A Post About The Snow

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Well I’m hardly going to break rank, am I? Every blogger and their mother will be posting about the snow today… including me!

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Cardigan, Topshop via charity shop | Jumper, c/o Barbour | Shirt, Topshop | Jeans, Topshop | Wellies, Hunter via TK Maxx | Hat, Primark

It’s a true Winter Wonderland in Leeds – Rob and I are working from home and we’ve been watching the snow fall uninterrupted all day. Worrying if you have to travel anywhere, but lovely when you’re cosied up at home. Just hope it buggers off before Thursday when I have to be in Birmingham…

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For trudging through the powdery streets to secure provisions (bread, milk, soup, bright pink roses, all the essentials), I wore a simple, functional, all-black outfit with a pop of red. The Topshop flannel shirt is a favourite of mine for cold weather – it’s thick enough to keep me warm but fitted so I can layer a jumper over the top. And if you’re wearing anything other than Hunters in this weather, I worry for your feet.

I did add a coat and scarf for the walk – evidence here. Promise!

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Funnily enough, Travis absolutely loves the snow and had a blast playing in it while we were taking these photos. Rob got some great shots of him… although I don’t think he quite understood the concept of a snowball fight!

Have you ventured out into the snow today? What did you wear to ward off the weather?



You look so cosy in that outfit, very cute. I have had to go to work and I live in Huddersfield (not far from you) it is knee deep! We had to dig the car out of a drift this morning lol. I wore normal clothes today and just layered ski socks, ski boots, jumper, leggings and big coat over my outfit for the journey to and from work and just took it all off when I got there. My office is so hot!

Janine xx


Travis is such a cutie! How funny that he likes the snow too.. Our cats are having none of it! Got to say.. I’m loving the long hair at the moment. It really suits you!



Kate Brown

Your outfit looks fab, love the black & red :). I went out to the post office but in the car as I had lots of parcels. Wore some new Top Shop thick woolly burgundy coloured leggings that I bought in the sale (they were only £7, absolute bargain), pixie boots that I bought in the sale last year (£15!) and a brown check trench style coat that I dug out from a few years ago. More snow to come at weekend – just love it 🙂 Kate @ Minerva Collection – Fashion Handbags & Fashion Jewellery

Panty Buns

I just saw on Le Blog de Betty that it’s snowing in Paris and it’s snowing here across the pond in the NorthEast U.S. too. I’d also saw photos of the snow in the U.K. on post by Laura of A Daisy Chain Dream. You have the right boots for it. Those Hunter boots are beauties. Well done you! Black and red show up beautifully against the snow. I like the red hat and red shirt-tails showing from under the black jumper, warm coat and scarf. It’s snowing like crazy here but I haven’t ventured out. I’m hoping to wake up and see it melted – I’m not a youngster any more unfortunately. You can enjoy it for me!


I don’t mind the snow if I’m at home and don’t have to drive anywhere. I have a complete driving in the snow phobia, and I have to go somewhere today! 🙁

Amoureux d'Amour

I can’t fault the snow obsession that’s taken hold of the blogosphere really, it looks so beautiful! It feels like Christmas has come late.

I went for a lovely walk round my local park at the weekend and wore my toasty Primark Christmas jumper, Liberty lined Barbour and horse print wellies to stay warm 🙂


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