Are You too Old to Blog?

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Last week I read a really interesting piece by Big Fashionista about the age of bloggers. The post discussed the idea that bloggers fall into a certain age category, and anyone outside that neat little box is considered ‘too old’ to blog. It really got me thinking, and I considered writing my own thoughts on the topic here on Little Bird.

And then, later in the week, I got an anonymous comment that suggested I was ‘too old’ (and fat, but that’s by the by) to wear Disco Pants. Comments about weight or appearance don’t bother me much, but being told you are too old can really hit a nerve, especially if you’re a teensy bit sensitive about your age to begin with. So let’s discuss – are we too old to blog?

how old are bloggers
Adorable wrinkly dog photo via andrewr’s Flickr

The simple answer, of course, is no – no one is ‘too old’ to do anything as long as they’re physically able. But the notion of being too old for something is a cultural one – we’re ‘too old’ to wear our favourite My Little Pony t-shirt at 12 (and it still cuts like a knife), ‘too old’ to read Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging at 18 (but Proust is so dull). And two of the most viciously ageist industries are fashion and the media.

The young and the beautiful will often succeed in a visually-led industry. Fashion blogging relies heavily on imagery – sure, the words are important, but a pretty young face will always catch the eye. Many of today’s biggest bloggers are more like models, gaining lucrative contracts with fashion houses because of their looks. And the look fashion has always favoured is one that’s fresh and youthful, no matter how hard brands like Dove work to change that.

I am 26. Not old by any stretch of the imagination. But at fashion blogger events, I am often one of the oldest in the room. With its focus on unique, individual looks and fast fashion, blogging has attracted a crowd of young, stylish people, often still in education. A difference of 5 years in the fash blog pack can feel more like 20.

Ageism is a prevalent problem in industries across the world. As digital technology moves forward at a lightning place, older skills are squeezed out in favour of a faster, online solution. Our newspapers and magazines are filled with young, unlined faces and size 6 figures and even though male actors and presenters can seemingly work until they fall into the grave, there’s a distinct lack of older females on our TV and cinema screens. This is where blogging should be different – we are an alternative to the mainstream. There’s no size requirement or maximum age when signing up to Blogger. The internet is a big place and there’s room for us all – from the young and restless like Tavi to the gracefully aged Advanced Style.

Have you ever felt too old to blog? What are your thoughts on blogging and age – is it really just a number?



Too old to blog?! To whom? I think that, as your blog readers find you and decide for themselves that they like what they see and would like to see more, this is a daft opinion for anyone to have. And don’t get me started on anyone calling you fat. Ridiculous. I guess as an older blogger myself (positively geriatric compared to you!) I am bound to find “older” bloggers more relevant to me, but hand on my heart you are one of the most influential bloggers I subscribe to, along with Vix!
Having said that, I also read plenty of blogs written by youngun’s too. I just definitely don’t agree with anyone being too old OR young to be relevant in the blogging community.


I’ve never felt that I was too old to blog, but I do understand that there’s a reason behind the fact that most of the popular bloggers are younger. When you’re in school, you have more time to pursue your hobbies, even the most frivolous of ones. If I had a half day of free time, I’d probably spend it collaborating with other artists on projects, creating more content.

I admire older bloggers – the ones that manage to blog despite having a full time job. And by blog, I mean more than just putting up a bunch of photos of cupcakes or pastel colors.


I’m 56. But I’m one of the bloggers about whom kittenmasks appears to be rather dismissive. So maybe I am a new species of “not really a blogger at all”.

Crikey, if you don’t like a blog then move on. Why bother to comment one way or the other?

Good topic
“Someone who puts up a bunch of photos of nails and stuff….”


I often feel like the oldest in the room at a blogging event. But at least I can find the other old biddies about and we can say things like “It wasn’t like this in my day” 😉

I think in terms of online things though, no one is too old to do anything: the benefits (and of course dangers) is that you can be whoever you want on the Internet. Even if people are not physically able – they can still join in! Theres a guy in the news at the moment who has locked-in syndrome and is learning how to use Twitter to speak – I think thats amazing!


Maybe this whole concept of being too old to blog has something to do with so many bloggers writing “twenty-something” in their “about” pages. Personally I hate that this fashion & beauty industry worship of youth is present in blogs too. As you said, blogging is supposed to be the alternative to that but obviously it’s not.
I’m also too old to blog apparently, as I’m turning 29 next month, I should be ashamed…


Gosh I get a lot of stick for being a mother that dares to blog but to say somebody is too old at 26 is ludicrous. I read and enjoy a lot of blogs by people younger than me and just as many by older as well. With age comes confidence and wisdom that is just as attractive as wrinkle free skin.

