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Thrifted skirt, Primark tee, Topshop tights, Zara cardigan, Steve Madden leather jacket, Primark ring, New Look plimsols

Those four days off were such a tease. I’d just starting getting into the swing of late lie ins, late breakfasts and late nights, and then my alarm bursts my eardrums at 6.40am, demanding wakefulness. Sigh.
So, as today feels like going back to school but without the playtime, slack off lessons (mine was History) and 3.30pm finish, I thought I’d dress appropriately. Although my school uniform was nowhere near as cute as this!
What was your school uniform like? Cute and quirky, like the gingham dresses and white ankle socks worn at Erinsborough High? Or unflattering and dowdy, like the bulky jumpers and below-the-knee skirts the poor girls at Grange Hill had to work? I’d love to know!



My school outfit is awful – a unflattering burgundy, frumpy jumper and matching polo shirt and black trousers! It does not look smart at all! But I’d rather have warm legs wearing trousers than a skirt! Lovely blog, if you have the time, check mine out..
much love,
Izzy x


Love this outfit! Everything about it! Light pink & grey is one of my favourite colour combinations πŸ™‚
I’m jealous of the whole outfit, but I’m particularly annoyed that I’ve not seen that ring in any of the Primarks I’ve been in – I want it, a lot!

I’m (very)lucky & don’t go back to work until the 19th April – one of the (main) benefits to working in a school!

My school uniform was boring really – black trousers/skirt, white polo shirt & black sweatshirt – could definitely have been worse, but wasn’t the best either!

You should see some of the takes on the uniform they have at my school now (the most popular item seeming to be leggings at the moment) – we would never have got away with it in my day..!


That outfit is so cute! I love the pleated skirt.
My school uniform was horrific – a navy kilt with green and yellow checks made out of thick, itchy wool with a blue v-neck jumper and a white blouse. I hated wearing it so much!Although a few weeks ago I thought about digging out the kilt to wear now (it’s been long enough that I thought I could look at it again!) until I remembered taking a large pair of scissors to it on my last day of school! Ooops! x


I love that little skirt Jen!

My uniform was navy blue blazer and skirt. It was awful in the mid-late 80’s as it was a very fashionable colour, like now, and I refused to wear it as it reminded me of school. It still does now and I rarely buy anything navy. I have a navy and white striped t shirt (who doesn’t?) and that’s about it!



My high school uniform was red jumper with the school emblem, white shirt, red and white striped tie, black skirt. I bent the rules as much as possible with red mohair jumpers and white t-shirts, but sixth year demanded I wore the (different) uniform, which that year was cobalt and a tartan tie. The Sixth Year girls were unofficially nicknamed… the Blue Tits. *sigh*


Really cute! That looks like one of those outfits where the result is more than the sum of its parts. I don’t mean to insult your clothes by saying that, I just mean sometimes plain or near-plain things matched with the right colours have a great affect. Did that make sense? I’ll just stick with ‘really cute’.

My uniform was horrid. In years seven to nine it was a red v-neck jumper, black and red striped tie, white shirt, and black trousers or skirt. In years ten and eleven it was just a white polo shirt and blue jumper with black trousers or skirt. If I was given that choice now I would wear a skirt, but back then the boys used to flick your skirt up and make crude jokes/gestures, so none of us wore them. And the jumpers were really awful shades of red and blue, you had to buy the official school ones so there was no getting away from the bright, obnoxious colours. Sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing bright red, especially if you have spotty teenage skin.

Ugh. Good job I had a successful trip to Primark today, otherwise just thinking about my school uniform would have put me in a mood.


Ahhh I love this outfit!! Whenever I wear skirts like this I end up spinning around my house unnecessarily to make it swirl πŸ˜€ xxx

Anna Jane

Your outfit is adorable, you really have a knack for thrifting that I only wish I had! I have to agree, my own school uniform was all blue and not at all cute. I love your new haircut btw πŸ™‚

– Anna Jane xxx

Disco Goth

I love that skirt, especially with those tights =)
My uniform was green which I loved. I got called the jolly green giant, which I wasn’t so keen on!

E is for Eleanor

Mine was pretty laid back- black jumper black trousers, white shirt, red tie. Haha. It sounds like I got off easy!

I love that skirt, pleats are such a classic! x


I am in love with that skirt!

