What to Wear in Wet Weather

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It’s been raining FOREVER. My feet are constantly wet, my umbrella smells musty and my hair is beyond all repair. Ballet flats, denim jeans and liquid eyeliner have all been relegated until we’ve reached Dry Time (like Peace Time after war). So while I perform an anti-rain dance, here’s what I’ve been wearing…

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rainy day style
Topshop blouse | Uniqlo trousers | Uniqlo jumper | J.Crew jacket | Boots c/o Zalando | Mulberry bag | ASOS necklace 

I’ve been wearing various versions of these Uniqlo trousers/leggings/treggings almost every day. They’re the perfect mix of jean and legging – not so thick that they’ll soak up the rain and leave you weighing a stone more than when you left the house, but not so thin that you’ll flash your pants with every forward stride. This tartan check pair appeal to my Cher-from-Clueless side – I threw them on with a cropped jumper and sheer shirt for a nod to the nineties.

For navigating the puddles (read: flooded streets) of Leeds, I’ve been wearing these studded, buckled ankle boots kindly sent to me by Zalando. The small heel keeps my feet away from water and the leather is waterproof – no soggy toes here! I finished my outfit off with my beloved J.Crew khaki parka – it’s one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe and I find myself throwing it on at the first sign of grey clouds.

I’m hoping we’ll get some respite from the rain tomorrow, as I’m hitting the streets of Leeds for Grazia’s Street Fashion Week. I’ll be street style snapping all over the city from 10am, so pull on your glad rags and come find me (raincoats and wellies are welcome)!

What have you been wearing during the wet weather?



oh the bag – THE BAG!! hehe love this look jen! The crop and then the subtle plaid trousers are just the right touch of ‘fashion’ 😉

I’m just not going to bother leaving the house! heehe


Oh Jen, I’ve totally been letting the side down. Normal clothes with wellies. In my defence, they are quite nice wellies and we’ve had mini floods at work.

I was better today though and wore my nice H&M ankle boots. They’re quite similar to those Zalando beauties but a bit more bikerish 🙂


Normal clothes with wellies is totally acceptable when there are floods about! And actually, I think a good pair of wellies can finish off an outfit nicely 😉


I’ve just been avoiding going out! I hate the wet weather. My red joules wellies are always trusty for the wet weather though.


I adore everything about this outfit! The lengths of the pants/shirt/jumper/sleeves are all great ways to mix it up a little. I want it all!

Jillian Guyette

Loving the weather-inspired outfit. I’m from upstate NY and it always seemed to be grey and rainy, especially in the Fall. Such a thoughtful way to work around it 🙂

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They’re not actually, Lauren – they’re from the Zalando Collection! They look very similar to the Office boots and Topshop’s version, too. Love ’em!

Lucinda Reid

I have been debating whether to purchase these Uniglo leggings/jeggings and definitely think I will after this post. I really like your use of layering here.



So much more stylish than anything I wear in the rain. I currently have a pair of rubber rain boots that are covered in plastic patches because they keep breaking and leaking. Maybe it’s time I get a different pair of water-resistant boots…

<3 Melissa


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