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I know these posts are a little bit of a cop out, but it’s sunny outside so y’know…

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Pancake day // Queuing

Pancake Day seems ages ago now… probably because it was! It’s one of my favourite days of the year – when else do we celebrate the pure magic of eggs, flour and milk, fried then drizzled in maple syrup and rolled into a thin strip to be eaten with a knife and fork? The one pictured was made for me by Rob’s dad – delicious.

Queuing is a very British thing – something we do quietly and politely with little fuss. When I spotted this line in the centre of Leeds, I joined it and ended up with a £10 Wagamama voucher when I reached the front. Patience pays, people!

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Taking the tube with Gem Fatale // The Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards

It’s fair to say I’ve spent some quality time with Gem Fatale over the last month – we’ve shared beds, meat platters and even a pair of tights. This MySpace-esque shot was snapped as we made our way to a party during Fashion Week. Love her.

Earlier this week I went along to the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards. I didn’t win anything (nor did I expect to), but it was so nice to see lots of lovely bloggers and celebrate the hard work that goes in to creating a successful blog. Well done to winners Lily and Carrie!

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‘Helping’ // Having a ‘crafternoon’

It’s a little known fact that I used to run a relatively successful jewellery line (pinkplectrum, if anyone remembers it!). In 2006/7, I was very into crafts and DIY… I guess the final year of my media degree wasn’t particularly challenging. But then real life got in the way and I haven’t attempted anything since.

I made this collar for a post on the Oxfam Fashion Blog (tutorial coming here soon!) and really enjoyed it… plus, I am beyond pleased with the result. Look what I made, ma!

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Bubbles // Bunting and balloons

Leeds often gets short shrift when it comes to fashion events, but I can always rely on Harvey Nichols to restore my faith in Yorkshire’s style credentials. On Tuesday I went along to their SS12 fashion show with my local ladies and had such a good time – Victoria Quarter was strewn with bunting and balloons to fit with the circus theme, and champagne flowed freely.

As the models took to the catwalk, I loved the high summer dresses and colour pop accessories. Also, it should be made law for every fashion show to play LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It. Some serious chair dancing took place.

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View from the 32nd floor of the Centre Point building // Vintage lizard skin belt

On Thursday I visited the 32nd floor of the Centre Point Building (Paramount side) in London for an evening with TK Maxx. My love for TK Maxx is well-documented here, so it was amazing to chat to the people behind the brand and hear all about their new initiatives.

Back in Leeds, I popped along to a local jumble sale and came out with just one purchase – this vintage lizard skin belt for just 50p. I love the detailing on the gold hardware and know I’ll be wearing it all summer.

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Sunshine Bakery cupcakes // Roundhay Park

After a hectic week (month) in London, I’ve spent the weekend getting reacquainted with my home city. On Saturday I did my food shopping in independent stores, picking up meat from the butcher and bread from Sunshine Bakery. I couldn’t resist these cupcakes – raspberry and chocolate on the left and Eton Mess on the right!

Today’s glorious weather called for a trip to Roundhay Park (along with the rest of Leeds) for a wander, followed by a pub lunch in the Roundhay Fox. Perfect!

What have you been up to recently?

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I hate queuing but would have waited for a long time for a Wagamama voucher! I’ve been enjoying the lovely weather today, bring on spring! x


Haha, the “Queueing is a British thing” made me laugh a lot. When I went to France, I was so shocked- they just queue willy-nilly!
Queueing is the cornerstone of British society!

That stripy, frilly collar is amazing x

Caramel Latte Kiss

I’ve been loving reading about your adventures with Gem lately, and of course her hilarious fashion week videos. You two seem to have a blast, you’re like the cool girls at school I want to hang out with!


Aw, thanks so much! We’re actually not cool at all, more like very giggly and slightly embarrassing. We ARE fun though! 🙂 x


Love your Blog Jen. Always something interesting here and it is very insipring – even to an oldy like me 🙂

From @mrsmarsa x


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