You look incredible in the Disco pants, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Keep up the good work,


Alison (Wardrobe Oxygen)

I am 37 and too most of my readers, I am not too old. I don’t feel old until I am at blog networking events, or when I see brands I regularly wear and promote pass me up for smaller blogs that showcase younger women.

If people push the notion that blogging is only for the young, then we lose the voice of those who may understand fashion more from experience. Those who are deemed “old” must continue to represent and show the world that one is never too old to blog, and we are someone to listen to! 🙂

Great post… as always!


at least you could play the card of with age comes experience? Its annoying that talent and content of a blog might be measured against age- its such an insigificant factor! Your blog is brill and youre a brillaint writer – what you’ve just wrote was really thought-provoking and not many bloggers can do that!
lucy x


Love this post, you make a really great point! Yours is one of my favourite blogs to read. Definitely not ‘too old’. there is no age limit 🙂 xx


This is exactly why I don’t publicise my age! I don’t want to be lumped into a category because of my blog. I don’t want people thinking I’m ‘too old’ or ‘too young’ for them to read my blog. I read blogs from everyone aged 16 to late 30s and I love them all! Age is only a number.

Jen, I love that you write such relevant and interesting content such as this post. Especially in response to silly anons. You rock.



Great post Jen! I often wondered if I was ‘too old to blog’ as so many seemed to be at college or uni and as a a result have more time – and more disposable income – to dedicate to their blog than say me (at just 27) with a full time job, a home, family and very little free time – but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s fashionable and don’t get excited about a new make up range and gorgeous packaging! And just for the record I’ve read the entire Angus, Thongs series and found them bloody hilarious as did my mum! I think as you get older you start to care less and less about what you should be doing at a certain age and tend to do what you damn well please and devil take the hindmost! (as Georgia Nicholson would say!)

Loved reading this!

Jenni x


Your blog is one of my absolute all time favourites and I can honestly say that someone’s age has never put me off reading their blog although I do get intimidated by all the modelesque 16 (!) year olds, haha! Anons can quite frankly eff off as you not only look amazing but have such a wonderful writing style too which means I always come back for more!

Maria xxx

P'tite Madame

You are not to old to blog! I am 53 and I have a blog. Je ne suis pas trop vieille pour avoir un blog. La preuve, mes npmbreuses lectrices et abonnées. Et puis je fais ça pour mon plaisir.
Quand je vais à des évènements beauté, les autres blogueuses, toutes très jeunes, m’appellent affectueusement « la maman des blogueuses »
Je t’encourage à continuer de bloguer pendant longtemps :)))

Panty Buns

The idea of being old at 26 is hilarious to me. I think I’m the oldest person to leave a comment yet, but it is nice to see that there are a couple of commenters who are not young enough to be my children, grandchildren (as you are), or great grandchildren. I follow at least two other bloggers who are older than I. As for the weight comment, again that’s laughable. I also follow many plus-sized bloggers. You don’t come close to plus sized. I wear 2x by the way. I’m sure there is a fair amount of ageism in modeling, but fortunately I haven’t encountered it in my blog’s comments much. Happy fashionista blogging! : )


Nonsense! One of the best blogs I read – aside from your good self of course-is by a 62 yr old.VERY brave of the commenter who posted you are too old and fat to leave no trail whereby we can track them down to see what they look like eh..Keep posting and wearing what the hell you feel like Jen xxx

The Style PA

I’ve definitely felt too old for this scene on more than one occasion. But it’s not just me, my readers have got older too. Some are busier and don’t read blogs like they used to. Although traffic is up, engagement is definitely down for me. I guess the only way is for your blog to grow with you and evolve, but as it changes it can be hard to find the right audience that sticks with you. There’s a lot of young competition, but I still believe there’s a place for us all in the blogging world, and as long as I am still enjoying it I will still be doing it.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Pah, too old for what? I’m 35 and have two kids, and ok I’m not really a ‘fashion’ blogger – although I follow a lot of it – to be honest my main concern when I follow someone who posts outfits I like is whether I can bear to read the prose that goes with it, not whether they have legs like Bambi. I find the totally modelesque posts of 100s of images of someone posing boring, especially if combined with ‘look at me’ captions. So they have 1000s of followers – some teens I know have 900 plus FB friends, it means very little. Considering I know people in their 50s who claim to feel no different to how they did at 30, and I know I feel no different to how I did at 26, it’s odd that these brands are so obsessed with youth.

