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Republic dress, Topshop leggings, Primark polo neck, Office boots, thrifted bangle, thrifted ring

And the details…


Black is such a failsafe. Whenever I’m feeling a bit blue, having a fat day or a wardrobe crisis, I go back to black and slip on something dark and moody.

Today was definitely a gloomy Monday. I’m having a tough time at work and need until at least Wednesday to ease myself back in, so black was definitely the way to go. I bought this dress for my Christmas party and have been looking for a way to wear it away from the festivities. Turns out it was a simple as 1 (leggings), 2 (layering tee), 3 (black boots)!
What item of clothing do you turn to when you’re feeling less than fabulous?
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PPS – I inadvertently stole my title from the lovely Sabine, and (as Sabine rightly points out), Amy Winehouse. Ooops.



I’ve had a gloomy Monday too! Lets hope our weeks improve!

I love an all black look- I always thinking it looks classic and effective x


i really love this look! it’s understated but still interesting. the little hints of sparkle are so pretty- i love the bracelet and the shoulder detail.

i’m really feeling you on mondays today! ugh, i need another weekend day so badly. ~joelle

pip a la chic

Yor outfit is great! I’m always wearing black and whenever Igo shopping black is what I always pick up first. My friends hate it.
And maybe I will take it back… I rather be in sunny hot Australia right now then your winter hehehehe


You too? Black is so often my Monday colour – easy to wear, not much thinking involved. (Though I have to say when I recently wrote about B to B I was quite shocked how drained it made me look. But not you!) The shoulders are special!

Vintage Vixen

Oh no, I can’t believe you ever have a fat day or feel blue – you always look so darned good! Love the sequinned shoulders and it’s great you’re getting lots of wear from your Xmas party frock – a wise buy indeed.


I love that dress!
I think all black outfits look really classy and put-together so shouldn’t be reserved just for bad days! (Although I love colour too – yay for being indecisive!) x


Feeling a bit blue – check
Fat day – check
Wardrobe crisis – check
Tough time at work – check
Gloomy Monday – check

Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone in these things today. I went for a chunky charcoal grey jumper to keep me cosy. Your outfit looks great and I love the shoulder sparkles.

I heard that today is the most common day to pull a sickie!


you look so chic!! you really suit all black! thank u for your lovely comments on my blog, they really mean alot, 🙂 xo

E is for Eleanor

seriously, today was the worst monday in a long time 🙁

i think they got the most depressing day of the year wrong, it was definitely today.

Your posts always make me happier though 🙂 love that dress so much!


For a while in middle school, all my “nice” clothes (church clothes, things I’d wear to grandma’s house, etc.) were black. In other words, just about all my clothes that weren’t school uniforms. Thankfully, that phase didn’t last all that long, and now I can’t wear an entirely black outfit, even to a funeral! I have to have a pop of color somewhere!


I think you look rather lovely in the all black outfit! It doesn’t seem gloomy or moody at all!

I definitely go back to black or monochrome whenever I’m feeling less than fabulous, it’s easy and need no further thinking:)


You look so chic Jen, love the sequin detail on the dress! sorry to hear you have got the monday work blues. If its any comfort – Im sure you are the most stylish in your company so screw ’em! 😉


Love your dress 🙂

When I feel like crap I tend to opt for a jumper dress and leggings, as the bagginess and softness is like a comfort blanket.



Hello Jen, hope the monday blues have been chased away by now, I think they were here too! Hope the great Fashion Diet sale is going well for you, I’m refraining from any buying so far lol, but it’s only been two days!
Anyway, there is a tag for you on my blog.
And I love the sequin shoulders on the Republic dress! xx


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