Alternative Autumn Essentials – Leather Trousers

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Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. Since when have leather trousers been essential to anything, right? Bear with me. I’m getting to that.


Topshop leather trousers and necklace, Paraphrase jumper via TK Maxx, tee c/o Wildfox, ballet flats c/o Sarenza, Miss Selfridge ring

I bought these leather trousers last year but have rarely worn them because I find them so difficult to style. Skintight leather immediately screams ‘rock chick!’ (or S&M, depending on your personal preferences) – a look I haven’t been able to pull off since I was 15 and Papa Roach were popular. I’m now (nearly) 26 and like girly things like floral tea dresses and faux fur coats. Leather trousers have no business in my wardrobe.

Or at least I thought they didn’t, until I tried them with a fluffy pink jumper, basic ballet flats and simple jewellery. The cute jumper cancels out any biker babe connotations, giving a soft and cuddly edge to an otherwise tough outfit. And leather trousers are a great alternative to jeans, especially if you’re a denim obsessive like me. Still a bit unsure? Wear a longer tee or tunic over the top for extra coverage.

So, do I have you convinced? Have you decided you simply cannot function through autumn without a pair of leather trousers? Are you running to your nearest retail establishment as we speak? Or have you read this entire post with a mental image of Ross from Friends covered in lotion, desperately trying to pull his leather pants back up? Yes well, there is that…

Autumnal dressing can get a bit repetitive – we all have the ubiquitous knitted cardigans, wool coats and knee high boots in our wardrobes. So this week I’m choosing my alternative autumn essentials to create a sartorial survival kit that’ll get you through the colder months with style. Chunky knits need not apply. 



Gosh, you look fab in those trousers…. love them with the pink jumper! It’s a look I certainly wouldn’t be able to pull off with my size 14 hips! hehe xx


I’ve been after the perfect pair of leather trousers for well over a year – your’s look absolutely amazing! x


The pink fluffiness really does work wonders on the girlification of these trousers…
P.s. ubiquitous – what a wonderful word, often over looked 🙂


I think leather trousers can be really hard to get right but they way you’ve styled them looks great! I can’t stop laughing now thinking about Ross and the lotion on trying to get his leather trousers back up in that Friends episode!! x

Jess Hope

Really like how you’ve styled this up, it definitely keeps things feminine 🙂 Such a great pair too, I have faux leather leggings from Topshop but have to stick to pairing with tunics to maintain my modesty! X


I love how you have toned the trousers down and made the wearable for everyday. Looking forward to what you style next!

Funny Little Frog

Leather trousers do make me think of Friends…but you look fab in these, if I looked anywhere near as good I would grab my pair but I really don’t think they would flatter my stumpy legs xxx

Lizzy Lips

I love the way you have styled these trousers. The pink and the black looks fab – very grown up. I’m kidding myself that I can fit into my leather trousers so they will be going on eBay shortly!


I’d wear those beauties in an instant, Jen.
I’d go down the rock chick route with my thigh boots and a purple pussy bow and heaps of silver jewellery.
You’re far more classy.
Is that Brighton Rock you’re wearing? Gorgeous lippie. x


I do love this outfit, and, as fabulous as you look, are you warm?! Because that is my priority. The jumper looks cosy though, and what a brilliant colour! 🙂 xo


wow, i love how you’ve turned these trousers into such a chic outfit! and your legs look reeeeally slim. have you lost weight? not that you ever look less than amazing!

Annah xx


Thanks for all your comments, folks! Especially your nice words about my legs *blush* 🙂

@PushPineapple – the jumper is lovely and cosy! It’s so snugly. Warmth is a major factor for my AW wardrobe… when it gets colder I’ll probably swap the pumps for socks and Converse sneakers or even little ankle boots.

@invisible_squirrel – the trousers aren’t *too* uncomfortable really! I spent all day at my desk in them, they don’t dig in at the waistband and because the fabric is soft they’re surprisingly easy to longue in. Saying that I’m not wearing them right now! 😉

@Vix – it is indeed Brighton Rock!


Love these trews and how you’ve managed to make them look girly with the shocking pink jumper; it’s great you bided your time and gave them a chance. I will probably attempt to recreate this with my leather shorts (still haven’t found any suitable trousers yet) for my Autumn version when the weather is finally cool enough (my office is like a furnace). Looking forward to see what you come up with tomorrow!


I’m not a fan of leather trousers, in principle. BUT… you pull them off! You do! You’re right that teamed with the fluffy jumper, they sort of work. I still wouldn’t be seen dead in them because I know, full well that they’d do nothing for me, but then JEANS do nothing for me so leather’s hardly going to be any better. I really like that jumper, though. Really like it.


Genius styling! You’ve made them into an everyday item, I can envision them with heaps of different outfits. I now want a pair of skinny leather pants. I never thought I would want leather pants!

x x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

I love them and would totally wear them. Not sure I ever left rock chick behind! Mind you, my nickname did used to be PVC (from a pair of trousers I wore clubbing – after 6 hours of sweating to techno they were better than any detox for immediate weight loss)


I like the trousers, and I get what you’re saying with the jumper too – liking the coordinated lippy 🙂
L x

Tilly Mix

You look so great, that pink is amazing with your hair 🙂 Now you’re just making me all envious – I love this look but could never pull it off like you!

Love, Tilda


Absolutely love this look! Its something I could attempt and try and marry my inner rock chick alongside my inner librarian, accumulating in a look on me that would be entitled ‘rock librarian’. I nearly bought some leather-esque trousers recently and then chicked out, after this I’ll be rushing to go find something in my size for a similar look.

Definitely loving the alternative ideas for an autumn wardrobe!

The Style Box

They look absolutely fantastic! And styled perfectly! I’m way to scared to wear leather trousers – I always have flashbacks of that episode of Friends where Ross gets stuck in the bathroom covered in baby lotion and talcum powder! I’m also worried they’ll make my legs look big.
But after seeing how wonderful you look in them, I might have to give them a go! 🙂 x


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