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On Tuesday I travelled to Leicester for the Next blogging day – a fantastic experience which I’ll blog about in more detail in another post. I was lucky enough to meet some really amazing bloggers, some whose blogs I’ve been reading since I started out and others who I couldn’t wait to get to know better.

I get most of my outfit inspiration from real people so it was a treat to be surrounded by so many stylish ladies, and it was clear that one trend was a favourite. Kristabel, Jazmine, Jill and Lucy were all wearing one. When the Next designers showed us a few from their upcoming Spring 11 range, a collective ‘ooohhhh’ could be heard. The bloggers have spoken – sheer, oversized shirts (especially ones with pointy collars) are officially lovely.


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Please excuse the weird orange glow on my face. It’s not badly applied bronzer, just the street light that was glaring down on me. Stupid dark mornings. 

Wearing: H&M sheer shirt, Primark cardigan, ASOS jeans, French Connection shoes, Mango ring
On: Wednesday 12th January
For: Back at my desk, dreaming of sipping champagne and rushing around a Next store trying on clothes

I bought this khaki shirt last summer but have never really got the hang of styling it. Loose, baggy silhouettes are my worst enemy, but belting this piece just ruins the romance. So I popped this buttoned-up cardigan on over the top to add shape (and tone down the sheerness… no one needs to see a bra at 9am) and teamed it with simple black skinnies and my new favourite shoes.

I really love this look and think the shirt (along with a few more in different colours that I plan on buying) will become a spring staple.

Who’s inspiring you today?


Pearl Westwood

Jen it looks gorgeous, I have a very similar Primarnie one!! In fact I was perusing the vintage shops today and saw so many lovely shirts!! One of my absolute favourtie looks is black skinnies and heels – in fact its what I am wearing in todays post – not with my shirt tho! x


I love the colour of the shirt. I work at Next and have noticed all the sheer shirts. Ive spotted a gorgeous ginger one for only £28 that im going to have to treat myself too. Be even cheaper with staff discount! I love the fact they can be dressed up or down.
Tights are inspiring me today haha! I love how they can completely change an outfit. Ive been buying loads recently in a large array of colours!


Ooh it looks gorgeous! Plus it’s totally given me another way to wear my sheer-ish DP blouse that hasn’t made it out of the wardrobe yet. I may have to look for something a bit longer line to go over the top though as I’m not blessed with as flat a stomach as you!


Love that blouse and I especially love it layered under that jumper. I need to do the same! Totally agree with the Next event, it was so fab! I loved meeting you (in your amazing cape) and I can’t wait to do something like that again!

E is for Eleanor

I love the shirt! I think they’re really versatile and will be great for summer 🙂

So jealous you went to the Next thing, I really wish I could have met everyone. Glad you had a great time! xx


Im loving this look. Its simple but so well done. I can equally see the same clothes with boots and some more layered accessories working. Great look!


Loving the shirt with the cropped cardi, I need to try this! It’s great you already had the piece in your wardrobe too, I’m always finding things I’d forgotten about. Was nice to finally meet you on Tuesday and can’t wait to read your thoughts on the event.


Cute outfit Jen, the shirt looks really lovely! I to like the idea of sheer shirt but have no idea when it comes to styling them due to the massive amount of material! I like the idea of wearing a cute cardigan over the top.

Hannah xx


I never know how to wear shirts, thank you for giving me an idea! The Next event sounds lovely 🙂


Love this outfit, that khaki colour is really nice. I’ve got a cream sheer shirt that I wear with a peach vest which solves the bra on show issue but still complements the sheerness. xx


I have this shirt, so thank you for giving me another way to wear it, I usually layer, or tie in a knot loosely. I love wearing it, so glad sheers are here to stay.
You look gorgeous Jen, love your hair.


You manage to look so effortlessly stylish. I guess it helps that you could probably wear a bin bag and look fantastic.


This is a great look. I went to Next tonight and bought the sheer black shirt that Jasmine wore in her outfit – haven’t tried in on yet, but fingers crossed it looks good. xx


I love the way you wear it. It’s funny you say this, I’ve bought 2 wonderful roomy silk shirts in the sales and have a feeling they will carry me through the whole year! xo


i bought this shirt in blue after seeing you in it last summer in kaki and i havent got a hang of it either the sleeves are too billowy but i like the idea of teaming it with a cropped knit over the top!! good tip my dear! gutted i missed the next event! 🙁 x


awww thanks for the mention!! You know what, just to reaffirm this ‘trend’ ive just spent all my next voucher at next on.. shirts!! The sleeveless feather one and the black one everyone loved! yaaay! i think you should wear this floaty and baggy without the cardie! thats how I like it best anyway 🙂


oh i haven;t really given into the sheer blouse trend (yet) as i couldn’t figure out how to wear it to look like i wasn’t playing in the dressing up box!

But i like this idea! thank you, and glad you enjoyed the event!! 🙂


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