And you are neither too old nor too fat for disco pants, jeez, some people are rude…


I’m 26 too and I do feel a bit like an old lady when other bloggers are talking about college/uni. Not that 5 or so years is a particularly big gap, but I do think you change a lot in your twenties, so even a small age difference can feel huge! But of course age shouldn’t matter!

AND you looked great in the disco pants by the way! Haters gonna hate…


Cheap Kicks

How can anyone be too old to blog……that’s ridiculous. The blogging world does seem to be full of very young people, which I can find slightly annoying especially if they’re the same age as my little sister, but I would never say they’re too young, and if I enjoy there blog then I will follow because their age is unimportant. I think part of the reason I love your blog so much is because you are my age and are therefore an inspiration to me xxx


As long as your readers keep reading, you can always blog. I mainly follow people in their 20s, but that’s because I’m in my 20s and these are the people I can relate too. If everyone keeps blogging, I’ll continue to follow them when I’m in my 30s, 40s…


I have to be honest, I’ve sometimes given up on blogs which are written by very young authors, I’m talking 15 year olds complaining about GCSE revision. But that’s simply because I’m not their audience, they have an audience which can relate to their content. I’ve done my GCSEs and my time as an angsty teenager, I’m not about to revisit The Awkward Years.

Bloggers such as Tavi are great role models for young women of their age group, and I still follow Tavi’s blog because I feel that she has a lot to say about subjects which interest me.

I guess what I’m really saying is that we all have an audience we want to connect with, and if the content is right then age isn’t an issue.

Kellina's Thoughts

lol i think there are different audiences out there, and one has to follow whichever blogs are of interest to him/her. I wouldn’t expect a 12 year old to follow me, as I blog about things which are more adequate to people over 20s, since I’m in that age group. I personally wouldn’t follow a very young blogger as I would not be able to relate to her well. That does not mean that she should not blog!

Wake up the Land

Such a great/relevant blog post. I think if you love doing something then you should do it – age should have nothing to do with it! Like University – some people worry they are too old to go and grab the career they want but they are not, your never too old!

Surf Jewels

You can’t be too old to blog, I’m a little older than you and love to blog and read other people’s blogs. I think people are attracted to whatever blogs interest them and so age doesn’t really come into it.


Your blog is by far my favourite to read on my bloglovin due to the fact you are basically the same age as me (I will be 26 in October) You reference the same teenagery things as I did, you dress very age appropriately (in, fashion forward yet not ever ridiculous looking outfits!)
Plus alongside this you write the best out of anyone (Which you should do as your job is to do very similar!)
In short – definitely not too old!


Thank you so much, Sezzey – such a lovely thing to say and I really appreciate your kind words. x


I don’t think that age matters when it comes to blogging, but when I finished Uni & started working fulltime, I found a change in the engagement of my audience and I started to worry that I wasn’t ‘fashiony’ enough for them. I didn’t have time to browse the Topshop website everyday and paint my nails a different colour.

I actually had a REVERSE ageism comment on my blog once when I started teaching myself crochet, when the commenter seemed enraged that I was being ‘boring’ and learning crochet and baking cakes when I should be out partying at my age haha. I mean, I DO party, but I don’t blog about that side of myself as much. They basically said that I was old before my time and completely boring cos I didn’t go out and get pissed like every other 21 year old should.


Meh, age is just a number. I’m sick of being defined by a number. I’ll blog till I’m 90 if I want to and refuse to let anyone make me feel too old.

Pip ♥

I don’t feel to old to blog – a lot of the time I actually feel to young, because most of the bloggers I follow are are at least in college! I do often feel really self concious about outfit posts though, because so many people I follow are so thin and pretty, and I’m not. Not trying to get compliments here, but some people are pretty and others aren’t, and I’m just not as pretty as half the people on my blogroll.

And if you’re ever looking for a reminder that being old doesn’t mean being unfashionable, check out this blog:

Pip x

Gemma Satire

People who comment stuff like that are probably just too fat and old to blog themselves now and they are taking those frustrations out on people like you who may not be a 15 year old with an array of an uber skinny Topshop wardrobe but has actually made themselves into a blogging success. I don’t why people would bother to write stuff, it is just OBVIOUS and ugly jealousy. You certainly don’t look 26 lovely and even if you did so what?! If people’s Mothers and Fathers and GRANS can have Facebook accounts then why on earth can’t you blog? Everyone in this generation now is getting on abit and pretty soon all the bloggers are going to be hitting 30. And I definitely have no intentions of stopping mine anytime soon just because an army of youngsters are descending. Don’t compromise. Your blog is going to change with age maybe but if your fans aren’t fickle then your reception should remain the same.

