A Very Vintage Affair

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Topshop faux fur stole, Zara dress and belt, Primark cardigan, tights brogues and ring

Okay, I admit it – the title of this post is a total and utter lie. Nothing I’m wearing is vintage. It’s all high street. There’s not a single second hand piece here!

After a week of frustrated, fruitless hunting for a vintage (and cheaper) alternative, I gave in to Topshop temptation and splashed out on this Β£25 faux fur stole. As I handed over my card I felt quite sick. I know I could pick one of these up for Β£2 at a car boot. I’ve seen them countless times but have never been tempted, and now time is against me. With no luck on eBay and a full time job that renders mid-week charity shop jaunts quite impossible, I was backed into a Topshop-shaped corner and out popped my faithful friend, Visa.

This is where all my good intentions to buy thrift fall down. I need the faux fur stole for a wedding tomorrow (more on that later) and I just don’t have the time to find a cheaper, more authentic alternative. The high street gives me a quick, easy solution to my shopping woes, and that’s why my wardrobe is full of it. A shame, but the slight smattering of vintage will have to suffice for now.

Do you rely on the high street for a fast shopping fix? Would you prefer to keep it vintage if only you had time to rummage?


Gem Fatale

You look gorgeous! I love the new hair so much.
I only shop at charity shops or on the high street, I can’t be bothered with vintage anymore. At least around Canterbury. Such a mission to find a bargain!


I think I like high street and vintage in equal amounts. Sometimes vintage can get ridiculously expensive’ all in the hope that what you are buying is unique (which in all likelihood it isn’t.) As you said the high street is an easy way to shop.
Mind you, even though I love clothes and getting something new, I actually hate shopping in the actual shops! I much prefer to buy things online in the comfort of my own flat on the sofa with my cat curled up next to me. One click and you’re done! πŸ™‚
By the way I love your outfit πŸ˜‰


I sometimes think that piecing together a unique look from the high street can be as much of a challenge as a vintage bargain hunt. In this case I think it was money well spent – it gives your outfit that je ne sais quoi! Lovely.

Mrs Bossa Does the Do


Shamefully, yes, most of my fast fix clothing needs are fulfilled by the highstreet. I put that part down to not have any access to second hand apart from ebay at the moment!


claire (jazzpad.)

I succumbed to a stole-story too, though mine is the reverse and is real from a vintage market… haven’t had the courage to wear it out yet because I’m usually anti-fur, but perhaps felt a little better it being vintage… I’m not sure if that’s strictly acceptable but it is very soft so that might count for a little little lol jazzy ♥


I have this problem when shopping for costumes for fancy dress. I always leave it too late and then run straight to the high street to buy something more expensive, and that I’ll have to alter anyway!

Lou x – craftyandquirky.blogspot.com


I think it’s not always possible to find everything through vintage sources, and the high street is the high street for that reason. You can almost pick up anything you want whenever you need.

I think it’s nice to pick vintage pieces up when they come up (even if that’s not too often) and maybe one day you will be surprised with what you have acquired over the years xx


Ooh this is lovely!

I much prefer vintage and a story behind the piece. Truth is, I don’t have the time, or energy sometimes to hunt them down…people like Vix make me uber uber jealous!


p.s your hair is looking bloody fantastic.


I love this outfit, really love the zara dress, I think it’s perfect for work, while still being quite individual (I really want it!)

I’d love to be able to buy vintage all the time, but sometimes it’s so hard to find stuff in the right size (i’m not small!) but it is so rewarding when you find a great vintage piece. I managed to get my graduation ball dress from a vintage shop near brick lane for £25! i spent more on my accessories than the dress!

I don’t know any good places to get thrift hunting in Leeds – I need your advice Jen!

Laura xxx


Very chic! Love the new hairstyle!

I try to find nice vintage things every once in a while, but unfortunately I haven’t been very lucky lately. It’s either the size or the shape that makes me put things back. I can’t alter the items myself (and wouldn’t have time) so I mostly end up buying things on the high street.


I love this outfit so much, the colours are so flattering and perfect for this time of year! A splurge now and again on the high street is not so bad if needs must! x


Vintage is very very hard to scout right as you can fall in love with something but if it isn’t your size then… If it’s for something urgent then I wouldn’t see it as being bad to go to a high street store, they are great for a shopping fix while vintage and charity shop buys are more of the bored on a Tuesday afternoon type find πŸ™‚ Fret not, at least you don’t have to worry about the whole is it/isn’t it fur do I mind issue with this version πŸ™‚ And it’ll have more duarbility, I’ve found lots of second hand things to be poor quality in the past!