My school uniform was an awful shade of blue with jumpers made of the worst material imaginable. and it cost a fortune! Not good.



Nice outfit, very Grease!

My uniform was purple and grey, quite stylish. Gingham checked purple sun dress for summer, grey jumper and grey skirt for winter. Secondary school, black black black. And a black and gold tie. Styling!

X x

Pink Flower

My school uniform use to be bottle green [even the skirts were that colour] with the old yellow and green stripy tie. Then a massive attempt to update it occurred and it all went black – which was an amazingly bad colour for summer days! Oh I really don’t miss my uniforms!

Panty Buns

I love the band of black on that lovely pleated skirt. I’m afraid I never wore one (uniform with pleated skirt). Maybe I should try it.


I almost bought a skirt very similar to this on Saturday. the one i was gunna get wasn’t nice enough to have a black band around it.
My school uniform had pink and white striped shirts … hideous and a mockery of the local area!! And then i go and spot one just the same in M&S … quelle horreur!!


Ooh, I really like it! My school uniform was bottle green and yellow, which was pretty hideous, but not as bad as a nearby school which was brown and yellow – gross!


I felt exactly the same this morning… I had a school uniform in Australia – very short, blue dress with white checks. No school uniform in Germany which drove my mum mad (heated debates in the morning: “You can’t go to school LIKE THIS!”)


We had quite a restrained uniform – sky blue shirt, navy jumper & skirt and a navy tie with thin yellow and white stripes. They clearly went a bit mad when it came to PE kit though as we suffered in a HIDEOUS royal blue gym skirt with matching gym knickers underneath (this was the late 90s by the way, not 1952!) and a bright yellow polo shirt. Bleurgh!!

Love the skirt so much – where’s it from originally?

pip a la chic

Your little school outfit is so good dam cute. my school uniform was the usual tartan skirt with a white peter pan blouse that did you at the back???


I don’t know, I always thought my school was quite lenient with uniform: black or white shirt, black&red tie, black trousers, black cardi or jumper (official school one was available but we normally just wore our Topshop ones). We were ‘advised’ to have a dark jacket and smart shoes but the jacket rule was never enforced & we only had to wear smart shoes if photos were being taken. Other schools in the area had hideous blazers, so I was quite grateful for our uniform (everyone looks good in black!)


Ooh I love that outfit! And I’m so in love with your skirt… I wish we had decent thrift stores here…


Oh, I love that full skirt on you! Very pretty!

My school uniform consisted of a white button up shirt and a blue pinafore, not very attractive I’m afraid:P



What an adorable skirt! I love accordion pleats, but they always manage to lose their shape!
ps, thank you for your kind comment on my blog, it meant a lot to me πŸ™‚


Oh, I love love love your pleated skirt! Your whole outfit is lovely.

My high school uniform was a white button up shirt and grey pencil skirt. It wasn’t too bad actually πŸ™‚

LadyBugSays ...

That skirt is lovely. My school uniform was hideous. Thick navy skirts that had odd pleated sections, starchy shirts which had to buttoned right up, itchy woolen jumpers and nasty polyester stripy ties!


My school uniform was dull, haha, black trousers (or a skirt), white polo shirt that was either plain or had the school logo, and a navy jumper with school logo. They’ve smartened it up now, but it is still awful!

I love that skirt x


Your style is so unpredictable, from the next day to the next, but thats what makes it so refreshing and inspiring! πŸ™‚

Cafe Fashionista

I never got to wear a school uniform, though I always wanted one! To be truthful, I joined Girl Scouts as a child just for the uniform – it was fabulous!! πŸ™‚


Love the new hair do jen!! πŸ™‚ my school uniform wasnt too bad, grey v neck maroon striped blouse and grey skirt. (usually worn shamefully short!)
vicki xo

Kyla Roma

OH!! I love it!! My goodness, this is so my colour palette, and your sneakers inspired me to go out and grab my own =)


is that a new haircut that i see??! πŸ˜‰ you look super cute and i love the skirt! hope you had a great easter weekend!


un petit lapin

You know what, I LOVED my primary school uniform. We had pinafores and HATS. A straw hat with a red ribbon in summer and a felt bowler-esque hat for winter. The boys had caps with the school logo on the peak.


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