Gemma x


I wish I could wear those Disco Pants lie you could and I’m 23! Some people just say silly little thing don’t they? xx


I don’t think there’s such thing as ‘too old’ to blog – I see women looking stylish in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. If anything, it gives a different perspective to all the emerging college and University aged bloggers. I’m in my early to mid twenties, although I look younger than I am apparently, and the clothes I wear and gigs I go to are often populated by people younger than I. I don’t disclose my exact age on my blog (but it’s pretty easy to find out!), as I don’t want to be defined by my age – just the posts I make. Its a shame others care more about this kind of thing than we do! x


I echo a lot of the comments here, but I think that age doesn’t matter when it comes to blogging. A blog is the perfect place to chart your style evolution so it actually helps to be in your mid twenties when you can realise why things didn’t work for you in the past and what you like now. It’s also the ideal place for a 14 year old to share any early experimentation with style and the excitement that goes along with it. I started to read blogs when I was twenty one and most seem to have grown up with me so we’re around the same age (I did have a few 14-year old readers at this point who I did like to browse occasionally). Within this time lots of younger bloggers have popped up, but I don’t really let their ages get me down; we all have something to offer. I like to think that I’ll be able to keep up with new trends and technology with the knowledge of what went before to back me up. I can’t wait to look back on IWYTK when I’m 30 and see how my style has developed, long may it continue!

Une Ruxi à Paris

I certainly don’t think you are old, or fat. I wish I could look as good as you in disco pants. Or have the courage to wear them. But I don’t. Honestly your blog is one of the blogs I click on as soon as I see an update. I know I don’t leave comments, but this time I am making an exception.


Oh dear what the hell are we geriatric’s doing blogging 😉 I know what you mean, some events I have felt old going to (being 27) also being a mother I felt completely out of place. I have noticed the more ‘designer’ type of events have been more my age or older. High street brands and cheap online brands target younger ladies. I really do feel things will balance out soon, not everyone is in university and blogging for fun, brands and magazines will figure out that relevance is key soon. Ladies come in all different ages and sizes xx p.s great post


At 25 I definitely feel like one of the oldies at blog events sometimes, especially when real life and work get in the way and I only ever turn up for the last half hour of an event to neck a cocktail and quickly snap some photos, while everyone else has been enjoying themselves after school or uni for several hours. I definitely feel out of the loop sometimes.

But when I press publish on post that I’m really happy with, and get lovely comments, then I think that I’ll probably be 80 and still blogging because I enjoy it too much to care what anyone else thinks!

I think it’s also a genre thing – as it is mainly in fashion blogging where it is unusual to be older. If you look at design, food or mummy blogs most of the top bloggers are in the 30-40 age bracket. I can see myself moving more into those areas as I get older (I am obsessed with homeware for one!) but I will always have a soft spot for fashion.


I think the internet is big enough for everyone! I tend to gravitate towards reading blogs that are written by people around my age (26) but it’s more driven by similar interests & the like.

My dad is just about to retire and plans to start a blog about record collecting, which I think is pretty cool!

mother of purl

Old? Fat??? Clearly that person was mental! Anyway I remember feeling a bit old and decrepit when I read your festival post the other day- I worked out I went to my first one in 1996 (sob). Most of the time I feel fairly spring-chickeny- I’m 32 and certainly don’t feel too old to blog by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I do a job where most of my colleagues are at least 15 years older than me, so I quite like being the ‘baby’! Who gives a sh*t what other people think- it’s a waste of energy caring! Cyberspace is bug enough for all x

A Pocket full of Dreams

I don’t think I have ever considered a bloggers age when reading post – as far as I’m concerned, as long as I enjoy reading the content, I couldn’t care less if you were 16, 26 or 96. I think it’s ridiculous how we are defined in to category’s dependent on age and how we’re made to feel that at a certain we need to stop/start doing something! At 26, I am still a great believer that I will continue to do things that I enjoy for as long as I do, regardless of what others may think (even if it does mean I get some funny looks)!

I love your blog and wouldn’t care what age you were – and how bloody ridiculous that you’re too fat to wear disco pants, THURRRRRRRRPPPPPP (that’s me blowing a raspberry at that person)!



i’m with you dude i’m 26, but i think mens could work slightly differently? i guess my blog isn’t strickly a fashion blog, i’d say closest i could call it is maybe a lifestyle blog so maybe that doesn’t have as much stigma. i do feel old at certain events though, even though i may not look as old as 26. i do keep up to date with trends and style, that’s the easy bit. i don’t dress like it though, i’m still finding my style but i leave the really trendy stuff down to the teens.


