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orla kiely glasses

It’s rare that I write about product launches, so when you see one on these fabled pages (lol) you know I must be head-over-heels in love. Which I am. Irrevocably, to quote Bella Swan. With the new Orla Kiely for Boots Opticians range.
orla kiely spectacles frames
I’m very particular about my specs and rarely buy ‘fashion frames’, preferring to stick to simple classics. But when I laid my shortsighted eyes on this range, I came over all flustered. I’m a big fan of Orla Kiely’s trademark Stem print and it just works SO WELL on these frames.
designer glasses womens
The collection is a mix of classic colours, bright prints and quirky shapes. Every single pair could be worn day in, day out and still look fantastic in five years, which is what I go for when it comes to choosing my glasses. I tried my very hardest to pick a top three but literally could not whittle it down from seven. And I will make them mine.
orla kiely boots opticians
The Orla Kiely range will be in Boots Opticians from tomorrow, priced at £189 per pair which I think is pretty reasonable for designer frames. You can see the full range, minus my Photoshop captions (a loss, I think you’ll agree), on the Boots Facebook page.

So, my fellow weak-eyed friends! What do you think? Which pair would you choose? And which pair should I choose?



Love the third pair from the top!

We can definitely justify paying for designer glasses when we actually need them, not just for pretty purposes 🙂

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Thanks for highlighting this, I don’t use Boots Opticians so probably wouldn’t have seen these glasses. They look great & I do need an eye test & some new frames. I was going to check out Goks range at Specsavers but I want to see these IRL as well. Let’s hope the Basingstoke stores get them in!


This collection looks awesome! My favs have to be the first and last, love the half frames on the first and the touch of colour on the last.

I might actually consider wearing my glasses if I got a pair of these!

Great post!


I followed your link on twitter on sunday and have earmarked the last pair as mine. I adore them. Its been far too long since I got new glasses so I think it’s about time I get some new ones. Fingers crossed the shape suits me.


Oh the top pair are beautiful. Do you get Boots points on glasses? Cause these would then be a totally justifiable purchase, right?
Actually..it’s for the good of my health. I think I need these on medical grounds.


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Jen, I love your blog. It’s brilliant, amazingly diverse and full of wonderfulness. But please don’t ever quote Bella Swan again. She’s a numpty, and you are SO much better than that.

Sincerely, an anti-twihard.


I was thinking, ‘oh maybe I could talk my mum into buying me a pair of these…’ then I remembered that she’s a die-hard Orla Kiely fan and tell her about these will probably result in a new pair of glasses for her, that I will be jealous of.


Jackie wilkinson

Oh jen trying to find oral kiely glasses looked at boots online. Even looked on her website googled it can not find orla kiely glasses any suggestions?. Frustrated in cirencester.


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