Going grey

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Topshop jeans, thrifted chiffon top, Primark blazer and bag, TK Maxx shoes, thrifted ring, Super Duper Things brooch 

Don’t worry, fellow fashionistas – I haven’t found my first grey hair. The title refers to my muted colour palette, which completely sums up my feelings about today. 

I often find myself dressing to either suit my mood or improve it. Today I felt like wallowing in my beginning-of-the-week-blues so went for head to toe grey, with a flash of yellow because… well, show me someone who can resist a teeny yellow bow and I’ll show you a fibber. 

I think tomorrow I’ll go for something a little more upbeat. As chic as grey is, it just doesn’t make me smile like a punchy pink floral!

Do you dress to suit your mood? Did you spend your teenage years bedecked in black to represent your angst? And tell me – does the teeny yellow bow make you grin from ear to ear too? I’d love to know. 



My effort represents my mood. Zero effort means I’m down and basically don’t care! Happy days mean accessories and a brush through the hair! lol. x

Emma Jane

You look great and I love the sandals! I always dress to suit my mood even if its just having a day when I need to be comfy and wear a cardigan!

I dressed in colour through my teens – always wanted to be very different but now my style is much more toned down and simple with nice details xxx


Everything looks really chic and I love it!
I agree, what I’m wearing often tends to be either matched to my mood or chosen as an attempt to uplift it!


I love the grey palette… and the yellow details on the top is so pretty. I normally dress according to the weather. I don’t let my moods dictate how I’ll dress or else I’ll be dressing in super colorful outfits all the time. Hahaha! Have a great day Jen! xoxo


i was a real tomboy when i was a teen so it was all lose tshirts and baggy pants – not feminine at all but i thought it was cool back then!

i like ur heels! great combo! 🙂


I like greys – and I love those shoes! Can’t believe they’re from Tk Maxx!
I had dyed black hair and wore far too much black eyeliner during my teenage years…I’m a natural blonde so I thought I was rebelling against gender stereotypes etc etc when really I just looked like I was ill most of the time! x


Ahh, Jenlovely outfit, the only thing’s missing is the fashionable grey hair a la Tavi. But I’m totally with you. The arrival of spring (finally!) shouts: colours!, floral!, stripes!, more colours!…

Cafe Fashionista

Oh Jen you look magical. The little yellow bow makes me think of the song “Tie A Yellow Ribbon.” I just adore the splash of color it contributes to your look. Tres chic, my love!! 🙂


Oh dear – have to confess to being a bit of a teenage goth (low level – liked The Cure and had a strange crush on Robert Smith!). Some days if I’m feeling low I really do dress to be invisible (usually accessorised with unwashed hair – nice!). PS Hope you’ve found my new web address – I’ve had a wee move. Come and see me sometime! xx


I absolutely adore that top Jen – so so pretty and the bow is just perfect!

On my more muted days I tend to stick to very plain outfits. Accessories get left off and I’m not brave with colours.


I accidentaly wear a LOT of grey – it doesn’t reflect my mood at all though!But I do add a splash of colour to my outfit, like yourself – loving the yellow bow!! x


I love the top and the sandals – I love how if you rummage for long enough you can find amazing items in TKMaxx!
I always dress for my mood – if I’m feeling a bit down then its usually dark and loungewear type clothes but when I’m happier I make sure to wear brighter colours 🙂


i find the weather affects my outfits too, i love to wear florals in the summer and stripes & polka dots in the winter haha.


I was never a fan of grey but lately that has changed. I love your all grey save a teeny yellow bow outfit! Sometimes I like dressing according to my mood, which is mostly girlie all the time lol:P



I’m as colourful and clashy as they come at the weekends, except for when i’m feeling down, and then it’s just the first thing i find -not worrying if it goes together..
i try and tone it down a bit for work, but i think they are all used to my strange style by now!


I really like the thrifted top, the detailing and the bow are very cute indeed 🙂

I tend to dress for my mood, but often go for the lazy option most of the time!

Methadone Pretty

That top is so cute?! I swear everyone finds cute things in thrift stores apart from me. Am I the only one whos thrift stores are full of junk?!


I love these shades of gray on you! But no, I never dress to suit my mood. More to suit the weather 🙂

Anna Jane

Love the chiffony top!

Yeah, I defo choose my colours to suit my mood. Today I’m wearing muted blues (denim and a navy top) simply because I’m bored and have to stay in working all day despite the gorgeous weather. Hrrumph!

– Anna Jane xxx


Oh definitely, unless I’m organised enough to plan my outfit the night before. On the rare occasions that happens..
And yes, that wee yellow bow is Amazing!


I think grey is hugely underrated. Grey goes brilliantly with lots of brighter colours and bridges the seasons really well. As for a yellow bow… I can leave a yellow bow, but a violet one I’d find difficult to resist!


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