Blogs are what you make of them. I think that a blog can help someone’s confidence and a fashion style blog to help them to branch out with their style. Age does factor in what styles you may wear in that your priorities change. As does weight in what shops you can go to. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t blog and doesn’t limit who reads it, it just means you may wear the same thing differently to someone of a different age/weight/height etc etc….. For someone to write an anon comment is sad. They obviously are missing the whole point of writing and reading blogs. The best part is seeing and likingeveryone’s style!


I hate the propaganda magazines, fashion and society in general spews about what you deserve to be able to do according to your size, dress sense and age. It’s absurd. So many girls and boys lap up that it is normal to be expected to be a size 6, to have perfect skin and to stay young forever. It damages individuals and it damages society, and still society does not recognise it enough. You are by no means too old or too fat to blog, or do anything for that matter. If you are fat big woop. If you are old woopdedoo. I am fat and I couldn’t give a toss, it hasn’t stopped me having a life, it has enabled me to live it. Power to the people xo


As you rightly say, blogs are the alternative. They are expressions of what real people are interested in and don’t necessarily rely on readership figures to keep going. That’s the beauty of the internet!
Perhaps the people who like to go around telling people they’re blogging wrong are misinterpreting the point of blogs and the spirit of the internet – if you don’t like it you don’t have to read it.

I have limited patience with blogs that are excessively glossy or product-based. I read blogs for the human element, not to be told what to buy. It seems that these days I can’t read “women’s” magazines without suspecting that everything is an advertorial, and I barely read any because of it. On the other hand I’m not going to go and tell those bloggers that I don’t like what they do, obviously there are plenty of people who do and that’s their choice. I haven’t bought anything, bloggers aren’t obliged to provide content I will like. If I don’t want to read a blog, I won’t, end of.

This is all a bit incoherent and probably needs re-ordering but I hope I’ve got some sort of thoughts across!


Oh my goodness I have JUST started blogging and am 34…do if you’re too old, I best get my Zimmer frame out!!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!! I’m going to!!

Style Eyes

At 36, I guess I am considered an ‘old’ for a blogger by some. I don’t feel old though and think that there is a place there for everyone. Different people will want to read and see different things. I have always considered that blogging is so popular because it is real people. If you want to see young models, you can always pick up a magazine.

Teresa Barnes

To turn this around. What age is too young to blog? Taking into account a girl of 9 has just had one of the most successful blogs which has had millions of hits, trended on twitter and supported by many celebrities as well as featuring on the news. And it’s about school dinners!

Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

I’m the same age as you and I find most of the fashion blogs that I read feature people around the same age or older. I really don’t like the looks many “younger” people wear these days and prefer vintage style blogs best! BTW your blog is awesome and I love that you are so unique with your fashion and I think you should be able to wear what you love at any age so long as you are comfortable in it!
really great post dear!
xoxo Ilana


I have just started blogging and I am more then 20 years older than you! There is no such thing as too old to blog. Are we too old to articulate a valid opinion? Are we too old to be intellectualy, emotionally, spiritauly, or visually stimulated by words and images? Are our experiences of no value? We are part of an ageing population, and our voice is the majority. There is space for every bloggers voice.


I find that I mostly follow the blogs of people who are of a similar age to me (25), or who are at a similar life stage (just settling down, at the beginning of adulthood). I would never say that anyone is too old to blog, but I would say that an older blogger is more likely to attract older followers. Which I think is really valuable actually, as it feels like older people are forgotten by the mainstream media, who are always trying to attract pretty young things.

When I say older I’m including myself, by the way. When I worked for a market research company our youngest age group, the one we always wanted to get hold of, was 16-24. I felt the passing out of this group keenly!


I tend to notice that age is only an issue for people that aren’t comfortable in their own age. The older I get the more I appreciate all ages. I have friends in the work place who are 40s, 50s and even 60s. I also have friends in their 20s and who are still in university. The beauty being that at the age of 32 I feel I can relate with all groups and just enjoy life for what it is – a learning experience.

By the way, I bought some black disco pants the other day and questioned whether they were age appropriate, but then I thought, sod that they make me look like sandy in Greece so how can that be a bad thing! Love you blog, keep doing what you do.