R x


It seems like some vintage items are a bit over priced, especially in the area around my office since its pretty studenty. Isn’t the point of vintage that its cheap and unusual? I couldn’t say that about some of the stuff I’ve spotted!

Sam Harvey

lately, i have decided to do both. i have made big investments in vintage but what i have bought i absolutely love! i do buy from the masses just because it is great quality, easy, accessible. i grab from many sources. i usually end up spending a lot on my clothing. most of the time. i would rather have less but have quality. this is your best yet!

E is for Eleanor

LOVING the new hair! So cute!

I love the fur stole. I have a vintage one but they are hard to find, especially nice ones.

I shop mainly in charity shops and ebay and highstreet because, as you say, it’s easy! x


I feel your pain! This has happened to me several times, I’ve seen things knocking around charity or vintage shops, but when I actually decide I need them in my life it’s too late and they’re all over the high street. I’ve been after a mens tweed blazer for about 2 years but non stop charity shop hopping has provided anything I’ve fancied, then the perfect version pops up in topshop for £70! ugh. I havent bought it yet because i cant bring myself to!
This stole does look so lovely on you though, I’m not surprised you gave into topshop. Just think of all the wear you’ll get out of it?! There’s always a way to justify it!
The new hair really suits you by the way x


Looking gorgeous, high street is definitely best for a quick fix because you can be sure to always find something in your size that you probably like. It’s really wonderful to shop only vintage and second hand but it isn’t always practical, especially if you are in a rush. Any who the fur stole is simply gorgeous, I saw it in my Topshop the other day and was giving it the eye for sure x


snazzy outfit though, it does look of the vintage persuasion yes! it doesn’t really work like that for boys, never really know why


I’m guilty as well: I usually turn to high street for a fast fix, when I know I can buy it cheaper secondhand.

I love the stole though. It’s so pretty.


I do think it’s hard to find everything on your “want” list via vintage outlets..It’s so hit and miss when it comes to car boots etc, if you have something set in your mind, who’s to say that you’ll actually find that on a vintage trawl..
I like the stole..That said, this week my nan gave me 3 vintage fur collars which I am going to add to some boring coats to “vintage” them up..


This is possibly my favorite outfit of yours ever! The faux fur stole is absolutely gorgeous. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have very little patience with thrift and charity stores, I have frequented many but have never been able to find something that I would actually wear! But even when it comes to the high street, I never buy something ‘fast’ that I’m only going to wear once – I invest in something if I feel I can wear it multiple times – that’s how I tell myself I’m not being completely wasteful! πŸ˜‰



Very cute outfit!

For me, it’s very easy to find something that I like on the high street, whereas I find it much harder to find vintage clothing. That means that when I do find something vintage that I like and that fits, I feel very pleased with myself, and love the item all the more for that sense of achievement. My watch is vintage and I love it all the more because I know that it has graced countless wrists since it was made in the 50s. That’s my problem really, I’m all about pre-60s vintage, but all I seem to find is stuff from the 60s onwards.

Em x

OMG Jen i love this outfit. My thrifted items tend to be lucky finds rather then me going to look for them specifically, otherwise i’d be forever shopping! x


Gorgeous outfit πŸ™‚ I love the stole and the tights especially. I know what you mean about rummaging and how frustrating it can be when you know exactly what you’re looking for and just can’t find the right thing!

Sarah x


i have the same problem with finding the high street far easier and more accessible to turn to for current trends. nevertheless, i think you rock this faux fur stole jen, it really really suits your colouring. x


It looks great, Jen, I love the whole outfit! I’m don’t really mind if it’s vintage or new, as long as it’s a good find. Hope you have a great time at the wedding! xo


This is honestly my favourite outfit of yours that I have ever seen. I actually saw it and said ‘she looks great!’ Then I decided I need to get out more because I’m talking to myself.

Miss Femister

Is it wrong that whenever I look at an outfit I see the tights first? The ones you are wearing are amazing, I’m always on the look out. I hate high street because I never seem to find anything wacky enough, I’ll definitely give it another try.

LadyBugSays ...

Gorgeous outfit. My wardobe is a mix of high street and second hand. It’s always the way that when you are on the hunt for a certain 2nd hand item you can never find one!


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