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Welcome to Wardrobe Wonderings – bringing you style solutions for your most niggling closet conundrums every week! Got a Wardrobe Wondering of your own? Tell all and you could be featured right here! This week, I’m scratching my head over this:

I really want to be braver when it comes to fashion but I don’t want to spend loads of money on new things. How can I make my own clothes look different from what I would usually wear?

Such a great question, don’t you think? Fashion is all about taking risks, pushing boundaries and trying new things, but if your funds (like mine) are rather limited, that can lead to limited outfits, too. And not only that, but it takes real fashion balls to go all out with a kooky combo you’ve never tried before.

Inspiration for this post came from one of my most-loved blogs – What Katie Wore. Katie rocks it in something that looks totally different every day, but if you’ve got a beady eye you’ll see she has some favourites that she wears all the time. That girl’s got some mad mixing skillz!



Zara trousers, Primark vest, handmade corsage, TK Maxx shoes, Primark bag

Zara trousers, Primark vest, thrifted cardigan, handmade corsage, New Look plimsols

Combining pieces you wouldn’t usually dream of putting together can often unearth your fashion genius. This outfit is a million miles away from my usual floral fare, but I really, really love it. Here are my tips:

• Suck it up. You’ve got to be brave here girls – move away from your jeans and give that skirt you’ve never worn a go

• Try new combinations. Apparently, blue and green should never be seen but I think they’re working pretty well here – don’t you?

• If you think something won’t work, go for it anyway. You’ll never know ‘til you try!

• Stay true to your own personal style. The floral corsage is an old favourite and adds a little bit of me to a new look

• Feeling chicken? Soften your new look with the comfortable elements of your old one. A faithful cardigan and flats felt more suited to a day in the office

As this week’s Wardrobe Wonderings is all about being brave, I dare you to send me a photo of you making a bold statement in something you wouldn’t usually wear. I’ll pop them all together and do a Wardrobe Wonderings follow up some time next week. Make sure you link me to your blog if you have one! Email me your photos here.

Do you have any tips for dressing dangerously without spending the dough? And what do you think of today’s outfit? Tell all!



The look is amazing. Ahhhh these wardrobe wonderings are totally useful.

The colours work, even though they shouldn’t.
I always think I can’t wear things, when really this very post proves with a little bit of imagination a new look can be created 🙂


This looks great – I love your big flower corsage, it’s great to have a statement “you” accessory. I find that I get most creative with my outfits when the laundry is piling up and I have few things left to choose from – while it’s sometimes enough to make me panic and actually bother to do laundry, most of the time it results in a creative outfit that I wouldn’t usually put together but end up really liking! x

Em x

Clashing colours you wouldn’t usually put together. Hit Primark for £10 for a cheapie accessory update headbands, brooches etc. I love your corsage btw xx


Love the corsage. I don’t count khaki as a colour. I think it’s a neutral.

I always look the same, I’m afraid. Er, add different scarf-y things?


Brilliant post! I’m often afraid to branch outside my comfort zone, but I might just try it this week!
Can’t wait to see what everyone else is wearing in your follow up

Lou x


you have totally inspired me to try and wear something i wouldn’t usually 🙂 hopefully i will have the confidence to actually go out and do it. your outfits look amazing as usual, you are the queen of mixing and matching!

love, jazzabelle x

Vintage Vixen

The way you dress should reflect your fabulous multi-faceted personality and not be a flat rehash of current trends.
1.Add individuality to a high street garment by adding an antique brooch inherited from an auntie, a charity-shopped vintage bag or a piece of fabulous jewellery found in a foreign market.
2. Don’t slavishly follow trends. Just because the style mags say cowboy boots or waistcoats are “out” don’t abandon them, if you feel good in it, enjoy it.
3. Have fun. Dressing is an adventure not a chore. Nothing is more stylish than confidence and a smile.

LadyBugSays ...

Lovely post. When getting dressed I just tend to combine lots of things I love together and hope it works. If you really like the clothes you are wearing it always makes you more confident.


I’m always trying to find new ways to wear pieces I already own. I agree that it’s all about being brave. You gotta take risks and experiment to find out what looks good and what doesn’t!

Loving this outfit, by the way! 🙂


Wearing different colour combinations is a great way to give a top a totally new look. I love combining contrasting colours – red+green, blue+orange, yellow+purple. Without boring you with colour theory they bring each other alive in a totally different way to pairing similar colours.


i love those trousers! zara does such great job with pants(bottoms in general)..i used to just kept buying new clothes and didn’t put too much thought into recycling old pieces..but lately i’ve been discovering the fun of mixing old stuff with new ones..sometimes i would come up with some odd combos..its pretty cool 😀
great post!


What fantastic advice! Sometimes you do just have to be brave, and I can’t stress enough that you’re right, experimenting is the way forward!

I would say the top tip I’ve realised lately is to do with using an item of clothing as a substitute for another type… that doesn’t make much sense by itself, but what I’ve found is that if you have a playsuit, for example, with a lovely pattern, you can create so many different versions by layering it. Adding tights, wearing a tshirt over the top… etc etc. It becomes less of a one-piece and more of a transitional item. You could slip a billowing skirt over the top, and show off the upper half, or a tshirt over the top and celebrate the shorts.

Like a body I suppose, only less chaffing.

Claire @ Jazzpad


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