Great post, Jen. I’ve been asked “when are you going to stop blogging, aren’t you too old now?” a few times which is ridiculous. I’ll stop when I no longer love doing it but not when I hit a certain age. I do sometimes feel old at blog events as so many bloggers are still at uni or even school but everyone can bring something different to the blogging party and age really shoudn’t be an issue. x


I’m going to be 26 in a month and have recently been neglecting my blog partly because of this issue. I feel too old to wear galaxy print body con shiny dresses, far too old to be bearing my midriff and even too old for disco pants!! Seeing as these styles seem to be favoured by younger bloggers I kind of thought I had no place in blogging, but then I thought F it! I still like the clothes I have and the clothes I feel suit my style now! Peoples style changes as they get older and in my opinion your style only improves with age!!
On another note, I really enjoy reading your blog. Not only do you dress very well but you take on a new angle in every post – you don’t just post pictures of your outfits, there’s always a point to the post!
I disagree that you are too old for disco pants and when I saw you post them I even tried them on again! I just think regardless of age and the fact that your style maybe different to the average younger blogger you’re completely entitled to blog and still feel stylish!!


Hi, Im 41 and my blogging buddy is 45.I agree with you NO we are not too old to blog, and we are by no means old either!! Do we suddenly get put out to seed and have no opinions as we hit our 30’s/ 40’s and beyond – pass me the knitting needles!! It is very frustrating. Liz recently attended an event and took her 22 year old daughter as her guest. It was assumed by most (even the PR company) that the blog belonged to her daughter – akward. Liz told me she was the eldest in the room and could have been the majority mothers – She felt uncomfortable. What PR companies need to realise is that there are alot of ‘older’ women out there with money to spend. I am sure they would rather take advice from a woman who has the wrinkles etc, rather than some fresh faced beauty who doesn’t know what one is -yet, In the same way nobody will come to us for wappy dappy make-up looks etc. We each have our place and to say you are too old is down-right insulting.
Just one last question – How old was JK Rowling when she wrote Harry Potter ?? Too old my nelly!!

Tracey x


I don’t feel too old to blog yet as I’m only 23, but as a writer I worry that every year I’m getting older is a year that my hopes of working on a great publication becomes slimmer. It might be stupid, and it might be incorrect, but when you grow up with society telling you constantly that women have a sell by date it can be a scary old world out there x

claire (jazzpad.)

I totally agree with you Jen, there shouldn’t be any ageism in blogging. It is indeed a forum where everyone can have a voice and it doesn’t necessarily depend on reputation to be heard by a large audience. If I’d’ve been blogging when I was 15 my fashion sense would have been DYER, so I will definitely be blogging more when I’m older, because experience means I will (hopefully) have learnt from my sartorial mistakes haha! I LOVE seeing the older ladies on Advanced Style looking so wonderful, I only hope I shall have that sort of confidence when I’m using my free bus pass.

God, do people have nothing better to do than leave spammy horrible mean comments? It’s so pathetic isn’t it! I guess if it sparks a debate it does have it’s uses, in a roundabout, unnecessary sort of way! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

the cake hunter

One of the reasons I hesitated to blog in the beginning was because I was ready to turn 26 and I was worried I was ‘past it’ in blogging terms. I’ve struggled for a while with the thought that I have left it too late to embark on any sort of career changes, believing that the world today belongs those under 23. I blog about food so why I’m concerned about my age I don’t know…but when I read so many blogs by people 5 years younger than me it does get difficult not to wonder whether to just leave it to the young ‘uns. One of the reasons I love reading your blog is because it’s actually written by someone my age! Thanks for bringing this subject up and reassuring me that I’m not collecting my pension yet.
P.S. You looked great in the disco pants!


It’s crazy that 26 would be considered too old to do anything! I think fashion blogging should be a celebration of individual style, and age shouldn’t be a deterrent. I follow a few incredibly stylish older ladies, and personally i prefer checking out the blogs of people around my own age…


I sometimes worry I am too old to READ blogs written by younger bloggers – of which I do a lot(reading of blogs by younger people that is, not worrying about it – but also the latter actually…) I worry that I am identifying with people that I shouldn’t be because I am 45. I think that when I tell people that I read blogs, if they are my age I think they are thinking, ‘isn’t she a bit old to be reading blogs,’ and if I am talking to a 20 something I think they are thinking the same. I think about this quite a lot. You are definitely NOT too old to be writing blogs. God help us if you are. I have had a lot of age discrimiation lately too in other fashion based areas recently…just saying.
Very interesting post.


Fairly disgusted that someone said you were too old (and fat) because when I’m 26 (and when any woman turns 26) they should be thinking about what they should wear that flatters them and I’m fairly certain that you pull off and inspire with every outfit you post.
I’ve noticed fashion bloggers start young, but it’s one thing looking cool when you’re in college and uni, but it’s keeping it up once that era has finished and you actually have a job/life/possibly kids and a husband (and bills to pay). Maybe people should think about it like that before they judge. I’ve never even thought about age as an issue in blogging until now!


