Introducing Project Take 10

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A few weeks ago, I received a very exciting email from the lovely Sarah at We Shop Therefore We Are. She’d had an idea. And it was a good’un.

Have you heard of The Delightful Dozen? It’s a blog style project featuring some of my favourite fashion bloggers. Sarah thought it was high time there was a UK version, and asked me to take part. Naturally, I said yes!


Project Take 10 is a collective of 10 fashion bloggers from across the UK. All different shapes and sizes, we’ll each be styling an item donated to us by our lovely sponsors. The aim is to see how 10 individual girls with individual tastes wear the same item – hopefully with interesting, creative and oh-so stylish results! Here are my fellow Take 10 gals:

MJ from Dreaming Spires and Old Car Tyres
Sherin from HiFashion
Leia from Leia’s Delights
Vicki from Magpie Girl
Adele from Molto Curiosa
Saskia from Not Just Medical
Shini from Park and Cube
Sabine from Psynopsis
And of course, Sarah from We Shop Therefore We Are


How exciting! I cannot WAIT to get started with the first challenge… it’s a pretty tough one for me as the item is definitely not my usual fare, but that’s the whole point of this project. And maybe I’ll find a fab new look? Make sure you’re around on Monday 16th August to see how we all get on!

You can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the latest news and updates. And if you’re a brand wanting to get involved with the Take 10 Project, you can email me.

So, lovely followers – what do you think? Are any of your favourite bloggers involved? And whose look can you just not wait to see? Let me know!


Roo Paprika

What a great idea, the only bloggers I follow from that list are yourself and Sabine and I am really interested to see that as your styles are very different

Vintage Vixen

Sounds an interesting concept. The three bloggers I follow (you, Sarah and Sabine) are all completely different so it should be fascinating. xxx

E is for Eleanor

Great idea! Jealous I didn’t get asked hehe.

Sounds like it will be loads of fun!

Also, I have a favour to ask. We have just booked my birthday trip to york! We’re staying in the churchill hotel and I was wondering if you’d be able to recommend some places?

Also also, please tell Rob I haven’t forgotten about him! Ella is doing the illustrations and I wanted him to use them so i’m jujst waiting for Ella to complete them 😀 x


How exciting, love to see joint blog stuff. I love MJ’s blog so looking forward to see what she does x


Oooooh I’m so envious! I covet the Delightful Dozen with all my might & would love to be involved with something like this. I absolutely cannot wait to see all your different looks though, 16th August couldn’t come sooner! I’m most on the edge of my seat over Shini, Vicki… & you, of course!


I have just seen this on a few other blogs and it looks so fun. It must be great to be involved. How did it all start?


I have never heard of the delightful dozen, but take ten sounds amazing, the whole idea and concept is quite an exciting style project. One I will be very much following and looking forward to seeing. 🙂


Wonderful! I haven’t discovered any of these blogs yet (yay for more addictions) so I’m excited to find new blogs and see all the collaboration action!


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