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The lovely Gem Fatale is one of my very favourite bloggers. Her kooky, girly style, her charity shop finds and fabulous Tuesday Tips (seriously – do you know how to stop your fringe going gappy? Gem does!) make her the perfect inspiration for today’s As Inspired By… post. I’m a particular fan of Gem’s socks with brogues combos, so decided to give them a go.



Photobucket dress, Primark brogues, belt and brooch, name necklace

The lovely folk at sent me this adorable polka dot dress, which I teamed with cute white ankle socks, my trusty brogues and some kitsch accessories.

Do you think I captured Gem’s style or does the look need some work? What do you think of the shoes and socks combo?



ohhhh i never thought of wearing that heart brooch like that! def gonna have to try that soon! love the dress too, it reallly compliments the whole Gem look! the socks and shoes look really cool too (:


Socks and shoes is an awesome look, I do it all the time and LOVE it!! The whole outfit is great, I love Gem’s style and I think you captured it well. Such a pretty dress too x


Adorable! I’ve never been brave enough to try the whole ankle socks/brogues thing as I fear it’d make my chunky little sausages legs look even chunkier!


Ooh, I definitely think you captured Gem’s style – it looks great on her and you too! I really like what you’ve been doing with your hair recently too – I have a tendancy to just not bother now my hair is really shirt but you’ve definitely inspired me to experiment with clips and things!


Hasn’t Gem got fab style? I am way too much of a unfashionable wuss to attempt to copy her style but you’ve done it perfectly here! Love that cute belt 🙂 Have you done your hair a bit differently as well? Looks lovely.


I love Gem’s style. SDhe does look great all the time and she’s so nice. You did a great job capturing her style. The brogues/socks combination is a good one.


My two favourite blogger girls styles unite :p haha! I love that look – but I dont feel like I could ever pull it off. You look cuuuuute 🙂 xx


I’m inspired. I love socks and brogues. I’ve seen them lots this summer on other girls. I think it’s about time I try it. You look gorgeous! xx


I love what you’ve done with the brooch. So unique! I love Gem’s style, but I personally do not think I could pull off the sock and brogues look. I actually have these brouges, but I never know how to wear them!

Lou x –


Cute cute, cutey cute cute!
I love this look and it really suits you! I’ve been meaning to check out Very, but haven’t gotten round to it. That dress is lovely though, so I’ll have to get onto the site ASAP! xxx


This dress is o so lovely, the polka dots are simply adorable.
And Gems style is wonderful. I think this As Inspired By is by far my favourite xx


I normally steer clear of the shop of doom as no matter how many people I see looking good in stuff from Primark, I’ve never had any success with it. I love anything heart-shaped though and am SO BROKE so maybe it is time to give it another go.


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