Nina Piccini

I’m 28, and although my blog isn’t necessarily “fashion” based I do post outfit posts, etc.

don’t let it rock you 🙂

tor (fabfrocks)

Gahh! That the question ‘are you too old to blog’ exists makes me angry.
I’m 28, 4 months pregnant, and almost always the oldest blogger in the room. In the past 8 weeks, half a dozen people have asked when (not if) I’ll stop blogging, and whether i’m going to start a ‘mummy’ blog instead. I agree that you’re not too old for anything if you don’t feel to old.

And for the record you’re neither old or fat: you’re lovely!!


I’m 41 and I only started blogging last year. Whoever thinks you are too old is crazy! There’s a huge list of “over 40” bloggers!


I think your blog is fantastic and you’re not too old to have a blog, but I think you’re too old for some clothes like mini skirts or the AA disco pants those are not for people size 14 or over 25 years!! You are lovely


Hi Anon, I’ve gotta respectfully disagree with you here… I’ll take any opportunity to get my (size 12, thanks) legs out!

Glad you think I’m lovely though. That’s nice.


hey anon, your just plain rude, and who are you to say what anyone should wear. I think saying Jen is lovely and than saying she shouldn’t wear disco pants, say’s a lot about how you feel about yourself. You just inspire us (size 12 and proud) people to wear what the hell we like, I’m 30 next year and saving for disco pants. You can’t even put your face and name to this comment, that speaks volumes.


You’re never too old to blog! blogging surely brings all age groups together, I suppose in the fashion world there’s always an age stigma but it’s time to break the mould. I love the disco pants BYW very Sandy from Grease 🙂


I am 30 and have just started blogging…this post has therefore sent me into an age related tailspin. I am off to put my face into a bowl of wine then lock myself in my house wearing my disco pants, Miss Havisham style, never to change or switch on my computer again…

What nonsense people write re age etc! I LOVE your blog! Its people like you who inspired me to start a blog of my own, not the 15 year old size-0 modelistas. I am in your debt.

xo antipodista


As a blogger, the occasional haters are unavoidable, you just have to get past that and focus on the people who love your blog and trust me, there are many! I, for one, love it, especially because you don’t necessarily fit into the typical fashion blogger look- you are real, your style and clothes are real and the fact that you are not size 0 makes me love you even more! Keep up the good work!


Love this post Jen, and I adore BF she always has the best eye opening posts that raise a lot of questions. I am very proud to say next year I am 30, and I can not wait just to break this ‘image’ of what a blogger should be according to these silly people. I have felt ( or made to feel) that I should not blog, because of my age, weight and also being a mum. Than you have to let go and do what you want, like in any part of life if you let people hold you back than how can you make the change. If we support more things like dove (love those ad’s) etc, it can make a different people are getting fed up with the seamless rubbish we are fed. I think that’s why people do like blogs, and bloggers like reading it’s showing something that magazines and brands are failing too. What’s real.
If you look harder things are changing, I think it’s easy to say that there are no older people in the industry but there are I could list a heap of ‘older’ actresses who are highly susscessful ( dame judy, helen mirren, one of my all time fave’s Sigourney Weaver). Even people in fashion, Anna Wintour is not a 20 something and is the most know women in fashion. Yes like you say they are always going to love a pretty face, but age brings experience something you don’t have in your teens (love Travi, but it’s rare) .

I think blogging is for everyone and anyone, that’s the best thing about it weather your size 0 or 18, whatever colour, body shape, sexuality, height or age. You are amazing Jen, you wear those disco pants loud and proud !! You and I are the same size and I’d wear them in a heart beat (if I could buy them, maybe I could sell a kidney haha), and F the haters calling you fat! Take any hate and run with it, I say. That’s the plus of getting ‘older’ you care less, with every year I found myself laughing at things that once would have made me cry.
If someone can take the time to leave hate, I feel sorry for them taking all their engry just to tell me what they think. When in reality I doubt they would have the balls to even look at me, they are cowards who actual voice their own insecurities (I read a lot of Jung etc..). Pity them kitten, because you really have to be sad to take the time to come to your page and type you a message like that. Plus they give you a hit to your webpage, so who’s laughing kitten. Uber loveage Jen and I hope that people get something from this post and see that they should just blog. xxx

jimmi lou

Really interesting post and its nice to see so many ‘not 18 year olds’ standing up as bloggers. I’m almost 24, I still worry about my age, the same way I worry about my looks, my weight etc. I think your blog speaks for itself, you write quality posts and its extremely refreshing compared to reading same same posts from younger bloggers who are still coming to terms with grammar and punctuation. Its a great way to educate yourself on life and so many other things, Blogging is for all types of people and in all areas of interest, simple.

