How To Wear a Pleated Midi Skirt

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Mid-length skirts can be tricky. They’re givers of cankles and stumpy legs, they can shorten you by three inches in an instant and they have more than a whiff of grandmother about them. Pleated midi skirts are no better either – hello, wide hips! Apparently, though, we’re gluttons for punishment, because midi skirts are everywhere this summer. So before you resign yourself to three months of OAP style, have a read of this…

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Vintage skirt, Primark tee, H&M belt and rings, Georgia Rose shoes via Sarenza

This skirt is one of the pieces I picked up on my vintage shopping spree in Paris. In its former life I think it was a full length skirt worn at the hips, but I yanked it up to waist level so it sits mid-calf. Calves (along with thighs) are the widest part of the leg, so a hem that cuts off right there is bound to be a little unflattering… unless you crank up the height. Heels are your friend here – flats just won’t cut it, so get out the Party Feet and stock up on corn plasters.

Pleats can add inches where you really don’t want them, so for once I’m doing a Gok and cinching it all in – a thin plaited belt adds shape and definition at the waist. Finally, because the print on my skirt is so busy I’ve teamed it with a lightweight t-shirt to keep things simple. Et voila – the midi skirt, conquered.

Are you wearing mid-length skirts this summer? What are your tips for successful styling?



I desperately want a midi skirt but I’m not sure if I can pull it off, I keep humming and haaing, I’m so in love with your floral Parisian purchase though I think I might have to go in for the purchase. Definitely thinking a high-waisted, cinched in option will be the best for me too x


You’re rocking that midi skirt! I don’t think I’ll be wearing them. As much as I like them on others, I think I’d look strange. I have a really short body and really long legs so I’d rather just wack the legs out in some shorts.


Such a lovely outfit on you Jen! It’s strange, as I’d have never put the skirt and tee together, but it’s a perfect combination. xx


I love this! I agree calf lenth is not so flattering, but somehow lifting that to just below the knee looks amazing! The colours in this skirt are lovely!


I honestly think this is one of the most flattering things I’ve ever seen on you. I am insanely jealous as I just can’t make it work for me. I’m going to give it one last attempt with your tip of hitching it up a little xx


This outfit looked lovely and I think I’m going to get a couple of the primark t shirts to go with the pleated midi skirt I’ve just bought! Can a pleated skirt ever be worn with flats though?! I am going to try this out at the weekend!x


You look so pretty and feminine! I totally agree with all of the tips you gave for wearing midi skirts! I know they’re not the most flattering skirts, but I just love how romantic they look and feel!

claire (jazzpad.)

SO pleased you posted about this Jen, I’ve recently bought a midi skirt and although it’s beautiful, I haven’t a clue how to wear it. I don’t have a pretty enough vest and since funds are low, I think a plain tee like you’ve done is the way to go. I’m wondering if loafers might work though? I have fairly short legs for my height (long body) but flat are my go-to! This one is beautiful, what a find! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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