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Last summer I decided I wanted a bike. Of course, being the clichéd fashion blogger that I am, I couldn’t just nip to Halfords and buy one like a regular person – I wanted a vintage bike, with a pastel pink frame and a wicker basket. Basically, a Pashley Poppy without the £450 price tag. And so I went to eBay.

I spent many hours stalking authentic vintage bikes but never quite found ‘the one’. There were many near misses (I hate losing on eBay!) but mostly, what I was looking for just wasn’t there. So I gave it up as a bad job and jumped back in the car.

But then, the sun came out. And as soon as the weather warmed up, I was itching to go for a bike ride. So I took to Google, searched for ‘vintage bike Leeds’ and found…

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Probike ‘City Discovery’ 700c Hybrid bike

Meet Betsy. Isn’t she beautiful? While browsing for vintage bikes in Leeds, I stumbled across this model by Probike. Another search showed a bike shop in Halifax called Cycle Gear sold it for a very reasonable £179. A few days, a couple of trips to Halifax and a hairy moment trying to get her in the boot of my car, and she was mine!

Despite not being ‘proper’ vintage or coming from a classic British cycle company like Pashley or Beg, I’m so pleased I bought this bike. The hybrid model is designed for city cycling and the frame is so light – great for climbing the hills of Leeds and something you won’t find on a bike from 1962. I love the vintage styling and with a wicker basket popped on the front (£16.99 from Halfords, although I will be looking for something more authentic!) I think Betsy really looks the part, even if she’s not quite the real deal.

If you’re yearning for a Pashley but feel put off by the prices, I’d really recommend looking at Probike’s models. Their Heritage range has some beautiful designs for guys as well as girls, if you can convince your other half to join you!

What do you think – will you be cycling this summer?



Hey Jen! Betsy is adorable (One of my bikes is called Betty. She has sisters called Celeste and Rosie!). When I was choosing my bike (Celeste), I originally really wanted a vintage looking one, like a pale blue Pashley princess as they do look lovely as you say! However, my boyfriend warned me that (since we were due to cycle 54 miles for the London to Brighton) there was no way, becasue theyare quite heavy, that I’d ever get the bike up Ditchley Beacon (otherwise known as a mountain!!!!) so I opted for Celeste, who is a Specialized hybrid (also white and girly!). Is your bike particualrly heavy like the Pashleys or is it light?


Hi Kezzie! Loving the sound of your bikes – such cute names!

Betsy is much lighter than the Pashleys – she’s not quite as light as my boyfriend’s bike but light enough to get me over the hills of Leeds! I think the hybrid styles are much better for hilly riding than just basic street bikes 🙂

Steph0188: StephanieDreams

Oh my gosh, swooon! What an utter gorgeous bike, it is so stunning.
As soon as I move into the town I work in, I dream of a bike like this, it will be mine. I love the basket, and I adore the cream. Just perfect xx


Ahhh, you’re bike has the same name as my bunny.
I’m impressed by your desire to cycle I must say, the thought strikes terror in mine heart. x


Fantastic alternative to a Pashley or a heavy vintage Dutch-style bike. I really just couldn’t stomach the cost of a Pashley for the amount of use I would probably get from it, although they are obviously gorgeous. And a wicker basket is essential! I want to see if my dog would sit in one…but I have a feeling that would be a recipe for disaster…much better sticking to flowers!


Ahhh I have been thinking of buying a bike recently and a white one with a tan seat and basket is the one of my dreams! SO happy you made this post, you have filled my bike dreams! Thank you 🙂 xx

northwest is best

Nice bike, Jen. I definitely wouldn’t recommend a ‘proper’ vintage bike for a novice. The maintainence of different components can be expensive and a pain if you’re new to cycling. I need a can of beer before trying to take the wheel off my 1970s road bike… it’s so fiddly!


I have that basket on my bike! I wish I’d gone for something more vintage looking bike-wise, but I’m so tall I needed a man’s frame as they don’t make ladies’ ones big enough.


I have a lovely bike with a basket as well! And I can understand the scary moment of not being sure if your bike will fit in your car, it took lots of re-positioning to get mine in my trunk, haha 🙂


jen i want one so badly!!! and the price is amazing!! but i cant find anywhere that sells them in Northern Ireland 🙁


I’d love to be cycling round Winchester in summer, bouquets of flowers and fresh bread in the basket. Small matter of learning how to ride the damn thing is just a detail right? 😛
R xx

Madame Squirrel

Betsy is beautiful! I love the gorgeous spring flowers as well, such a happy image 🙂 I wish I cold justify getting a vintage bike but the poor dear just wouldn’t get ridden…you need flower markets, sunny days and local produce; there is unfortunately a distinct lack of that where I am 🙁 Luckily thats not going to stop me perving over vintage bikes online!

Happy bike riding!


I love this bike and have been wanting a similar one myself for ages now! Think I might have to start looking and invest in one soon, although I’m not quite sure it’ll keep up with my husband’s professional road bike, it’ll look very pretty with flowers in the basket and me in a floaty, summer dress!


OOh I have this bike, I went through a similar experience to you just last year. I so wanted a vintage bike but without the vintage price tag. I discovered this bike and had a similar problem trying to get it into my car. I have recently purchased a basket on the front and a couple of panniers for the back.

I was out on my bike yesterday and love it so much.

Happy cycling
Ps I do not have a name for my bike


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