karen joanne

A fantastic, interesting and well-written blog post!
Blogging is for anyone that has something they want to say, and personally I love to follow others for style inspiration and general noseyness. I couldn’t care less about the age of the blogger, but whether their content interests me, and yours certainly does!
Also, the idea of being ‘too old’ for anything at 26 is laughable!

Sarah Rooftops

Never! I’m 33 and I am NOT too old to blog. What I have wondered is how my blog (and the blogging culture in general) will change as I get older, but that’s just about it and me adapting, not about me reaching an age where I have to give it up.

Steph0188: StephanieDreams

Jumped to this post, and of course love this as well.
Of course it is more than silly to say that some one is too old to blog, but I think younger and younger bloggers are coming about (and of course we’re getting older). I don’t “see” my self as an older blogger (I’m 24 FYI) when I’m in the blogging social circle, but in fact is I’m certainly not the youngest. See, I feel about a year ago (and it’s obv constantly happening, but I don’t notice it/the blogs as much) a new wave of bloggers came. When I started reading blogs the age of the people didn’t matter and I had my firm favs, yours being one of them, and now this kind of “group” does seem older than the blogs I now find and start to read more often.
NO DOUBT, be pretty & dress well, and you will have a lot of readers on your blog. Be young, and fun, wear cool things and people will love that. I think it’s the easy way to look at a photo on a blog & be like, like that/don’t like that.
I guess the younger lot now start to look up to either super popular blogs or to their friends are peers, and so the others kind of get missed out a lot. I think a lot of younger ones are the blogs that won’t last though, but we’ll just see.
Personally, as I’m getting older, I want to see the successful, well written blogs with fab photos are clothes that I would actually wear or buy and not some skinny minnie 17 year old that has too much money to spend and that I’m probably far too jealous of

AGAIN, sorry if I have rambled & gone off the mark, it happens! xxx


This article really struck a cord with me. At 26 years old myself I think its a sad reflection on our society as a whole that basically tells us life is on a downward spiral after the age of 21. I am proud of my age and proud of my size, big hips and bum included. Yes, as a size 12, I may not suit disco pants, but if I wanted to wear them I would. I strongly believe if you feel great wearing something no matter age, size, creed or gender, wear it! And anyway why would I want to read about some 16 year old with far too much spare time and far too much cash, rambling on about things I can’t relate to, when I can read a well written, insightful and witty blog with fabulous clothes? Its refreshing to see a healthy woman look great in clothes that flatter her curves as supposed to a young slip of a thing, wearing faux leather leggings and a crop top. Just remember when these girls mature into woman they may not be able to maintain the nubile body of a 15 year old…I certainly didn’t and i’m glad 🙂


I often find myself reluctant to mention my age on my blog, but not because I am ‘too old’ but rather ‘too young’. I admit I probably am quite a bit younger than most bloggers, but I really can’t stand that sometimes there seems to be a stereotype of young bloggers and that, of course, we can’t actually have anything to say due to our age. Honestly, I probably do lack a certain maturity in my writing sometimes, but I enjoy blogging and isn’t that really all that matters?
I definitely think this horrible anonymous commenter who labelled you ‘too old’ and ‘fat’ clearly has little better to do with their life because you are not fat nor old and the idea that you could ever be called either is quite a depressing thought. I love your blog and think, even if you continue to blog until you’re 90, your writing will still be witty, interesting and great to read! xx


just read this post during my lunch hour; and i definately agree with your thoughts.

i’m also 26, and most of the blogs that i follow/read tend to be by individuals in their early 20s. however this has not put me off one bit. in fact, i was inspired to start my own blog in Feb 2012.

the beauty of the blogging world is that you get to borrow a piece of the internet and you don’t require ID to do so. as long as the blog is interesting, why should age matter?

Stephanie Dawn Sjoberg

wow. If you are too old, then I must be dead already! I just started my blog a few months ago, and it satisfies every creative part of me because it involves everything I love…photography, writing, fashion, travel, food. I am just going to be me and let the chips fall where they may! I prefer to think of blogging as attracting a certain TYPE of individual, not a particular age demographic.I have years of fashion and cosmetic experience, so I am hoping this helps count for something!


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