My Style Challenge – Day 5

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Urban Outfitters shirt, Primark polo neck, H&M skirt, Accessorize tights, Primark brogues, thrifted bangle, vintage belt, Topshop ring

The final day of my style challenge has arrived and I’m sad it’s all over! I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments on each outfit, your words of encouragement and the challenges you’ve set for yourself.

I’ve definitely learnt to live without my jeans – in fact, I haven’t even missed them. I’ve been having way too much fun in fitted skirts, flattering shorts and floaty dresses all week long!

Now, I don’t mean to disappoint you all, but I know I’ll be back on the denim tomorrow. Don’t despair, however! Although I won’t be doing my challenge next week, I’ve got so many outfit ideas and none of them include jeans!

I hope you like my final challenge outfit. Which day was your favourite? And what would you like to see again, reworked to look a little different?


E is for Eleanor

the shirt/belt/skirt looks brilliant! well done on this week, it’s been great to watch what you have chosen! Very inspiring and your first challenge of 2010 conquered!


I loved your faux fur coat! And I think you really suit waist belts, Ive never really worn them but I admire people who do – they just add another quirky little aspect to any outfit. I would love to wear them but never really know what they go with! πŸ™ I need to follow your example. x

Cafe Fashionista

Congratulations on completing your Style Challenge, Jen! I must admit that you did an amazing job of looking fabulous each and evey day; though I believe Day 4 featured my favorite look!!! πŸ™‚


You did great Jen… it just takes a lot of creativity.

I can’t wait to see your next challenge. This is getting interesting. xoxo


I just read your comment on Leah’s blog about the poem I wrote, “Ode to Leah”. Thanks for your kind words, they’re much appreciated!

Barry from
“Life in Quotations”


Lovely dear ! Love the floral skirt πŸ™‚ And I think that’s such a nice challenge haha . I love the one when you wore a lace dress !

Em x

Love the outfit, i have those tights, they are such a fab colour. If i had to choose one of your outfits, i would go for the cream lace dress, it is sooo gorgeous xx


Congrats Jen on completing your challenge! It’s been fun to watch all your styles!! Looking forward to your next creative challenge too!

I love your mustard coloured tights:)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

Love the challenge idea and all your outfits look great! This one actually might be my favourite because 1) I LOVE bright tights, 2) I love yellow, 3) you look AMAZING!

Thanks so much for stopping by! hahah, I’m sitting on a giant cushion πŸ˜‰


Hi Jen!

Please continue these outfit challenges?! They’re really inspiring me! My fave was the one with the leopard coat.

PS I left you an award in my blog. Please take a look?


congrats on your challenge! love the skirt with the tights, and denim skirts are very stella mccartney ss10!! haha i think my challenge would be to go without skirts!! seriously my jeans get no love, maybe i should try your challenge

Second Skin

Oh my dear! You are doing SOOOOO well! This is just perfect and I love your thick lace skirt dress down in the most current post! Oh. So exciting! I am so happy for you! I think this was my favorite!


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