic for $7 xo


Sounds amazin Jen I’ll be sure toadd these to my massive to do list when I visiting oct 🙂 xo

all about the girl

After reading so many American blogs I’ve always wanted to go visit the thrift stores over there, for some reason they seem to much cooler than charity shops/vintage shops in the UK!

Sounds like you had a great hol…jealous much?! 🙂 xx


That skirt is beautiful. I did a post not long ago about how I have a skirt that is the best ever but yours might be nicer!
And everyone needs a “I <3 NY” tshirt. x

Megan Norris

That skirt is gorgeous! I can’t wait to go to New York now that I know there are amazing thrift stores around! 🙂 so thanks 🙂 xx

Anthea Lau

love your top and skirt paired together, very nice to the eye 🙂
and looks like there are some very cool and quirky places to shop! I’d never been to New York but i really must go someday xo
would you like to follow each other?


It looks like you had some great finds Jen! I must remember to visit Beacon’s Closet when I’m next in NY! If you’re then again on a weekend the Brooklyn Flea is really good to visit too 🙂

Caroline x
Caroline’s Catwalk


I love to thrift and NYC looks like the ultimate place to do so. I hope I get to go one day! Love the skirt too 🙂
R xx


Love the skirt on you! And such a bargain. I have never been to NYC but I hope I will in the future. Looks like you had a fab time!


Aah pretty jeal I must say! Thanks for the pretty comprehensive guide Jen, I’ll just have to dream of NY for now though 🙁 Great skirt too! 😉


I’d love to go thrifting in New York one day! It’s a long trip for me from Australia though. That skirt goes perfectly with your I <3 NY tee!


Wahouuu! Such shop!
In France we don’t have some like this…
We have exhibitions vintage with many buyers but not a shop open all the year.
We have to move over the country!
But you can find on the web some pieces “iconiques” like in my website
So, lets’ vintage! **
PS: I love your skirt!


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